9/10/17: Seine Action- Preggo Horse steals the show

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Oak Beach area
Time/Tide: 5-7ish PM/ Low Tide 5:36 pm

The Fishtilian has been pretty much compromised down the stretch of Summer here, mostly due to windy conditions and rough surf.  It appears the Fishy Wonder may not get a chance to avenge the lost Beast opportunities at the surf, with nothing but rough surf continuing to be forecast.  The Squad did manage to get in a Seine Mission looking for random tropical stray fish.  

The only semi-tropical fish to show itself was a Pinfish, but a large Pregnant Sea Horse came through and stole the show.  Fishy Jackson’s admiration for these creatures is well documented and Fishy has developed a tight bond with the local Sea Horse community over the years.  This animal was released in mint condition to deliver it’s Sea Ponies.  

Fishing live Silversides all around the rocks produced nothing but Sea Bass.  The Sea Basstards are not even allowing the usual annoying Puffers to eat this year.  

Seine Results: Pinfish, Sea Horse, Fluke, PBlackfish, Bergall, Silversides

Fishing Results: 7 Sea Bass, 4 Sea Bass, and a few Sea Bass

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