2/18-2/21/19: AQUA-D Jr kind of made debut

Fishy Jackson, Freshy Jackson, AQUA-D, AQUA-D Jr

Location: Sarasota

WordPress changed the post editor and it’s freakin awful, a disgrace. Fishy Jackson does not feel like learning how to use this crap. This is a joke. Not good. WordPress is a soggy terd.

With complications caused by the devastating disastrous red tide that murdered tons of fish, in addition to this being AQUA-D Jr’s first travel, also AQUA-D being preggo….Fishy Jackson did not get much fishing in at all. However, AQUA-D Jr did have her first real fish encounter after just under 17 months of existing. The Fishtilian has opted to bring this little Glory child along slowly. There will be no shortcuts, no handouts, no fish reeled in pretending as if she caught the fish. AQUA-D Jr will earn her keep in due time.

In the meantime, she was quite fond of the Gulf Kings that Fishy and AQUA-D were pulling in left and right during a brief beach session that was cut short due to AQUA-D Jr trying to eat seashells and getting mouthfuls of sand.

Mangrove Micro Action- The dastardly little skeezerbag Sheepshead Minnows were finally caught by Fishy Jackson, only in the wrong state. Fishy has been trying to catch these creatures for years in NY Waters, and here they are showing up to taunt Fishy in the Floridian Mangroves. One had blue mating colors. Fishy live-lined some Gulf Killies but nothing was in the dead waters.

Results: Sheepshead Minnow (Atlantic #143), other little stuff

Non-NY Freshwater Debut

Freshy Jackson’s first appearance in Alligator-infested, Non-NY waters was brief and unproductive. The Fish Stacka of the Myakka Lord Freshy Jackson approached Alligatorian waters figuring a 50/50 chance of a Gator attack but was left untouched. Despite there seeming to be dozens of Microfish in the water, it was only millions of Eastern Mosquitofish it turned out. If there were other species there, the Mosquitofish were too aggressive to get the bait passed. These may or may not even be naturally there, as they may be there to curb Mosquitoes, though they are native. The only other fish to find a hook was a random Sunfish creature, the Warmouth. Livelined Mosquitofish and nightcrawlers didnt even get touched in roughly an hour and 20 minutes of work.

Results: Eastern Mosquitofish (Fresh #32), Warmouth (Fresh #33)

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11/11/18: Fishy Jackson went fishing

Fishy Jackson
Location: Hudson Yonkers spot
Time/Tide: Morning/Incoming

Fishy Jackson approached fish inhabited waters, and proceeded to go fishing.

After a historic stretch of Fishy Inactivity, the Hero of the Hudson finally broke the ice and got out there.  The Fishy Wonder’s plans have been completely derailed down the stretch of the season due to consistent sub-par conditions.  Constant rough conditions at the surf for a good month after that weekend of glory with the Beasts in late August put an end to Beast Surf season, and persistent rains have kept the water levels too high at the Delaware Watershed for Freshy Jackson to tie up the loose ends at the Delaware.  Fishy did manage to get in a mission unworthy of report back in September, attempting to fish thru the Puffers in Fire Island Inlet for something random.  After about 80 Puffers, the towel was thrown. 

Sturgeon Hunt

With nowhere else to turn, the Fishtilian returned to the old Yonkers Hudson stomping grounds looking for some longshot Sturgeon action.  After a heavy beastly fish took the bait, it was assumed a Sturgeon had actually been hooked, however it was a fat heavy Brute Channel Slob that emerged to steal the show.  After having previously only caught a juvenile Channel Cat, it was at least good to get a respectable Slob on the ledger.  

Sturgeon are out here no question though.  Could possibly be one last hurrah for a Sturgeon here if weather and tide align properly before the true overly frigid temps set in.

Results: 1 brute Channel Cat,  1 Brown Bullhead, 1 Eel, few small Perch and Stripers

The Fishtilian briefly believed that the semi-elusive and somewhat mysterious Yellow Bullhead had been hooked, as this fish appeared to be quite Yellow, perhaps even a tad goldenrod.  The Barbels appear to be lightly colored enough for this to be classified as a Yellow Bullhead, however this is an illusion.  Closer inspection of the barbels with different background lighting reveal them too dark to be a Yellow Bull.

***Shout out to the Honorable EsQuire P for this massive Striped Behemoth.  Though Squire did not actually catch this fish, he did perform a solid pose with the fish….and he stood within very close proximity to Captain Ted while Ted was in the process of catching the fish.

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8/25-8/26/18: Belated Beastwork- The Dawning of the Dusky…+Bonus Este Browner

Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones

Twas not the coveted Snaggletooth, but the Dusky Sharks are a quite welcome addition to the Surf Beast Lineup.  The Fishteenth Wonder of the Earths Lord Fishy Jackson went 6 for 6 on legit runoffs for the weekend and came through with some belated Beast popoff action with the Savage Duskies.  The Browns appear to have been displaced by the Duskies for 2018.  From prior Fishy Experience, the LI Surf had appeared to be mostly dominated by Brown Sharks, but perhaps the Duskies did some major breeding this year, as all 20+ Sharks seen were declared as Dusky.  Of the 5 Sharks landed by the Fishtilian, most were in the 3.5/4 foot range, with one being closer to 5 feet and 50 lbs.  All Duskers were released safely and promptly with tender care.  

Also, after another brutal tussle with one of these beastly Roughtail Stingray, these creatures have now officially been classified under the category of Beastly Nuisance.  These things are just a major pain in the ass as soon as they get close to the beach

Time/Tide: 6 – 8:20 AM
Results: 1 Dusky Shark (NY #86/Atlantic #142), 1 Roughtail Stingray.


Time/Tide: 5:40 – 9:15 AM
Results: 4 Dusky Sharks


****8/28/18: Bonus****E$TE Dot proves it’s still a Brown Town

Lord Commander Este Dot was unable to attend the weekend Dusky Bonanza but put in some honorable effort to get on the Beast board.  After getting a random skunk back at the Dusky scene Monday night, the Dot got right back on the horse early Tuesday morning and got it done.  The Duskies appear to have passed through the area but a fat Brown came through to show the Town is still Brown.  

Este was then told to leave by a Park worker, who threatened to call the DEC for illegally targeting Sharks.  Utterly ridiculous, but the Dot had done his Brown Deed and moved on.

This Brown contribution also helped illustrate the difference between these hard to distinguish creatures.  Noticeably larger dorsal fin on the Brown Shark.  

Dusky dorsal vs. Brown dorsal

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8/5/18: Brief Bahamian Uprising

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Nassau, Bahamas

3 nights at the Sandals in the Bahamas…Romantic Getaway season poppin off.  Fishy Jackson forgot to pack the travel rods but was eventually able to buy a $40 crappy yellow rod nearby.  Very minimal fishing activity took place, but 2 praiseworthy catches were made.    

Dock Session

The Purveyor of Gilled Excellence Lord Fishy Jackson hit the Sandals dock on the 3rd morning before people starting coming outside.  The Fishy Wondor had thoroughly snorkeled the area and there really weren’t that many fish around whose relatives hadn’t previously fallen victim to a Jackson hook anyway.  Mostly Seargent Majors, Chubs, various Grunts, Slippery Dicks, Parroutfish which don’t bite, Lane Snapper, etc.  Lord Jackson had witnessed a local dude hand line a Bonefish on a boat nearby, but about 50 casts of a whole gulp shrimp produced nothing.  A couple of Sailor’s Choice Grunts and tons of very small fish pecking at the bait not getting hooked made up most of the action on the sabiki with small pieces of gulp.  However, ]a bizarre fish was spotted at the side of the dock seemingly laying on it’s side and swimming all weird.  One of the resort workers on the dock said he’d been seeing that fish the past few days and it’s dying or sick.  This fish was landed by the Fishtilian, and identified as a non-dying, weird but healthy Scrawled Filefish.

Results: Scrawled Filefish (Atlantic #140), Sailor’s Choice Grunts


Brief Bloody Fish Session

There was an offshore island to shuttle over to that had some solid snorkeling and tons of fish off a jetty.  The Fishtilian came ready to crush that afternoon, however a large sign forbade walking on the rocks.  Things got real bloody real quick, as the Fishtilian attempted to go through the water around the rocks, with the plan to sit on one of the rocks at the end and fish.  Somehow, the Fishy Wonder ended up with a badly sliced up finger and a surprising amount of blood loss after grabbing a rock to keep balance, yet still flipped the line in the water after reaching the rocks at the end.  Immediately a fish was hooked but swam into the rocks causing a snag.  Blood was flying everywhere now while trying to get the fish out of the rocks.  Eventually the line had to be snapped, leaving only one hook remaining, which somehow had a bizarre little poisionous Lionfish on it…not the ideal fish to handle with an open cut on the finger, but a dope bizarre creature.  Invasive Atlantic destroying fish that really should have been murdered but in the bloody daze the fish was thrown back.  Needless to say, after having to get on the shuttle boat back to the main resort to get bandaged up at the nurse station and ruining the lunch plans at the island, this marked the end of Bahamian Fish Activity.

Results: Lionfish (Atlantic #141)


Snorkel Action- Sea Turtles + mediocre fish footage

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7/29/18: The Official 2nd 2018 Unofficial Surf Debut…+Fishology Sciences Contribution at the Carmans

The Official 2nd 2018 Unofficial Surf Debut

Fishy Jackson, E$Te Dot
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: Early Morn/Incoming

Seaweed.  The cot damn Surf Lettuce ruined the morning.  The Squad linked up to bang up on the Beasts but the Surf Plants were too thick, causing the towel to be thrown just half an hour after arrival.  It should be noted that the don E$Te Dot had that look in his eye that he was ready to handle Beast, had the trip been Official. 

