9/16, 9/17, & 9/24/17: 2k17 Season is wrapped up

9/16: Last Hurrah at the South Shore
Fishy Jackson
Location: Captree Docks
Time/Tide: 6:30 – 10ish/Hi Tide around 4:45 AM

Last gasp effort at the docks lookin for some random fish.  Nothing but Sea Bass came up again.  Fishy was appalled by the savage Spider Crab murder scene at Craptree Dock.  The local asian crabbers murder every single Spider Crab they catch and leave them on the dock to rot, dead crabs all over the dock.  Spider Crabs may be crappy creatures, but they deserve better than that crap.  

The Fishtilian had a near moment of Micro Glory after spotting a random little fish hanging out at side of the dock, but it ended up being a juvenile Sea Basstard.  Because why would it be anything but a Sea Bass.    

9/17: Delaware Finale- new spot
Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware River at Callicoon & Callicoon Creek
Time: Morning

The Fishtilian had to travel a bit further but found a glorious region for Micro fishing.  Tons of Darters everywhere and other creatures hiding in the rocks.  FReshy Jackson was in full Waders attire, fully immersed in Delaware Waters for a high level of difficulty 4 hour micro session. 

Frustrating experience out there for the Fishy Wonder, opportunities for Micro Glory were out there…the Darters often ignore bait right in their face, and a potential clutch catch of a Margined Madtom fell off the hook before it could be grabbed.  Would’ve been a catch of the year candidate.  The only Darters hooked were Tessellated Darters, not the target Sheild Darters.  

Results: Tessellated Darters, couple random Minnows, saw a Northern Hogsucker, near Margined Madtom catch.  

new Delaware spot at Callicoon

Callicoon Creek spot

9/24: Sunken Meadow Sheepshead Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Sunken Meadow Creek
Time/Tide: 10:50 – 11:50 AM/Low Tide around 8:45 AM

The Fishy Wonder tried to tie up a loose end by finding some damn supposedly abundant Sheepshead Minnows finally, but the ratio of other Killifish to Sheepshead Minnow at Sunken Meadow proved no different than anywhere else…about 1000 to 1.  Only 1 Sheepshead Minnow appeared in the bait trap.  These fish will not be catchable until at least a few of them show up in a bait trap/seine net. 

This lone Sheepshead was isolated in the bucket, and was later hooked in the bucket by the Fishtilian.  In an alternate universe where Fishy Jackson lacked honor, this would have counted as a new fish.  

It’s a wrap.  With AQUA-D jr on the way shortly, Fishy Jackson has shut down Fishy Operations early for the 2k17 season…sitting 18 fish away from the 💯 New York Fish mark.  The Fishtilian will emerge from Hibernation in 2k18 ready for Further Advancement of the Fishy Cause.

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