8/5/18: Brief Bahamian Uprising

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Nassau, Bahamas

3 nights at the Sandals in the Bahamas…Romantic Getaway season poppin off.  Fishy Jackson forgot to pack the travel rods but was eventually able to buy a $40 crappy yellow rod nearby.  Very minimal fishing activity took place, but 2 praiseworthy catches were made.    

Dock Session

The Purveyor of Gilled Excellence Lord Fishy Jackson hit the Sandals dock on the 3rd morning before people starting coming outside.  The Fishy Wondor had thoroughly snorkeled the area and there really weren’t that many fish around whose relatives hadn’t previously fallen victim to a Jackson hook anyway.  Mostly Seargent Majors, Chubs, various Grunts, Slippery Dicks, Parroutfish which don’t bite, Lane Snapper, etc.  Lord Jackson had witnessed a local dude hand line a Bonefish on a boat nearby, but about 50 casts of a whole gulp shrimp produced nothing.  A couple of Sailor’s Choice Grunts and tons of very small fish pecking at the bait not getting hooked made up most of the action on the sabiki with small pieces of gulp.  However, ]a bizarre fish was spotted at the side of the dock seemingly laying on it’s side and swimming all weird.  One of the resort workers on the dock said he’d been seeing that fish the past few days and it’s dying or sick.  This fish was landed by the Fishtilian, and identified as a non-dying, weird but healthy Scrawled Filefish.

Results: Scrawled Filefish (Atlantic #140), Sailor’s Choice Grunts


Brief Bloody Fish Session

There was an offshore island to shuttle over to that had some solid snorkeling and tons of fish off a jetty.  The Fishtilian came ready to crush that afternoon, however a large sign forbade walking on the rocks.  Things got real bloody real quick, as the Fishtilian attempted to go through the water around the rocks, with the plan to sit on one of the rocks at the end and fish.  Somehow, the Fishy Wonder ended up with a badly sliced up finger and a surprising amount of blood loss after grabbing a rock to keep balance, yet still flipped the line in the water after reaching the rocks at the end.  Immediately a fish was hooked but swam into the rocks causing a snag.  Blood was flying everywhere now while trying to get the fish out of the rocks.  Eventually the line had to be snapped, leaving only one hook remaining, which somehow had a bizarre little poisionous Lionfish on it…not the ideal fish to handle with an open cut on the finger, but a dope bizarre creature.  Invasive Atlantic destroying fish that really should have been murdered but in the bloody daze the fish was thrown back.  Needless to say, after having to get on the shuttle boat back to the main resort to get bandaged up at the nurse station and ruining the lunch plans at the island, this marked the end of Bahamian Fish Activity.

Results: Lionfish (Atlantic #141)


Snorkel Action- Sea Turtles + mediocre fish footage

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