The Ambassador of the Atlantic Lord Fishy Jackson had actually already made an official surf debut in an unofficial capacity, the night of Thursday July 19, at Moses for a Dolo Mission.  The only unofficial catch of that night was officially a Skate.  The true authentic Official Beast Popoff Debut is nearing…

Fishology Sciences Contribution at the Carmans

Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Carmans River
Time: Morning

The High Character Contributor of the Carmans Lord Freshy Jackson linked up with the Father Figure for some Fish Sciences work at the Carmans.  The habitat was assessed to check the level of abundance of creatures the Fishtilian had previously never actually seen: the supposedly abundant Stickleback species (3 or 4 spine, also apparently 9 spine live here), Eastern Mudminnos, Redfin Pickerel, and the mysterious Butt-face Fish (Pirate Perch).

This habitat has been assessed as quite healthy.  To the naked eye, there is not a single fish in these waters, other than the spotting of an occasional darting Darter.  However, 5 or 6 hauls of the seine net turned up all of those Species in addition to a plethora of Tessellated Darters.  All were small however, 1.5 inch was probably the max size fish that came up. 

The Buttface fish Pirate Perch, a fish whose anus moves closer to its mouth the bigger it gets, unfortunately were only caught at sizes where their a-hole is relatively normal positioned.

Creatures caught Seining: Fourspine Stickleback, Pirate Perch, Eastern Mudminnow, Tessellated Darters

Fourspine Stickleback

Pirate Perch

Eastern Mudminnow

Tessellated Darter


While the Freshy Wonder has now confirmed the relative abundance of these fish in this habitat, it now seems like an extreme longshot to hook these fish, at least in this area.  Freshy patrolled the area for a solid hour with the Micro Rod after the seining but was unable to catch, or even see, a single fish in the water.   These fish seem to be mostly extremely small and crazy well hidden in the thick weeds.

***Bonus***Sound Pounding Shout

Captain Dennis, Este Dot, Plundering Pete, were out there Pounding Sound.  40+ inch Glory.

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7/7-7/8/18: The Trip- Left Coast of NY Debut

Freshy Jackson, Grandfather Figure Chris

It was time to head Left.  4 AM departure en route to Buffalo, with many stops on the way.  Unfortunately, too many debacles, and not enough time.  

List of mistakes made by the Squad

  • Going to way too many spots on the way west.  Stops along the way included the Susquehanna area, Syracuse area, Seneca River, Flint Creek, Genessee River, Black Creek, Tonawanda Creek, etc.  Most of these spots were garbage with life lacking.  Seneca was particularly crappy.  Also, the Genessee and the river in ‘Cuse were gross brownwaters.  With departure from Long Island at 4AM Saturday morning, and a return from Buffalo around 1 pm Sunday, time was not plentiful enough for this kind of experimenting.
  • The worms were not kept cool and out of the sun on Sunday.  With the Squad finally at a great spot near the end and in desperate need of some fresh lively worms…they were all dead from being overheated.  
  • Likely having less than optimal presentations for the Sucker fish in the Creeks.  
  • Failing to catch a freakin Freshwater Drum AKA Sheepshead again.  These fish are not even appreciated by most of the locals, and the dudes fishing next to the Squad at the Sheepshead spot caught 2 of them while complaining they weren’t big enough or some crap.
  • Not catching enough fish
  • The Fishy Jackson Shimano fishing bag was left behind Sunday morning at the Drum spot.  The Fishtilian and the Father Figure took equal blame in this fiasco.  Chris was tasked with loading the car while Fishy’s line remained in the water, however it was criminal negligence on the part of Fishy to not double check the bag was in the car.  Fishy was back at the scene 40-45 minutes later to retrieve the bag but it was gone and the dude fishing next to it had left.  The vast majority of Fishy’s gear was in this bag, a major monetary setback and a crushing blow for the remainder of the trip.  

7/7/18: Productive spots

Flint Creek

Clint Beastwood of the Flint Lord Freshy Jackson finally landed an adult Fallfish.  A few large fish and some Suckers were seen here but not caught.

Creature of significance caught: adult Fallfish


Black Creek

Again some Suckers and a random big fish were seen here, but not caught.  It appeared that the Fishy White Guy of the Black Creek Lord Freshy Jackson had caught a couple of new Minnows and a new Darter species that was extremely aggressive…but the Minnows were just different forms of Bluntnose Minnow, and the Darters were the invasive Round Goby.  Adult Round Gobies were all over the place at the Niagara River spot and apparently have made there way pretty far east now too.  These things are destroying the Ecosystem.  The Bluntnose Minnows are total scumbags too for looking so different than their normal form here.  One had a dorsal fin spot but none of the blue bumps on it’s snout.  The other didnt even have a dorsal spot.  Douchenose Minnows. 

This is not the first time that the fish describers failed to mention key information in the universal fish description, in this case that these minnows don’t always have a pronounced dorsal spot.  Freshy is considering taking legal action to make an example here and hold the fish describers accountable, as this simply has gone too far now.  Some dude Rafinesque is credited with discovering this fish and first describing it, so his estate can expect to be served in the near future.  

Creatures of significance caught here: small Round Gobies (NY #83/Fresh #29), Douchenose Minnows

7/8/18: Productive spots

Lower Niagara River- Black Rock Canal Park

^The lost bag can be seen in the pic above taken as the Squad was leaving.  That dude by the rock scheming on the bag in this pic also caught both of the Drums that came through the area.  This guy won the day.  Hopefully this guy appreciates the bag and all of its contents, and treats it well.  

Worms dropped near the shore were savagely attacked by the thousands of Round Gobies that appear to be taking over everything near shore.  The Squad put in a solid 2.5/3 hours using live Crayfish to catch some beastly Freshwater Drums, but it didn’t happen.  Father Figure Chris caught both of the Smallmouths…Freshy Jackson’s largest Smallmouth caught to date remains 2 inches.  Freshy Jackson will not be taking a title for the Niagara, as a title was clearly not earned.  

Creatures caught here: Round Gobies, Smallmouth Bass


Lake Erie- Buffalo Harbor State Park

This spot in a Harbor area had a ton of large Carp and a pretty large school of what turned out to be another invasive fish…the Rudd, which was easily caught by the Unearthly Sapien of the Erie Lord Freshy Jackson.  It was assumed that Micros would be plentiful here but there were basically none.  

Creature of significance caught here: Rudd (NY #84/Fresh #30)


Cazenovia Creek- Mill Road Park

This spot was sick, it wasn’t until the Live Motivator of the Cazenovia Lord Freshy Jackson ventured further down the Creek while running low on time that the full potential of the spot was seen.  Tons of Suckers and Darters with tons of ground to cover.  With limited options from losing most of the gear in the bag, and rotting dead worms, not much damage could be done before running out of time.

Creatures of significance caught here: River Chubs (NY #85/Fresh #31), large Common Shiner, regular looking Bluntnose Minnow, smaller little bastard Common Shiner that was mistaken for a Sand Shiner

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5/18-5/20/18: Back in the Game now…The Gulf Renaissance

Fishy Jackson, E$te Dot, Plundering Pete

The extensive hibernation period is over…the Squad is back in the game now.  Many a gilled animal came forthward to pay homage to the Bachelor Este Dot in his waning non-matrimonial moments…as the Dot prepares to take the marriage plunge shortly ahead.

Despite whispers that the Fishy Squadron had not only already peaked, but possibly peaked quite some time ago, the Squad was ultimately able to dispel such notions with a respectable outing, despite rain shortened missions and suspect charter captaining.  Plundering Pete completely ransacked the Condo, however the place was somehow in relatively pristine condition upon departure.  

Creatures caught: Irish Pompano (Atlantic #138), Goliath Grouper (Atlantic #139), Bonefish, Snook, Blacktip Shark, King Mackerel, Grey Triggerfish, Red Grouper, Sand Diver, Scrawled Cowfish, Gulf Kingfish, White Grunt, Hardhead Catfish, Threadfin Herring, Cigar Minnow, Leatherjack, Tomtate, maybe others

5/18- Night Surf Action

The Squadron actually got on the board with a quick stop at the docks, with the Fishtilian landing a Cowfish…though this catch would be credited to Plundering Pete, just because.  The Plunderer really stole the show on this day, landing a nice Snook at the Surf on a live Pinfish…the first Surf Shnook ever landed by the Fishy Squadron.  A couple Blacktips were also landed on chunks before a pod of Dolphins came thru and shut it down.  One of the ‘Tips had bite marks on it.  The Sabiki produced the first adult Mojarra the Fishtilian had ever beheld, this ID’d as an Irish Pompano, among the other normal Surf creatures.

5/19- Charter boat action

The Gulf Renaissance was in full effect out there…a 20 ft Manta Ray, school of 1000+ Spadefish, and Sea Turtles were cruising the area, in addition to droves of beastly fish.  Barracudas, Kingfish, Crevalle Jacks, Sharks, and countless unseen Cobias were all seen near the boat.  Plundering Pete came thru with a nice King Mackerel on the troll before anchoring up, but the Squadron was left feeling as though their immense talents were not properly utilized.  The Captain did not start chumming until too late, and much time was wasted throwing poppers and some crappy green Cuda lure that the Cudas clearly didn’t want.  None of the Beasts hit the lures and or took the baits, the latter of which may not have been optimally presented.  Clearly the Squad should have stepped up and taken control of the situation.  The Gulf Waters are healthy tho.  

