The Fishy Wonder of the World……….Widely regarded as a Top-5 Atlantic Angler, Fishy Jackson AKA The Fishtilian has been catching circles around the common fisherman for years.  Sea Animals of all shapes and sizes have fallen victim to a Jacksonian bait offering.  Though his dominance has been mainly confined to Long Island and Gulf of Mexico waters, there is little doubt he would be a Top Tier Pacific Angler upon his arrival there.  Fishy is often accompanied by members of the Fishy Squadron, headlined by Este Dot- AKA The Ninth Chapter and Coach Beav Mac- AKA The Great Coach.  Fishy Jackson does not take kindly to salt-less waters.  Fishy Jackson now takes kindly to salt-less waters as well.  


“We must all take heed whilst in the presence of a Heroic Sea Warrior like Lord Fishy Jackson.”   -Rolling Stone Magazine

“Though on the exterior he appears to be nothing more than a human that is good at fishing, I have scientifically ascertained that the Fishtilian is in fact Half Man/ Half Robotic Fish Magnet/ Half Prehistoric Fish Reptile Creature.”   -Anonymous Scientist

“Thoust hath much to learn, but Fishy can’t teach thou what thou can’t be taught.”   -Fishy Jackson