5/18-5/20/18: Back in the Game now…The Gulf Renaissance

Fishy Jackson, E$te Dot, Plundering Pete

The extensive hibernation period is over…the Squad is back in the game now.  Many a gilled animal came forthward to pay homage to the Bachelor Este Dot in his waning non-matrimonial moments…as the Dot prepares to take the marriage plunge shortly ahead.

Despite whispers that the Fishy Squadron had not only already peaked, but possibly peaked quite some time ago, the Squad was ultimately able to dispel such notions with a respectable outing, despite rain shortened missions and suspect charter captaining.  Plundering Pete completely ransacked the Condo, however the place was somehow in relatively pristine condition upon departure.  

Creatures caught: Irish Pompano (Atlantic #138), Goliath Grouper (Atlantic #139), Bonefish, Snook, Blacktip Shark, King Mackerel, Grey Triggerfish, Red Grouper, Sand Diver, Scrawled Cowfish, Gulf Kingfish, White Grunt, Hardhead Catfish, Threadfin Herring, Cigar Minnow, Leatherjack, Tomtate, maybe others

5/18- Night Surf Action

The Squadron actually got on the board with a quick stop at the docks, with the Fishtilian landing a Cowfish…though this catch would be credited to Plundering Pete, just because.  The Plunderer really stole the show on this day, landing a nice Snook at the Surf on a live Pinfish…the first Surf Shnook ever landed by the Fishy Squadron.  A couple Blacktips were also landed on chunks before a pod of Dolphins came thru and shut it down.  One of the ‘Tips had bite marks on it.  The Sabiki produced the first adult Mojarra the Fishtilian had ever beheld, this ID’d as an Irish Pompano, among the other normal Surf creatures.

5/19- Charter boat action

The Gulf Renaissance was in full effect out there…a 20 ft Manta Ray, school of 1000+ Spadefish, and Sea Turtles were cruising the area, in addition to droves of beastly fish.  Barracudas, Kingfish, Crevalle Jacks, Sharks, and countless unseen Cobias were all seen near the boat.  Plundering Pete came thru with a nice King Mackerel on the troll before anchoring up, but the Squadron was left feeling as though their immense talents were not properly utilized.  The Captain did not start chumming until too late, and much time was wasted throwing poppers and some crappy green Cuda lure that the Cudas clearly didn’t want.  None of the Beasts hit the lures and or took the baits, the latter of which may not have been optimally presented.  Clearly the Squad should have stepped up and taken control of the situation.  The Gulf Waters are healthy tho.  

Goliaths and a David

All was not lost, as revenge on the Jewfish was had.  After years of losing countless rigs and fish at the hands of these gluttons, the tables were turned with the help of some 400 mono line on a Goliath-cranking catching contraption.  This thing enabled the Beasts to be hauled up quick with some strong right-arm cranking.  Pretty damn unsportly, but it had to be done to behold one of the ultimate Beasts.  

The Fishy Wonder and The Dot hauled up estimated 400 lb and 300 lb Goliaths respectively.  To be out done, The Plunderer landed a 30 lb David.

Plundering Pete poses with David

5/20- Morning Surf action

Rain and impending storms kept the outing short, but Blacktips were savagely feasting upon live pins, total rampid pinfish murder.  Not much size as is often the case, but the action was there.  While attempting to catch more bait, E$te came thru with an early Catch of the Year candidate: A Bonefish, in Sarasota waters.  Clearly having gotten wind that the Squadron had controversially declined to dine at Bonefish Grill, a random Bonefish came through and womped the Sabiki.  An extremely rare encounter this far north of Miami, and one of the more surprising catches possible.  Further proof that the Squad either hasn’t peaked yet…or peaked only recently.   

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