Goliaths and a David

All was not lost, as revenge on the Jewfish was had.  After years of losing countless rigs and fish at the hands of these gluttons, the tables were turned with the help of some 400 mono line on a Goliath-cranking catching contraption.  This thing enabled the Beasts to be hauled up quick with some strong right-arm cranking.  Pretty damn unsportly, but it had to be done to behold one of the ultimate Beasts.  

The Fishy Wonder and The Dot hauled up estimated 400 lb and 300 lb Goliaths respectively.  To be out done, The Plunderer landed a 30 lb David.

Plundering Pete poses with David

5/20- Morning Surf action

Rain and impending storms kept the outing short, but Blacktips were savagely feasting upon live pins, total rampid pinfish murder.  Not much size as is often the case, but the action was there.  While attempting to catch more bait, E$te came thru with an early Catch of the Year candidate: A Bonefish, in Sarasota waters.  Clearly having gotten wind that the Squadron had controversially declined to dine at Bonefish Grill, a random Bonefish came through and womped the Sabiki.  An extremely rare encounter this far north of Miami, and one of the more surprising catches possible.  Further proof that the Squad either hasn’t peaked yet…or peaked only recently.   

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Aqua-D, Jr. has arrived

Aqua-D, Jr. entered into existence the night of October 5th, 2017…and is now a thriving Living Being of the Earths.  Fishy Jackson will allow her to be a newborn for a few months before starting her on a rigorous Fish Training Regiment.   


Father Figure Chris has been rendered more of a Grandfather Figure now

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9/16, 9/17, & 9/24/17: 2k17 Season is wrapped up

9/16: Last Hurrah at the South Shore
Fishy Jackson
Location: Captree Docks
Time/Tide: 6:30 – 10ish/Hi Tide around 4:45 AM

Last gasp effort at the docks lookin for some random fish.  Nothing but Sea Bass came up again.  Fishy was appalled by the savage Spider Crab murder scene at Craptree Dock.  The local asian crabbers murder every single Spider Crab they catch and leave them on the dock to rot, dead crabs all over the dock.  Spider Crabs may be crappy creatures, but they deserve better than that crap.  

The Fishtilian had a near moment of Micro Glory after spotting a random little fish hanging out at side of the dock, but it ended up being a juvenile Sea Basstard.  Because why would it be anything but a Sea Bass.    

9/17: Delaware Finale- new spot
Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware River at Callicoon & Callicoon Creek
Time: Morning

The Fishtilian had to travel a bit further but found a glorious region for Micro fishing.  Tons of Darters everywhere and other creatures hiding in the rocks.  FReshy Jackson was in full Waders attire, fully immersed in Delaware Waters for a high level of difficulty 4 hour micro session. 

Frustrating experience out there for the Fishy Wonder, opportunities for Micro Glory were out there…the Darters often ignore bait right in their face, and a potential clutch catch of a Margined Madtom fell off the hook before it could be grabbed.  Would’ve been a catch of the year candidate.  The only Darters hooked were Tessellated Darters, not the target Sheild Darters.  

Results: Tessellated Darters, couple random Minnows, saw a Northern Hogsucker, near Margined Madtom catch.  

new Delaware spot at Callicoon

Callicoon Creek spot

9/24: Sunken Meadow Sheepshead Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Sunken Meadow Creek
Time/Tide: 10:50 – 11:50 AM/Low Tide around 8:45 AM

The Fishy Wonder tried to tie up a loose end by finding some damn supposedly abundant Sheepshead Minnows finally, but the ratio of other Killifish to Sheepshead Minnow at Sunken Meadow proved no different than anywhere else…about 1000 to 1.  Only 1 Sheepshead Minnow appeared in the bait trap.  These fish will not be catchable until at least a few of them show up in a bait trap/seine net. 

This lone Sheepshead was isolated in the bucket, and was later hooked in the bucket by the Fishtilian.  In an alternate universe where Fishy Jackson lacked honor, this would have counted as a new fish.  

It’s a wrap.  With AQUA-D jr on the way shortly, Fishy Jackson has shut down Fishy Operations early for the 2k17 season…sitting 18 fish away from the 💯 New York Fish mark.  The Fishtilian will emerge from Hibernation in 2k18 ready for Further Advancement of the Fishy Cause.

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9/10/17: Seine Action- Preggo Horse steals the show

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Oak Beach area
Time/Tide: 5-7ish PM/ Low Tide 5:36 pm

The Fishtilian has been pretty much compromised down the stretch of Summer here, mostly due to windy conditions and rough surf.  It appears the Fishy Wonder may not get a chance to avenge the lost Beast opportunities at the surf, with nothing but rough surf continuing to be forecast.  The Squad did manage to get in a Seine Mission looking for random tropical stray fish.  

The only semi-tropical fish to show itself was a Pinfish, but a large Pregnant Sea Horse came through and stole the show.  Fishy Jackson’s admiration for these creatures is well documented and Fishy has developed a tight bond with the local Sea Horse community over the years.  This animal was released in mint condition to deliver it’s Sea Ponies.  

Fishing live Silversides all around the rocks produced nothing but Sea Bass.  The Sea Basstards are not even allowing the usual annoying Puffers to eat this year.  

Seine Results: Pinfish, Sea Horse, Fluke, PBlackfish, Bergall, Silversides

Fishing Results: 7 Sea Bass, 4 Sea Bass, and a few Sea Bass

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8/24 & 8/26/17: Dark Days at the Surf…Bright Spots at the Dock***9/6/17 Update: Needlefish DNA Results***

8/24/17: Surf Session- DARK
Fishy Jackson
Time/Tide: 5:55 – 8:15 AM / Hi Tide: 9:54 AM

Results: SKUNK…unsurprisingly, a Skunk-Fox of the Surf was observed.


8/24/17: Dock Session- BRIGHT
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses Docks
Time/Tide: 8:40 – 11:30 AM / Hi Tide 10:14 AM

The Fishtilian had planned to fish through all of the Sea Bass/Porgies/Puffers, etc around the dock looking for a random fish, but action under the dock was surprisingly minimal.  Tons of Snapper around but very small.  

Results: Agujon Needlefish (Atlantic #136/NY #81), Banded Rudderfish (Atlantic #137/NY #82), 1 Broke-Beak Needlefish, 1 micro Needlefish, small Sea Bass, small Snappers

Micro Needle posing as Pipefish

Fishy made the usual futile attempt to hook some Pipefish when one of the Pipers attacked the bait out of nowhere and was landed.  This was not a Legendary Pipefish catch as it turned out….it was just a micro Needlefish that was mixed in with the Pipefish.  Speculation abounds, however, that this could be a juvenile Flat Needlefish that came up as a tropical stray.  This small fish had black spots/blotches/bands all over it’s body, and there is no indication in any descriptions that juvenile Atlantic Needles have these markings.  This fish was not immediately documented and unfortunately perished before good documentation could take place.  No ray count is possible and a bunch of the black markings faded upon the perishing.  Classified as juvenile Atlantic Needle for now, pending results from Fish DNA test. 

***9/6/17 Update: DNA Results are in: Agujon Needlefish***

Big Time Pickup for the Fishtilian…very rare catch.  Catch of the Year candidate due to the randomness factor.  


Broke-Beak Needle

A strange looking 5-6 inch sea creature appeared next to the dock and aggressively attacked the micro bait.  Fishy believed a random new fish had been caught, but this was actually a Needlefish with a broken beak.  A Needle-less Needlefish.  Must have got it’s beak needle stuck in something and it broke off.


Got that Mudderfuddin Rudder

Lord Fishy Jackson finally got that muddafuddin Rudda like budda none udda did Fishy st-st-studda.  This Ruddery Creature had managed to elude the Fishy Wonder going on 6 years.  Many moons have passed since Fishy Jackon’s first encounter with this fish…not just many Crescent Moons, but many Waxing and Waning Gibous Moons had passed as well.  A Rudderfish was spotted hovering around the piling just as the Fishy Wonder was preparing to depart.  The fish initially refused live Silversides dangled in it’s face, but after awhile it relented and offered it’s mouth to the hook, thus salvaging the day.  

8/26/17: Surf Session- Very Dark
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 6 – 9 AM / Low Tide 5:01 AM

The Beasts were out this time, but the Fishtilian failed again to come thru like the last time they were out.  Multiple runoffs went to waste.  Literally 4 Beasts could have been landed on this day but none were.  Very dark, dark, dark times at the Surf for the Fishtilian…the Darkest Days since the Humble Surf Beginnings of 2010.  

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8/10/17: Coach is back- The Beasts failed to pay homage

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 7:20 – 9:50 pm / Hi Tide 9:52 pm

Inexplicable no-show pulled by the Beasts on Coach Beav’s Big Day.  Conditions were damn solid, but the Beasts opted to pass on a chance to greet their coach on his season debut…a decision they will be forced to live with for the rest of their lives.  It’s not every day that the Water Roach makes a Daypew at the surf like this.  The dude fishing next to the Squad with mono leader had a presumed Shark on for 15 mins break off in the wash.  

Coach did get on the board with a Preggo Crab at least…the first noticeably pregnant crab ever noticed by the Fishtilian.

