2/18-2/21/19: AQUA-D Jr kind of made debut

Fishy Jackson, Freshy Jackson, AQUA-D, AQUA-D Jr

Location: Sarasota

WordPress changed the post editor and it’s freakin awful, a disgrace. Fishy Jackson does not feel like learning how to use this crap. This is a joke. Not good. WordPress is a soggy terd.

With complications caused by the devastating disastrous red tide that murdered tons of fish, in addition to this being AQUA-D Jr’s first travel, also AQUA-D being preggo….Fishy Jackson did not get much fishing in at all. However, AQUA-D Jr did have her first real fish encounter after just under 17 months of existing. The Fishtilian has opted to bring this little Glory child along slowly. There will be no shortcuts, no handouts, no fish reeled in pretending as if she caught the fish. AQUA-D Jr will earn her keep in due time.

In the meantime, she was quite fond of the Gulf Kings that Fishy and AQUA-D were pulling in left and right during a brief beach session that was cut short due to AQUA-D Jr trying to eat seashells and getting mouthfuls of sand.

Mangrove Micro Action- The dastardly little skeezerbag Sheepshead Minnows were finally caught by Fishy Jackson, only in the wrong state. Fishy has been trying to catch these creatures for years in NY Waters, and here they are showing up to taunt Fishy in the Floridian Mangroves. One had blue mating colors. Fishy live-lined some Gulf Killies but nothing was in the dead waters.

Results: Sheepshead Minnow (Atlantic #143), other little stuff

Non-NY Freshwater Debut

Freshy Jackson’s first appearance in Alligator-infested, Non-NY waters was brief and unproductive. The Fish Stacka of the Myakka Lord Freshy Jackson approached Alligatorian waters figuring a 50/50 chance of a Gator attack but was left untouched. Despite there seeming to be dozens of Microfish in the water, it was only millions of Eastern Mosquitofish it turned out. If there were other species there, the Mosquitofish were too aggressive to get the bait passed. These may or may not even be naturally there, as they may be there to curb Mosquitoes, though they are native. The only other fish to find a hook was a random Sunfish creature, the Warmouth. Livelined Mosquitofish and nightcrawlers didnt even get touched in roughly an hour and 20 minutes of work.

Results: Eastern Mosquitofish (Fresh #32), Warmouth (Fresh #33)

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