7/29/18: The Official 2nd 2018 Unofficial Surf Debut…+Fishology Sciences Contribution at the Carmans

The Official 2nd 2018 Unofficial Surf Debut

Fishy Jackson, E$Te Dot
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: Early Morn/Incoming

Seaweed.  The cot damn Surf Lettuce ruined the morning.  The Squad linked up to bang up on the Beasts but the Surf Plants were too thick, causing the towel to be thrown just half an hour after arrival.  It should be noted that the don E$Te Dot had that look in his eye that he was ready to handle Beast, had the trip been Official. 

The Ambassador of the Atlantic Lord Fishy Jackson had actually already made an official surf debut in an unofficial capacity, the night of Thursday July 19, at Moses for a Dolo Mission.  The only unofficial catch of that night was officially a Skate.  The true authentic Official Beast Popoff Debut is nearing…

Fishology Sciences Contribution at the Carmans

Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Carmans River
Time: Morning

The High Character Contributor of the Carmans Lord Freshy Jackson linked up with the Father Figure for some Fish Sciences work at the Carmans.  The habitat was assessed to check the level of abundance of creatures the Fishtilian had previously never actually seen: the supposedly abundant Stickleback species (3 or 4 spine, also apparently 9 spine live here), Eastern Mudminnos, Redfin Pickerel, and the mysterious Butt-face Fish (Pirate Perch).

This habitat has been assessed as quite healthy.  To the naked eye, there is not a single fish in these waters, other than the spotting of an occasional darting Darter.  However, 5 or 6 hauls of the seine net turned up all of those Species in addition to a plethora of Tessellated Darters.  All were small however, 1.5 inch was probably the max size fish that came up. 

The Buttface fish Pirate Perch, a fish whose anus moves closer to its mouth the bigger it gets, unfortunately were only caught at sizes where their a-hole is relatively normal positioned.

Creatures caught Seining: Fourspine Stickleback, Pirate Perch, Eastern Mudminnow, Tessellated Darters

Fourspine Stickleback

Pirate Perch

Eastern Mudminnow

Tessellated Darter


While the Freshy Wonder has now confirmed the relative abundance of these fish in this habitat, it now seems like an extreme longshot to hook these fish, at least in this area.  Freshy patrolled the area for a solid hour with the Micro Rod after the seining but was unable to catch, or even see, a single fish in the water.   These fish seem to be mostly extremely small and crazy well hidden in the thick weeds.

***Bonus***Sound Pounding Shout

Captain Dennis, Este Dot, Plundering Pete, were out there Pounding Sound.  40+ inch Glory.

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