Results: the ole Skunkaroo

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7/30/17: Delaware Range Expansion Attempt- The NY State Fish Popoff

Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware River & Ten Mile River (Narrowsburg area)
Time: Morning

The Freshy Wonder made a risky move to explore new Delaware Territory further north up River, heading about 20-30 mins further northward of Port Jervis to the Narrowsburg area.  Most of the spots did not work out, either due to no trespassing/posted land signs, lifeless waters, or fishermen already present.  Next time out must be fully devoted to the Neversink River spot near Jervis, hunting the weirdo fish hiding in the rocks: Longnose Dace, Slimy Sculpin, Shield Darter, and Margined Madtom.

Animals seen: Animals all over out there.  Nearly attacked by Black Bear, saw Fox, Woodchucks, Ring-tailed Lemur, White-tailed Deer

Near Bear Attack:  A mid-sized Black Bear broke out of the bushes and jetted across the road about 50 feet in front of where Freshy Jackson stood at the side of the road at the Ten Mile River spot.  Had the Bear broke out of the bushes a bit closer…who knows.  The Fishtilian has emerged unscathed from the first Bear Attack of the year.

Delaware River- Narrowsburg spot

The Good Fella of the Della was confronted with a no trespassing sign at the money-looking spot under the bridge.  The Plan B spot was quite scenic but shallow.  Would need a boat for Smallmouth action.  There was a tight school of what appear to be ravenous Fallfish, also some Sunnies were around, but not a productive spot to fish from shore it seemed.

Fish caught here: Fallfish, Pumpkinseed, random small Shiner 

Ten Mile River spot

Random creek spot on the Ten Mile River featured the only productive sequence of fishy events that occurred.  A Brook Trout came out of nowhere attacking the split shot on the Micro rig.  The Eleventh Mile of the Ten Mile AKA Lord Freshy Jackson quickly broke out the small hooks with Nightcrawlers and popped off with a few Brookies.  The Freshy Wonder has long ignored going after Trout due to the unnatural stocking that takes place across the state.  However, Brook Trout is a native fish and holds the title of the New York State Fish, and only Brown Trout appear to be stocked in this river.  These seem like not true heritage strain Trout but legit wild fish.  Tons of Creek Chubs also made an appearance at this spot.  The Ten Mile proved to be an honorable tributary of the Delaware for this Bestowing of the Brookies.  

Fish caught here: 3 Brook Trouts (Fresh #28/NY #80), Creek Chubs, Common Shiner, Sunnies


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7/22/17: Blown Beast Opps- The Beasts were willing

Fishy Jackson, Plundering Pete
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 5:30 – 7:45 AM

Rough day at the Surf Office for the Fishtilian.  2 Beast Opportunities went to waste…the hook-set came up empty on the first run-off, and the second massive run-off from a definite Shark ended in a clean break-off.  For unknown reasons the line was twisted up around the wire leader a few times after reeling in, and the line was probably twisted up when the Beast took off, causing the line snap.  Some clams were also tossed just beyond the breakers looking for some Kingfish but only a Robin came in.  Pete’s Mojo Surf rod did not receive a Beast Run-off, but the Plunderer did get his mojo back by landing a Robin.  The Beasts were out there, willing to be caught.  

Results: a few Sea Robins, missed on Beasts


The lone bright spot of the day was the Plunderer getting in on some ‘Chog Action to pop his Micro Cherry.  A brief stop was made at a local Hton Harbor spot looking for some annoyingly elusive Sheepshead Minnows.  As is usually the case, only Mummichogs and probably Striped Killis were present.


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7/16/17: Delawarian Progressions- A solid Blunted pick up + Record-smashing Smallie

Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware and Neversink Rivers, Port Jervis
Time: Morning

Results: Bluntnose Minnow (Fresh #26/NY #78), Smallmouth Bass (Fresh #27/NY #79), Cutlip Minnows, Spotfin Shiner, Fallfish, Sunnies

Delaware River

The Good Fella of the Della came thru with the unexpected nab of a Bluntnose Minnow.  The Bluntnose is not considered common in the Delaware and appears to usually be found further up river than this, so this was a damn solid pick up for the Freshy Prince.

Bluntnose Minnow


Inconclusive Shiner: This creature seemingly has more dorsal fin pigment than a Spotfin Shiner, however too inconclusive to deem an official Satinfin according to the Nanfa ID Wizards, so this fish has been deemed a probable Spotfin.  


Neversink River

Longnose Dace & others Hunt: The Fishtilian checked all around the rocks and stones looking for Longnose Dace, Darters, Sculpins, etc , but only managed to catch a bunch of Cutlips Minnows and a record breaking Smallmouth Bass.  

These Cutlips are real tricksters, and they really went a bit too far this time by posing as Longnose Dace.  About 7 or 8 Cutlips were caught and each time there was legit optimism and expectation that a Longnose Dace would appear on the hook.  This seemed like a surefire Dace habitat area but it’s apparently not.  One huge 6 inch or more Sheild Darter was seen but eluded capture.


Record Smashing Smallie: The Freshy Wonder switched from topwater lures to senko worm lures, fished on a drop shot rig and then on a weedless wacky setup.  This should have slayed the Smallies, but once again, each cast came up empty in the Delaware.  

Alas, a juvenile Smallmouth Bass did finally get off it’s high horse and pay homage to Freshy Jackson.  While it may be sad that Freshy cannot seem to catch a legitimately sized Delaware Smallmouth, this micro Smallie will at least go down as a record smasher.  This fish shattered the record for smallest 1st Smallmouth Bass ever caught.  It’s likely that a smaller micro Smallmouth has been booked at some point in Micro History…but never has one been caught this small for someone’s first official Smallie catch.  This record will be classified as a non-prideworthy, yet still noteworthy, achievement.  

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7/9/17: Jones Beastwork- Brown at the Buzzer

Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 5:25 – 8 AM / Hi Tide 8:13 AM

Half Fishy/Half Fishier Lord Fishy Jackson had already packed up the gear and was seconds away from accepting this as a Skunk outing.  This was a true miracle runoff right at the buzzer…the Beast literally struck as the Fishtilian was lifting the rod out of the holder to call it a day.  The ultimate example of why the bait must stay in the water as long as possible while the rest of the gear is being packed up for departure.  

A healthy Brown Beast Being ripped off tons of line…but the line was retrieved in full, and the Beast was handled.  After an off year for Beasts in 2k16, this could be a great sign for a Beastful 2k17 Surf Campaign.  Perhaps even Snaggletooth will make an appearance.  

Results: 1 Brown Shark

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7/2/17: Delawareness Activity- Cutlips in the Cut

Freshy Jackson
Location: Port Jervis- Delaware River
Time: Morning

Target Fish: Smallmouth Bass, Longnose Dace, Cutlip Minnow, Satinfin Shiner, Comely Shiner, Shield Darter, Slimy Sculpin, Eastern Mudminnow, Margined Madtom

Fish Caught: Cutlip Minnow (Fresh #25/ NY #77), Fallfish, Spotfin Shiner, Common Shiner, Swallowtail Shiner, Sunnies

Delawarian Smallmouth Hunt

The Freshy Wonder of the Earths made about 100 casts with a $13 Whopper Plopper surface lure in an effort to avoid snags on the rocks/logs, but no Smallie came up to blast it.  This lure makes noise and looks so good in the water that Freshy Jackson had to fight the urge to jump in and chase it himself.  It appears a better Smallie spot will have to be found.

Micro Work

The Fishtilian put in a long, solid session of non-stop Micro Work in the Cut, fishing around little Sunnies and the usual minnow species, and it was the Cutlip Minnow that showed some Character and stepped to the plate.  This honorable fish just goes about it’s business as if it’s lips are not cut.

It appears Swallowtails, Spotfins, Fallfish, and Common Shiners are officially the most prevalent fish in this region, and fishing through the minnows in the Delaware has run it’s course.  The Longnose Dace will likely have to be located in the Neversink River.  Back to the drawing board for the Freshy Wonder…new tactics must be utilized upon return to this watershed.  

Beaver Sighting

Freshy Jackson made a brief stop at the Neversink and laid eyes upon a large Beaver.  It made a huge splash in the water then disappeared.  No footage was obtained, so one must have faith in Freshy Jackson’s integrity that this glorious animal was indeed seen.   

Cutlip Minnow


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6/25/17: 2k17 Surf Debut is in the Books

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot
Location: Moses Surf
Time/Tide: 5ish AM – 7ish AM

With the Surgical General Este Dot in town, the Squad went out there…and debuted.  It need not matter that the waters were filled with nothing but conniving scallywag ratbastard mangy Dogfish…for the Squad hath debuted.  The 2k17 Surf Daypew is now in the Books.

Results: Dogs

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6/10-6/11/17: Lake Champlain debut…+***Sound Pounding Update***

Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Lake Champlain (from Champlain Canal up to Port Henry) & LaChute River
Target fish: Bowfin, Drum, Pike, Channel Cats, and all Microfish

Creatures caught: Rock Bass (Fresh #23/NY #75), Spottail Shiner (Fresh #24/NY #76), huge Bowfin for Father Chris, Largemouth Bass, easy Panfish action (White Perch, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Yellow Perch), Spotfin Shiner, Banded Killifish

The much anticipated debut of the High Chief of the Champlain Lord Freshy Jackson did not live up it’s billing.  The anticipation for this trip was through the roof, with speculation that as many as 10 new species could be added to the NY Tally, including a few brutes.  Alas, twas not the case…

Microfishing Letdown: Tons of different Minnow/Shiner species live in this watershed, yet not a single minnow/shiner species was observed at the water’s edge at any of the spots on the Lake, except for really small fish fry.  The only microfish observed at the water’s edge anywhere in the Lake was Banded Killifish and baby sunnies.  The only place that Minnows/Shiners were seen was in the LaChute River.  Confusing as hell, and the magnitude of this Micro Disappointment is far reaching.

