7/7-7/8/18: The Trip- Left Coast of NY Debut

Freshy Jackson, Grandfather Figure Chris

It was time to head Left.  4 AM departure en route to Buffalo, with many stops on the way.  Unfortunately, too many debacles, and not enough time.  

List of mistakes made by the Squad

  • Going to way too many spots on the way west.  Stops along the way included the Susquehanna area, Syracuse area, Seneca River, Flint Creek, Genessee River, Black Creek, Tonawanda Creek, etc.  Most of these spots were garbage with life lacking.  Seneca was particularly crappy.  Also, the Genessee and the river in ‘Cuse were gross brownwaters.  With departure from Long Island at 4AM Saturday morning, and a return from Buffalo around 1 pm Sunday, time was not plentiful enough for this kind of experimenting.
  • The worms were not kept cool and out of the sun on Sunday.  With the Squad finally at a great spot near the end and in desperate need of some fresh lively worms…they were all dead from being overheated.  
  • Likely having less than optimal presentations for the Sucker fish in the Creeks.  
  • Failing to catch a freakin Freshwater Drum AKA Sheepshead again.  These fish are not even appreciated by most of the locals, and the dudes fishing next to the Squad at the Sheepshead spot caught 2 of them while complaining they weren’t big enough or some crap.
  • Not catching enough fish
  • The Fishy Jackson Shimano fishing bag was left behind Sunday morning at the Drum spot.  The Fishtilian and the Father Figure took equal blame in this fiasco.  Chris was tasked with loading the car while Fishy’s line remained in the water, however it was criminal negligence on the part of Fishy to not double check the bag was in the car.  Fishy was back at the scene 40-45 minutes later to retrieve the bag but it was gone and the dude fishing next to it had left.  The vast majority of Fishy’s gear was in this bag, a major monetary setback and a crushing blow for the remainder of the trip.  

7/7/18: Productive spots

Flint Creek

Clint Beastwood of the Flint Lord Freshy Jackson finally landed an adult Fallfish.  A few large fish and some Suckers were seen here but not caught.

Creature of significance caught: adult Fallfish


Black Creek

Again some Suckers and a random big fish were seen here, but not caught.  It appeared that the Fishy White Guy of the Black Creek Lord Freshy Jackson had caught a couple of new Minnows and a new Darter species that was extremely aggressive…but the Minnows were just different forms of Bluntnose Minnow, and the Darters were the invasive Round Goby.  Adult Round Gobies were all over the place at the Niagara River spot and apparently have made there way pretty far east now too.  These things are destroying the Ecosystem.  The Bluntnose Minnows are total scumbags too for looking so different than their normal form here.  One had a dorsal fin spot but none of the blue bumps on it’s snout.  The other didnt even have a dorsal spot.  Douchenose Minnows. 

This is not the first time that the fish describers failed to mention key information in the universal fish description, in this case that these minnows don’t always have a pronounced dorsal spot.  Freshy is considering taking legal action to make an example here and hold the fish describers accountable, as this simply has gone too far now.  Some dude Rafinesque is credited with discovering this fish and first describing it, so his estate can expect to be served in the near future.  

Creatures of significance caught here: small Round Gobies (NY #83/Fresh #29), Douchenose Minnows

7/8/18: Productive spots

Lower Niagara River- Black Rock Canal Park

^The lost bag can be seen in the pic above taken as the Squad was leaving.  That dude by the rock scheming on the bag in this pic also caught both of the Drums that came through the area.  This guy won the day.  Hopefully this guy appreciates the bag and all of its contents, and treats it well.  

Worms dropped near the shore were savagely attacked by the thousands of Round Gobies that appear to be taking over everything near shore.  The Squad put in a solid 2.5/3 hours using live Crayfish to catch some beastly Freshwater Drums, but it didn’t happen.  Father Figure Chris caught both of the Smallmouths…Freshy Jackson’s largest Smallmouth caught to date remains 2 inches.  Freshy Jackson will not be taking a title for the Niagara, as a title was clearly not earned.  

Creatures caught here: Round Gobies, Smallmouth Bass


Lake Erie- Buffalo Harbor State Park

This spot in a Harbor area had a ton of large Carp and a pretty large school of what turned out to be another invasive fish…the Rudd, which was easily caught by the Unearthly Sapien of the Erie Lord Freshy Jackson.  It was assumed that Micros would be plentiful here but there were basically none.  

Creature of significance caught here: Rudd (NY #84/Fresh #30)


Cazenovia Creek- Mill Road Park

This spot was sick, it wasn’t until the Live Motivator of the Cazenovia Lord Freshy Jackson ventured further down the Creek while running low on time that the full potential of the spot was seen.  Tons of Suckers and Darters with tons of ground to cover.  With limited options from losing most of the gear in the bag, and rotting dead worms, not much damage could be done before running out of time.

Creatures of significance caught here: River Chubs (NY #85/Fresh #31), large Common Shiner, regular looking Bluntnose Minnow, smaller little bastard Common Shiner that was mistaken for a Sand Shiner

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