11/11/18: Fishy Jackson went fishing

Fishy Jackson
Location: Hudson Yonkers spot
Time/Tide: Morning/Incoming

Fishy Jackson approached fish inhabited waters, and proceeded to go fishing.

After a historic stretch of Fishy Inactivity, the Hero of the Hudson finally broke the ice and got out there.  The Fishy Wonder’s plans have been completely derailed down the stretch of the season due to consistent sub-par conditions.  Constant rough conditions at the surf for a good month after that weekend of glory with the Beasts in late August put an end to Beast Surf season, and persistent rains have kept the water levels too high at the Delaware Watershed for Freshy Jackson to tie up the loose ends at the Delaware.  Fishy did manage to get in a mission unworthy of report back in September, attempting to fish thru the Puffers in Fire Island Inlet for something random.  After about 80 Puffers, the towel was thrown. 

Sturgeon Hunt

With nowhere else to turn, the Fishtilian returned to the old Yonkers Hudson stomping grounds looking for some longshot Sturgeon action.  After a heavy beastly fish took the bait, it was assumed a Sturgeon had actually been hooked, however it was a fat heavy Brute Channel Slob that emerged to steal the show.  After having previously only caught a juvenile Channel Cat, it was at least good to get a respectable Slob on the ledger.  

Sturgeon are out here no question though.  Could possibly be one last hurrah for a Sturgeon here if weather and tide align properly before the true overly frigid temps set in.

Results: 1 brute Channel Cat,  1 Brown Bullhead, 1 Eel, few small Perch and Stripers

The Fishtilian briefly believed that the semi-elusive and somewhat mysterious Yellow Bullhead had been hooked, as this fish appeared to be quite Yellow, perhaps even a tad goldenrod.  The Barbels appear to be lightly colored enough for this to be classified as a Yellow Bullhead, however this is an illusion.  Closer inspection of the barbels with different background lighting reveal them too dark to be a Yellow Bull.

***Shout out to the Honorable EsQuire P for this massive Striped Behemoth.  Though Squire did not actually catch this fish, he did perform a solid pose with the fish….and he stood within very close proximity to Captain Ted while Ted was in the process of catching the fish.

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