Champlain Canal

The Squad arrived in the area around 9 AM Saturday and explored a few spots at the Champlain Canal.  This water was disgusting and minimal life was observed or caught here.   It’s probable Channel Cats lurk in these waters however.  The waters around the South Bay Bridge were gross as well and life was minimal here aside from White Perch.  The locals packed out the dock and weren’t catching anything.


La Chute River

This River has really clear blue/greenish water and tons of fish.  The Brute of the LaChute Lord Freshy Jackson landed some Rock Bass to get on the New Fish board, and tons of Panfish were caught here.  On the Micro Tip, Spottail Shiners, Spotfin Shiners and Banded Killies seemed to be main species around as no other minnow species were hooked.

Spottail Shiner


Crown Point Bridge- Evening Session: 5-9 PM

This was supposed to be the Session of Glory, but ultimately only featured one moment of true Glory.  The Squad set up with fresh Sunfish chunks on 2 rods, live Crayfish fished under a bobber on another rod, and either worms or small live sunfish on the other rod.  The Crayfish were casted repeatedly near the bridge looking for big Drum, but the only fish around that wanted to eat Crayfish were 8-10 inch Rock Bass.  Live bite size Sunnies were also casted under a bobber around the weeds but nothing took the bait.  The chunks went untouched…until the Father Figure got a massive runoff and landed a true brute Bowfin…. the Fish of the Year.  Ripped off line then ran into the weeds and was tough to budge, the thing was a Beast.  For whatever reason, this was the only big fish around.


Ticonderoga spot- sunday morning 

Tons of 6-8 inch Alewives were either spawning or just being weird in the shallows.  The Freshy wonder snagged a couple and live-lined them looking for a big Pike but nothing took the bait.  Sunfish chunks were also tossed out looking for Channel Cats/Bowfins…but no hits.  Weather was damn windy on this day.


Considering that the only new fish caught on this trip, Rock Bass and Spottail Shiners, are quite common in the Delaware River, it’s likely these fish will be caught on one of the next outings there…so this Champlain trip didn’t move the needle even in the slightest.  However, despite the major letdown factor of this trip, the Freshy Wonder still holds the Lake Champlain basin in extremely high regard…and will be looking to make this an Annual Journey.

***Early June Sound Pounding Update***

The Sledgehammer of the Sound Captain Dennis has been pummeling, clobbering, whacking, thwacking, smacking, headcracking, and just all around putting a pounding on the Cow Stripers and Blues as of late.  The Honorable Lord E$te Dot landed a career best 42 inch, 30+ lber, which was later matched by Captain Dennis himself, also a career best.   Plundering Pete got on the board himself but only managed a 38 incher.  Despite the small size of the fish in comparison, if one squints their eyes and focuses real closely, one can kind of make out the image of a Striper in Pete’s pic below…

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5/27/17: Delaware Work- Making American Shad Great Again

Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware River- Port Jervis
Time: 7- 10:30 AM

The Good Fella of the Della Lord Freshy Jackson made some adjustments and ran a smoother operation this go-round at the Delaware.

Results: American Shad (Atlantic #135/NY #74), various Minnows

Making American Shad Great Again

Optimism for a Shad Encounter was not high after receiving word that the Shad Run began significantly ahead of schedule in early April, and this was the very back-end of the run.  However, the Delaware showed some Character and produced a good size Shad for the Fishtilian, caught on a green Shad Spoon.  While the assertion of Shad Greatness is entirely subjective, it cannot be argued that American Shad are not at the very least decent again.  

Smallmouth Hunt

The Freshy Wonder made some adjustments trying to hook a Smallmouth, using a floating Chartreuse colored Mouse lure to avoid rock snags, but the Smallies would not cooperate.  Worm lures were also used to cover different depths but it wasn’t happening.  Nightcrawlers went untouched again as well, though an adult Fallfish and what appeared to be a Rock Bass were seen in the water.  

Micro Life

This river is teeming with Micro Minnow life, and the Freshy Wonder again found a spot with definite Shield Darters, but was unable to catch them.  Various Minnow species were hooked, but with none standing out as definite new fish and time of the essence going for Smallies/Shad, Freshy Jackson controversially and regrettably did not bother documenting these catches.  In hindsight, it’s quite possible a new fish, likely a Spottail Shiner, had been caught.  Stricter Micro Documentation guidelines will be implemented going forward.

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5/20/17: Disarray at the Delaware

Freshy Jackson
Location: The Delaware, Port Jervis range
Time: Morning

A weak, skimpy egg sandwich really set the tone for this debacle, as Freshy Jackson simply did not have it on this day.  The waters were far more fishable than in early April, but wind knots with the freshly spooled braid, snags on rocks, countless empty casts, and just general disarray were the theme of the day.  This river is damn rocky.  Lures and live-lined Minnows were untouched, and worms went mostly action-less as well.  The Micro Work produced nothing new.  

The main objective of this mission was to find the migrating American Shad and make American Shad great again, but this was too quickly abandoned after witnessing a local dude catch a Smallmouth.  Much time was wasted at this spot going for Smallies and not enough time was allotted to try other spots.  Just a poor showing all around by the Freshy Wonder, a sharper gameplan is essential.  

The next trip to the Delaware is gut check time, not only for Freshy Jackson, but for the Delaware itself as well.  The Character of the Delaware will be tested….these waters have much to prove.  

Fish caught: Minimal action…Banded Killies, Common Shiners, Golden Shiners, Redbreast Sunfish

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4/30/17: CSH Blackback Dock action

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P + Squire’s offspring Kellen, Saint Patrick of Bonnethead, Gefilteberg
Location: CSH, Blackback Dock
Time/Tide: 11:50 – 1:30 pm / Hi Tide 3:30ish pm

This day was not the day that an actual Blackback would be caught at Blackback Dock…not even with a rare appearance from Gefilteberg, whom bravely came to offer Blackback Support despite knowing full well he would not be in the presence of any form of Gefilte Fish. 

The Fishtilian kind of got the Squad on the board with a presumed 17ish inch Striper, but the fish was unable to be hoisted the long way up the dock and broke off halfway up.  This fish was hooked on Squire Tuck’s rod featuring a reel spooled with extremely old 4 or 6 lb mono, possibly dating back to the 90’s.

Saint Patrick of Bonnethead opted to not summon any Bonnethead Sharks to the dock in order to spare the Bonnets of dealing with the cold water.  However, Saint Bonnethead was credited with the Heroic Move of the Day by saving baby Kellen’s baba from drifting out to sea after it fell in the water.  

Footage of Striper + Saint Bonnethead Heroics

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4/18/17: Annual Blackbackathon 2k17…+ A clear case of Micro Fraud

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, & Johnny Flapjackz
Location: Huntington Harbor- Coindre Hall
Time/Tide: 6 – 7:30ish pm/ Hi Tide 5:20ish pm

Despite EsQuire P recruiting the services of local Blackback legend Johnny Flapjackz to the Squadron, neither of the 2 local Blackbacks were caught on this day.  This is hardly surprising given that the local Flatblacks typically show no regard for this event held in their honor.  What is surprising however, is the blatant case of Micro Fraud committed by the town of Huntington in the random little pond at Coindre Hall.

Not even Johnny Flapjackz himself could summon the local Blackbacks back into existence

Micro Fraud Lawsuit: Fishy Jackson vs. the Town of Huntington

Small Minnows were observed in this random little pond at Coindre, leading the Fishtilian to bust out the Micro Gear, believing that Eastern Mudminnows had possibly been located.  However, these fish would later be identified as the non-native Eastern Mosquitofish, clearly stocked there by the town to prevent mass Mosquito attacks on the people walking the trail nearby.  While this is understandable, there were no signs near the pond announcing that these fish had been stocked…and no warning of any kind to aspiring Micro Fishermen that these waters are tainted.  The town did not follow proper protocol and procedure when stocking these fish in a pond.  This is a clear-cut case of Microfish Fraud.  Freshy Jackson thought a legit new fish had been caught, but these fish are not countable.  The Fishtilian is suing for damages and emotional distress, but would consider settling out of court in exchange for a  sincere apology from the Town, and assurances that proper procedures will be followed next time so the next Micro fisherman does not suffer the same fate at this pond…

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Good Friday 2k17- Hunt for the Good ‘Wife

Fishy Jackson
Location: Peconic
Time: Morning

Another successful hunt for a Good Wife is in the books…this time not of the human female but of the Alewife fish variety.  No Alewives flopped over the fish ladder this time but instead appeared to be tightly schooled up before the dam, apparently waiting for a swift hook-job by the Fishtilian…which they did indeed receive.  The deed is done.

Freshy Jackson then proceeded to check out some of the usual Peconic spots.  The Peconic Muskrats were out all over the place…these creatures wish they were River Otters/Beavers so badly.  A small Sunny was live-lined for a nice Pickerel to cap off the day.

