Saint Patrick of Bonnethead

Knowledgable in all facets of Bonnethead.  Saint Bonnethead summons the Bonnetheads by gently tapping the surface of the water and making a barely audible humming sound

Captain James Hook

Blessed with the wisdom of a 40 lb Striper, the cunning of a 40 lb Striper and the brute strength of a 40 lb Striper, Captain James Hook will not hesitate to go down with any ship

Father Figure Chris

Chris Yellow Perch20160521_101639Chris Largemouth

Responsible for Fishy’s existence, Father Chris is not only the biological father of Fishy, he is also like a Father Figure to Fishy.  Chris has been gifted with the Fishy Imprint and is an automatic Top Tier Angler by association

Mother of Fishiness


Also responsible for Fishy’s existence, the Motherly Entity of Fishiness has displayed competency with a rod in hand

Grandfather Geno AKA THE ROD

IMG_1266BassGeno Striper

Born with the experience of a Grandfather, The Rod commands respect on all waterways

Morf Dorsal


 A Grizzled Vet of the High Seas.  Legend has it Morfioso was born with a Dorsal Fin

$Greezy Gillzzz$

The Greeziest Man on the Waters

Uncle Poseidon


The Great Uncle of all sea inhabitants

Sir Shark-Tone

Photo Coming Soon

A savage killing machine by nature, Sir Shark-Tone is known to turn ravenous when sensing blood in the waters

Larry the Lunker AKA Largemouth Larry AKA Barry Beluga

Largemouth LarryLarry Dog

When fully agape, the circumference of Largemouth Larry’s mouth is the exact same measurements as that of a Largemouth Bass.  It’s been noted by observers that Barry Beluga bears an uncanny resemblance to a Beluga Whale when he breaches the water

GefilteBerg AKA the Entitled Eel of Earlsbury

GefilteBerg Dog

A connoisseur of the elusive “Gefilte fish”, GefilteBerg was unaware that other forms of fish even exist until he caught wind of Lord Jackson’s work.  After reaching the Pinnacle of the Gefilte Arts, the Entitled Eel of Earlsbury now feels it is his entitlement to hook any fish that swims in his vicinity