8/25-8/26/18: Belated Beastwork- The Dawning of the Dusky…+Bonus Este Browner

Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones

Twas not the coveted Snaggletooth, but the Dusky Sharks are a quite welcome addition to the Surf Beast Lineup.  The Fishteenth Wonder of the Earths Lord Fishy Jackson went 6 for 6 on legit runoffs for the weekend and came through with some belated Beast popoff action with the Savage Duskies.  The Browns appear to have been displaced by the Duskies for 2018.  From prior Fishy Experience, the LI Surf had appeared to be mostly dominated by Brown Sharks, but perhaps the Duskies did some major breeding this year, as all 20+ Sharks seen were declared as Dusky.  Of the 5 Sharks landed by the Fishtilian, most were in the 3.5/4 foot range, with one being closer to 5 feet and 50 lbs.  All Duskers were released safely and promptly with tender care.  

Also, after another brutal tussle with one of these beastly Roughtail Stingray, these creatures have now officially been classified under the category of Beastly Nuisance.  These things are just a major pain in the ass as soon as they get close to the beach

Time/Tide: 6 – 8:20 AM
Results: 1 Dusky Shark (NY #86/Atlantic #142), 1 Roughtail Stingray.


Time/Tide: 5:40 – 9:15 AM
Results: 4 Dusky Sharks


****8/28/18: Bonus****E$TE Dot proves it’s still a Brown Town

Lord Commander Este Dot was unable to attend the weekend Dusky Bonanza but put in some honorable effort to get on the Beast board.  After getting a random skunk back at the Dusky scene Monday night, the Dot got right back on the horse early Tuesday morning and got it done.  The Duskies appear to have passed through the area but a fat Brown came through to show the Town is still Brown.  

Este was then told to leave by a Park worker, who threatened to call the DEC for illegally targeting Sharks.  Utterly ridiculous, but the Dot had done his Brown Deed and moved on.

This Brown contribution also helped illustrate the difference between these hard to distinguish creatures.  Noticeably larger dorsal fin on the Brown Shark.  

Dusky dorsal vs. Brown dorsal

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