Results: Alewives (Atlantic #134/NY #73), 1 nice Pickerel, some Sunnies

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4/9/17: Official 2k17 Season Opener- A Sucker gets suckered, in the clutch

Freshy Jackson
Location: Port Jervis area- The Delaware, The Neversink, The Basher
Time: Morning

Fresh Fly & Flashy…Lord Freshy Jackson headed Port Jerviway to pop off the 2k17 Season.  Delaware Awareness was clearly lacking as The Fishtilian encountered a vastly different Delaware than back in November.  Water levels were significantly higher and flowing fast, with land access far more limited.  The trip was essentially rendered more of a recon outing for the future, as basically every cast ended in a snag on submerged rocks.  The calm creek spot on the Neversink where tons of micro life including Shield Darters were observed in November was now a fast flowing stream.  Multiple spots were checked at the Delaware, the Neversink and the Bashakill, with basically no life of any kind observed in the water besides Salamanders.

Delaware spot November / Delaware spot April

Neversink spot November / Neversink spot April

The Bashakill

Though fish life was lacking here as well, the Bashakill is a pretty damn glorious area.  Twas here that the Fish Masher of the Basher Lord Freshy Jackson came thru in the clutch, after finally spotting some life at the final spot checked.  3 large White Suckers were seen hovering and looking like Carp at this strange spot where rapid rough stream water met calmer stream water.  A worm was dangled in their face til this Sucker took the bait like a total sucker.  

Results: 1 White Sucker (Fresh #22/NY #72)

Weird Bashakill spot gif


*4/2- Unofficial 2k17 Season Opener: Migrating Alewife Hunt- Law Enforcement had the jump on Fishy Jackson on this day.  Fishing for these fish in the Peconic is not permitted, necessary to prevent people from catching bundles of these things to pickle them like other Herrings.  However, only 1 Alewife needs to be hooked and released by the Fishy Wonder…an event that will inevitably occur.  A cop somehow showed up immediately, but did grant Fishy a brief 5-10 minute window to catch and release the fish…but the clock ran out quick.  A couple ‘wives were seen flopping over the fish ladder but the numbers seemed low-ish.  Freshy Jackson then attempted to access a remote pond at the headwaters of the Peconic, but the road leading to it is apparently federal property and the Fishy Wonder’s car was swarmed by cops.  Fortunately the Fishtilian did not make a sudden move to reach for the Micro Rod at any point, which could have potentially caused the classic tragic case of a micro rod being mistaken for a gun…

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4/1/17: Exclusive Interview w/ Coach Beav Mac- Part 3

Coach, it’s been almost 2 years since your last interview, and you now find yourself back in the Mountains of Colorado.  How did this return come to pass?

Coach Beav: “I heard the whispers from the Mountain Tops, imploring me to head back west.  The Allure of the Mountains is too strong to resist…so I just put on my favorite chaps and headed Coloradeeway.”  

You are missed on the east Coach.  Frankly, it’s amazing that Fishy Jackson has been able to function without coaching, but it’s clearly a product of previous years of damn good coaching.  Now Coach, given that you’re so natural and pure, it’s understandable that you may decide to live off the land outdoors.  Tell us about your current living situation.  

Coach Beav: “My residence tends to vary upon my mood, but I’ve been mostly living in Lodging of late.  I tried the whole “live outdoors” thing but it just wasn’t working out.  Every time I found a decent little cave or ditch to take shelter in, some random woodchuck or mountain goat would try to share it with me or just kick me out all together.  It was just a real pain in the ass.  Plus with the cold climate, it made more sense to take residence indoors.”

Makes sense, Coach.  You’ve mentioned in the past that snowboarding and fishing are basically the same, and the transition from snowboarding to fishing is natural for you.  Many people were confused by this, please elaborate if you will.  

Coach Beav: “Most people struggle to find the similarities between snowboarding and fishing, mostly because there are none.  But if you think about it, I could probably find a way to hook a fishing reel up to my snowboard if I wanted to…so in theory I could snowboard down to a spot on a lake and then use the board as a quasi fishing rod.  But most people simply wouldn’t think of that though…hence the confusion.”

Thanks for clearing that up Coach.  Over the years you’ve taken steps forward, sideways, backwards, and all other directions…but mostly forward.  What is it that drives you to keep taking steps forward?

Coach Beav: “When I was about 10 months old, I took my first step.  It gave me such an adrenaline rush I took a second step, then another and another and I just kept stepping until I got tired and took a nap.  I decided right there at that moment that I was going to keep taking steps until there’s nowhere to step anymore.”

Wow, that’s deep, man.  Alright Coach, we understand you adhere to a strict diet regiment nowadays since you’re a growing manboy, what does this consist of?

Coach Beav: “Biscuits mostly, though I do consume a good deal of Kimchi as well.  But I obtain the majority of my nutrients from various forms of biscuits.”

Celebrity you would most like to meet?

Coach Beav: “I do intend to meet with Fishy Jackson when I return to the East Coast, but I suppose that doesn’t count.  Hmm, I’d have to say the Good Doctor, Dr. Heiter, from Human Centipede.  Many frown upon his work, but his advancements made in the Sciences should not go unnoticed.”

Agreed Coach.  How about favorite Novel?

Coach Beav: “Do I look like some kind of f**king reader to you bro?  Next question.”

Apologies Coach, I do not want to ruffle any feathers here.  Let’s wrap this up…please Coach, leave us with some words of wisdom before you head back to the slopes…

Coach Beav: “I would like to quote fellow Fishy Squadron member Sir Sharktone for this one.  Ahem [clears throat] ‘Pound hard and true.  We don’t pound to pro-create, we pound strictly for the sake of pounding, it’s a strict life of drilling.  You see, pounding is a release, it’s a rhythm, it’s a heartbeat…Don’t knock the pound’…”

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11/5/16: Raising Delaware Awareness- A Mess of Minnows + Mink Showdown

Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware River & Neversink River
Time: Morning

The Good Fella of the Della Lord Freshy Jackson ventured out to Port Jervis to spread some Delaware Awareness at the Delaware River and the tributary Neversink River.  Multiple spots were checked to judge future fishability.  Worms and live-lined Minnows got no action at all, perhaps it is too late in the season.  The Micro Stick saw all the action as these hard to identify Minnows/Shiners were the only fish around.  Shout out to the ID Wizards at NANFA for the ID assistance.

Creatures caught: Spotfin Shiner (Fresh #19), Swallowtail Shiner (Fresh #20), Fallfish (Fresh #21), Golden Shiner, other unidentified Minnows

Delaware River- Port Jervis

Delaware River

Success was minimal here but Freshy Jackson believes fish will be caught here in the Spring.  For now, only a few random Minnows were caught.  These fish proved near impossible to get a definitive ID but at least 2 new fish were caught here with 85% confidence: Spotfin Shiner and Swallowtail Shiner.

Spotfin Shiner

Spotfin Shiner

Swallowtail Shiner

Swallowtail Shiner, most likely

Neversink River

Neversink River

The Missing Link of the Neversink Lord Fresh Jackson only caught Minnows here also, but the deepwater at one of the spots appears to hold possibilities of good fish in the warmer months.  These spots are worthy of future explorations.  Another 85% confidence new fish ID occurred here: A juvenile Fallfish.  These fish grow over a foot so an adult would be welcome in the future.

juvenile Fallfish


juvenile Fallfish

A bunch of dope looking Shield Darters were seen darting around at another spot but were seemingly not in feeding mode for some reason, perhaps due to fear of the local Mink that roams here.  The Mink crept up from behind leading to a good 10 second stare down, before the Mink finally backed down.  Minks are supposedly viscous creatures so this animal likely had murder on it’s mind when it crept up on Freshy Jackson.

2016 Mammal of the Year: The Mink

2016 Mammal of the Year: The Mink

Fishy Jackson is likely hangin up the Rod Stick til next April.  Sitting on 71 NY Fish…29 new NY Fish remain til the star-studded 💯 NY Fish party…

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10/16/16: Hudson Slob Hunting at the Beacon…+***Bonus Jackson Squadron Action

Freshy Jackson
Location: Hudson, Beacon Dock
Time/Tide: 7-9:30 AM/ Low Tide around 6:50 AM

The Hero of the Hudson, 1A to Captain Sully’s 1B, trekked 60 miles up the Hudson targeting brute 10-15 lb Channel Cat slobs on White Perch chunks…but ultimately had to settle for an unbrutely 1 lber caught on the worm set up.  The chunks went completely untouched, while Baby Stripers and gaggles of Perch rounded out the catch on the worms.

Results: 1 Channel Catfish (Fresh #17), many White Perch, baby Stripers

Channel CatChannel Cat

Freshy Jackson
Location: Fishkill Creek
Time: 10 AMish-12:30 PMish
**ID Correction 10/19/16**This was Common Shiner, not Spottail Shiner

Fishkill Creek lived up to it’s name, as mass fish deaths are the only explanation for the dead waters of the creek on this day.  Freshy Berkowitz of the Fishkill Lord Freshy Jackson did manage a new creature here, as a school of small Spottail Common Shiners were encountered, but otherwise the action was minimal.  The waters were deeper and more fishy here then at the Saw Mill but just not much was around it seemed.  Fishkill Creek marks the 3rd Hudson Tributary paid homage to by the Freshy Wonder.

Results: Spottail Common Shiners (Fresh #18), Golden Shiners, Sunnies

juvenile Common Shiner

Golden Shiner

Golden Shiner with Anchorworms in the anal area

***10/14/16: Bonus Plundering Pete & Friends blues action
Plundering Pete, introducing…Jigsaw Jack Hammerfists

Praises due to Plundering Pete for putting in work with some beastly local Blues at a local boatramp in Huntington.  Jigsaw Jack Hammerfists has earned a spot on the Jackson Roster with this performance.


***10/17/16: EsQuire P is on the Board

Shout out to Squire for getting himself on the Striped Board.  The Graveyard Shift session aboard Captain Ted’s Cow Vessel, drifting with Live Eels in GS Bay turned out an early morning Keeper for the Self-Knighted SQuire.

 Squire on the Board

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10/8/16: Saw Mill Stream Hunting Work

Freshy Jackson
Location: Saw Mill River- All over from Chappaqua to Yonkers
Time: Morning

The Real Deal Holyfield of the Saw Mill Lord Freshy Jackson thoroughly explored the shallow stream waters of the Saw Mill River.  This Hudson Tributary River really seems to be more of a skinny, shallow stream for the majority of it’s entirety.

Stream Creatures hunted: White Sucker, Creek Chub, Blacknose Dace, Longnose Dace, Common Shiner, maybe Rock Bass, maybe others

Results: Creek Chub (Fresh #15), Blacknose Dace (Fresh #16), Redbreast Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, Yellow Perch, small Largemouth

Downstream near Westchestor Manor

The Freshy Wonder found Creek Chubs for the first time here.  A Yellow Perch sparked off the action, followed by doubleheaders of Redbreast Sunfish and Creek Chubs.

Yellow PerchRedbreast & Creek Chub

Upstream in Chappaqua- Trapped fish

The stream dumps into a pond upstream, and just below the dam a bunch of fish were trapped in a small stream pool.  The stream was too shallow and dried up behind it so the fish seem to be stuck in this pool presumably until it rains heavy.  These fish were attacking the worms like they haven’t eaten in weeks.  Pumpkinseeds, Bluegill and small Largemouth were caught in this puddle.

Largemouth & BluegillPumpkinseedStream pool

Upstream in Chappaqua- Chappaqua Station

The Freshy Wonder found the motherload of aggressive Creek Chubs at the Chappaqua Train Station spot, all shapes and sizes.  For some reason these Creek Chubs upstream all have a pronounced horizontal line, while the Chubs downstream do not have such.  It appeared the Chubs were not going to allow anything else eat but fortunately a single Blacknose Dace was able to beat the Chubs to the bait at one point.  These fish look similar to juvenile Creek Chubs leading to inevitable ID confusion.  Also, a large 6+ inch Freshwater Lobster Crayfish was observed here.

Creek Chub

Left- Creek Chub from downstream/Right- Creek Chub from upstream

Creek ChubCreek Chub

Left- Juvenile Creek Chub/Right- Blacknose Dace

Juvenile Creek ChubBlacknose Dace

Freshwater Lobster Footage

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9/25/16: Expansion of Fresh Horizons- Pocantico Explorations

Freshy Jackson
Locations: Sleepy Hollow- Pocantico River
Time: Morning

The time has come to branch out from the Peconic Shadow and find some fresh new NY Waters, with creatures un-catchable on Long Island.  The Pocantico is a reputable tributary of the Hudson and was given the honor of first audition to be the new Fresh Spot.   White Sucker, Redbreast Sunfish, Rock Bass, Smallies, probably some random Micro Fish, etc all are in play here.  Given the general beauty and the aura of romanticism of the area, Lord Freshy Jackson has taken the title of El Romantico de El Pocantico.

Unfortunately this river was tough to access and most of the stream sections that were checked were devoid of life.  The 2 lake areas in the State Parks would have offered the best chance for some action but these required long treks to reach and didn’t seem very land-fishable.  The first spot produced a bunch of Redbreast Sunfish, but this would ultimately prove to be the only Encountering of Life.  Considering the possibility that these sunfish could have easily just been the usual Pumpkinseeds or Bluegills…it was at least fortunate that these Sunfish had red knockers.  The Pocantico appears to be a One-n-Done River…El Romantico signing off.

Results: Redbreast Sunfish (Fresh #14)

Redbreast SunfishRedbreast Sunfish

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9/20/16: Fox- Skunk of the Surf

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 7:45 – 10 PM/ Hi Tide around 11 PM

The damn Foxes were out again and it’s clear these Creatures are nothing more than Skunks that don’t stink quite as bad.  These Foxes of the Surf feed upon bunker, and their mere presence seems to discourage fish from biting.  They post up within 10-15 feet and scheme on the Bunker, and won’t retreat more than 20 feet or so before creeping back up again.  They are creeps.

The conditions were glorious but once again the only creatures with any interest in fresh Bunker were Foxes, Crabs, and likely small Dogfish nibbling.

Coach Beav Mac’s comeback is complete…and once again The Great Coach has proven that he does not have to catch fish to be triumphant.

Coach & FishyCoach Beav

Footage of SkunkFox and Coach almost catching a fish

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9/12/16: Tally Hooooooo el Calico

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook
Time/Tide: 7:50 – 11ish PM/ Low Tide around 10:50

Tally Hooooooooo, Talllllyyy Hooooooooooooooo!  A Red Fox was caught trying to creep up on the Squad’s Bunker…and repeated yells of Tally Hoooooooo appeared to summon the Calicos from the depths.  Jimmy Hooks put the Squad on his back and landed not one, but two Calico Crabs.  For reasons unbeknownst, these Calicos brought the Squad great joy, despite the outing ending with an inexplicable Skunkjob.

Repeated chumming of the air, amongst other tried and true rituals like the old Newp & Rally (where EsQuire P smokes a Newport), could not coax a runoff from a Beast on this night.

Fishy Jackson is taking a stand against Bitterness.  The prevailing feeling is more that of confusion…and delirium.

Results: Calico, Skunk

Squire & Bo

EsQuire P & Captain James Hook with the Crustacean of the Hour: The Calico


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9/10/16: Peconic Fresh Micro Work- The Shiner is Bridle…The Enthusiasm is Unbridled

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Watershed

Spreader of Micro Awareness Lord Freshy Jackson has made a semi-triumphant return to the old stomping waters, and no Peconic Stone was left unturned.  Many different access points were checked looking for the remaining uncaught Fresh Microfish of Long Island: Eastern Mudminnow, Bridle Shiner, Eastern Creek Chubsucker, Banded Sunfish, Swamp Darter.

Creatures Caught: Bridle Shiners (Fresh #13), Golden Shiners, Banded Killies, baby Sunnies, baby Largemouth

Freshy Jackson= Boss Hog of the Bog

Twas the waters of the Cranberry Bog that brought forth some Micro Glory.  It appears the Bridle Shiners had taken refuge in this undisturbed Bog Region under the illusion they would be safe from Micro Hooks…clearly underestimating the Micro Prowess of the Micro Whisperer Lord Freshy Jackson.  Multiple Bridles were hooked, mixed in with juvenile Golden Shiners and Sunnies.  It is clear the minnows that ignored bait offerings earlier in season were not Bridle Shiners after all, given how aggressive the actual Bridle Shiners are.  These fish look near identical to juvenile Eastern Creek Chubsuckers, and were originally misidentified as such.  The Cranberry Bog possesses Peconic Watershed Classification, as it connects to the Peconic via Little River.

Cranberry BogCranberry BogBridle ShinerEastern Creek ChubsuckerBridle ShinerGolden Shiner

Banded Killifish were finally located in the actual Peconic River at Grangebel Park.  Numerous large possible Alewives were observed in the water, however Freshy Jackson regrettably obeyed the “fishing for Alewife prohibited” signs.  It was assumed Alewife has to be snagged like Bunker anyway, however it appears these things are catchable on sabikis.  A couple large Pickerel were seen but ignored live Killis dangled in their faces for some reason.

***Update Note: It turns out the section that Killis and Herrings were seen was actually Brackish water.  The Killis were not Banded Killis, they were Mummichogs.  The Herrings were not Alewife, they were just Bunker***

Banded KillifishPickAlewivesAlewives

Another noteworthy spot was the Connecticut Ave spot, where the water was disgusting brown crapwaters.  A juvenile Largemouth was hooked here, and it’s likely this fish cherished every second it spent out of the water while it was getting unhooked…before it had to return to it’s nasty brownwater habitat.

Baby LargemouthPeconic Brownwaters

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9/2/16: Bitter Fishface 4…Arguably worse than Sharknado 4

Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 7:30 pm – 12:30 AM/ Hi Tide around 8:45 pm

Bitter Fishface is back and somehow bitterer than ever.  The majority of the fresh bunker was wasted feeding crabs and dogfish for the first 2 hours while the tide was barely moving.  A truly massive runoff occurred on the last fresh quality chunk, right as the tide started picking up…and the goddamn line promptly snapped.  This was almost certainly a Snaggletooth runoff.  Fishy Jackson has never hooked a Sand Tiger before, but this was exactly how a Sand Tiger feels when hooked.  It is possible the line had been frayed somewhere.

Out of fresh bait, the Fishtilian refused to leave and ended up catching a Robin on a crappy chewed up piece of bunker.  This Robin was promptly murdered and cut it into chunks, which produced a Skate…which was promptly murdered and cut into wing chunks.  No takers.  The Skate fought decently enough that it was briefly thought to be a possible Striper, but it turned out it was snagged in the wing.

  • Plundering Pete was slated to attend this mission but fell victim to NY traffic.
  • An apology is due to Captain Jimmy Hooks, whom wanted nothing more for his birthday than for Fishy Jackson to catch a Beast in his honor.
  • The argument can be made that this was worse, or at least as bad, as Sharknado 4…though it’s unlikely this was worse than the 4th Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

Results: Garbage fishlost a major runoff

Snagged SkateDogBeheaded Robin

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8/27-8/28/16: Fishology Sciences- Pinz & Porcupinez + More Tropicalisms

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Oak Beach area
Time/Tide: 6:30 – 8:45 AM/ Low Tide around 10 AM

Tropical Seining Expedition: The squad made about 10 passes with the seine net along the beach and rocks looking for some tropical visitor fish.  No true tropical fish turned up in the net, however 2 bizarre semi-tropical Porcupine Pufferfish AKA Striped Burrfish did promptly donate themselves to the cause.

Seining Results: 2 Porcupine Puffers, baby Blackfish, many Pipefish, many baby Bergalls, infinite Silversides

Porcupine PufferBaby Tog

Fishing off the rocks- A rare Praise-worthy Pinfish: Though Pins are highly useful as live bait, they are arguably the most annoying creature in southern waters due to their impeccable and galling bait-stealing ability.  However, when caught in the Waters of the Norths…these creatures are worthy of at least marginal praise.

Fishing Results: 1 Pinfish (First in NY Waters), 1 Snapper, infinite small Puffers and Sea Bass

NY PinNY PinSnapper

Fishy Jackson
Location: Oak Beach area
Time/Tide: 7:30 – 11:30 AM/ Low Tide around 11 AM

The Fishy Wonder returned to the scene the next morning, attempting to fish through all the Puffers to hook a Porcupine Puffpuff or something random, but the damn Northern Puffers were too ravenous.  Fortunately, as the Fishtilian was preparing to leave some veteran Tropical Seiners approached and proceeded to put in some solid seine work.  Among the many tidbits of wisdom these Vet Seiners bestowed upon Fishy is that low tide is the optimal time to seine up the Trops.  The first haul alone yielded a crazy variety of species, in the exact area Fishy had been catching nothing but Puffers and Sea Bass.  Both Bandtail Puffers and Porcupine Puffers are in the area but Northern Puffers wont let them eat anything.

Fishing Results: Usual over aggressive local creatures- Puffers and Sea Bass

Observations from the work of the Veteran Tropical Seiners: Bluespotted Cornetfish, Bandtail Puffer, Porcupine Puffers, Northern Sennet, Sea Horses, baby Blackfish, baby Kingfish, other usual local fish

Bluespotted Cornetfish

Bandtail Puffer

Bandtail Puffer

SennetPorcupine and Sea HorsesBluespotted Cornetfish

Many of these Creatures now call the Chris Fish Tank home

Tank Footage

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8/23/16: The Drought of Beast hath Ceased

Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 8:10 – 9:40 PM / Hi Tide around 12:15 AM

The Fishtilian was left bloodied and battered, butchered and bludgeoned, beleaguered and bamboozled…but it was the Ray that stood alone in the Loser’s Circle after a near hour-long battle of wits.  The Beast proved extremely difficult to get fully beached, with minimal waves assistance and no help offered by the dickbag fishermen nearby who refused to leave their post.  Dolo Beast fishing is a difficult chore.  A large majority of the struggle occurred with the animal stuck in the sand only 10 feet or less from shore…was near impossible to get the fish close enough to safely grab.

At one point the Fishtilian attempted to drag the fish by the tail without a glove or rag, which was a terrible move.  Unsurprisingly, the tail full of thorns sliced the shit out of Fishy’s palms.  Alas, the fish was eventually landed, and though it was not Snaggletooth…twas a Necessary Beast.

Results: 1 Roughtail Stingray

Roughtail StingrayRoughtail selfie

A Butchered Palm...Clearly Roughtail Stingrays have rough tails

A Butchered Palm…It is clear Roughtail Stingrays are appropriately named

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8/7/16: Fishology Sciences- Observations of Tropicality…+…Fishy Jackson elected Sennetor of the North

Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses Docks
Time/Tide: All Morning/Low Tide around 5:30 am

Northern Sennet finally hooked 

 The Fishtilian had been chasing this creature for many moons, many a Crescent Moon in fact…but the Sennet Campaign has mercifully come to an end.  A lil Sennet ate a very small live Killi and was barely hooked, but the fish was landed.  Fishy Jackson has been elected Sennetor of the North, effective immediately.

Northern Sennet

Fishy Jackson: Sennetor of the North

Northern SennetNorthern SennetNorthern Sennet


Observations of Tropicality

Fishologistic Advancements were made as multiple tropical visitors were either hooked or observed drifting around with the incoming eelgrass seaweed: 4 or 5 small baby Cobias, 1 possible Cornetfish, 2 Bigeye Scads, 1 Goby-like fish that so closely resembled a Goby that it may have been a Goby, 1 other wierd mystery fish, and of course the praiseworthy Lined Seahorse.   The Sennet and Scads were hooked while trying to fish through the gazillion Sea Bass under the dock.

Baby Cobia

Back to back years with micro Cobia encounters



Bigeye Scads

2 of these fish managed to get snagged in the back on a Sabiki hook.  Honor forbids Fishy Jackson from considering a snagged fish to be an official catch, so this fish will not be counted as a new Species.  Perhaps next time one of these dumbass Scads will actually bite a hook, instead of just swimming into to the damn hook like a blind oaf.

Bigeye Scad

Results: 1 Northern Sennet (#133), 1 juvenile Cobia, 2 snagged Bigeye Scads, Gazillion Sea Bass, couple small Snappers were caught.  Cornetfish, multiple Baby Cobia, Seahorse, other random creatures were observed

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***7/30/16: Bonus Captain Dennis Sound Pounding Update***

Captain Dennis the Sound Pounder, E$$ Dot Bowman, Plundering Pete
Location: Sound
Methodology: Anchored up with Chunks and Chums

Quality Soundwork was exhibited by all involved, as Captain Dennis capped off a July that saw him take home Fisherman of the Month honors with some more solid Sound Pounding.  Routinely finding keeper Stripers during the dogdays, Captain Dennis is even making Dogfish temporarily cool again…after a 50 inch Doggosaurus was landed.  It appears the large Dogs worthy of non-hate currently only reside in Sound Waters.

Capt Dennis

Captain Dennis gazes upon his Sound Surroundings after another day of Sound Pounding

Pete StripeSound DogSound DogSound Dog

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7/28/16: Bitter Fish Face III

Fishy Jackson, E$te Dot
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 6:50-9 PM/ Low Tide around 9:45 PM

The optimism brought forth by the return of Este Dot AKA Conway “The Butcher” Bowman was quickly beaten down by this Bewildering Bundle of Bungled Bitterness.  The Bitterment has taken on a life of it’s own and is bittering up everything in it’s path.  Snaggletooth and the other Beasts were apparently not impressed by the bait offerings, despite being presented the freshest bait on the Island after The Dot put a savage beating on the Bunker with his snagger earlier in the day.  Though one would think these Beasts would feel ashamed of their actions, it’s unlikely a fish brain is capable of producing the feeling of shame.

While the overcast conditions seemed ideal at the time, The Butcher Conway Bowman did a make a good point: Had the stars been out, it’s possible they would have aligned…

Results: Dog, no Beasts

Bitter fu**ing Fishface

Bitter fu**ing Fishface

Fresh BunksFishyDot CrabDot

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7/24/16: Bitter Fish Face II

Snaggletooth Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 5:40 – 8 AM/ Low Tide around 5 AM

Fishy Jackson AKA Bitter Fishface again did not come through with any real Beasts at the surf, but did have some monumental battles with the Wannabe Beasts: Dogs and Skates.  The Skates were in complete fake Beastmode, with one of the epic battles clocking in at a whopping 3 hours and 23 minutes.  This Skate exhibited such strength with it’s runs that it dragged Bitter Fishface into the water all the way up to his neck.  Fortunately some local surf fishermen (likely Hungarians) were nearby and had a fighting chair on hand for just such a situation.  The fighting chair proved no match for the brute imaginary force of the Skate however, and only seemed to anger the fish as it proceeded to just drag the whole freaking chair into the water.  Bitter Fishface was forced to fight the fish under water with a snorkel for the remainder of the battle before finally emerging victorious some 2 hours later.

Bitter Fishface is in danger of falling into a permanent state of Delirium if an actual Beast doesn’t present itself soon…

Catch of the Day: Snagged Sand Flea     Snagged Sand FleaSnagged Sand Flea

The loser of the 3 hour and 23 minute batlle...or was it 3 seconds and 23 nanoseconds?

The loser of the 3 hour and 23 minute battle…or was it 3 seconds and 23 nanoseconds?

Unable to match the sheer fake power of the Skate, this Crapdog only took approximately 45 minutes to land

Unable to match the sheer fake power of the Skate, this Crapdog only took approximately 45 fabricated minutes to land

Sennet Hunt- White Flag is almost raised
Location: Moses Docks

The Fishtilian caught some bait and made a quick stop at the docks after the surf, only to get mercifully mocked by the Northern Sennets again.  These creatures are freaking bizarre.  They hover by the dock occasionally attacking the Silversides, but mostly they just hover…when they attack a Silverside they swim around with the fish half in their mouth for like 5 minutes.  Fishy had a 6 hook Sabiki with live Silversides and some small live shrimp dangled in their faces and they would swim right up to the bait then dart away, over and over, never biting it.  Just utterly baffling behavior.

It’s become clear that Fishy Jackson is going to have to go undercover disguised as a Sennet and live amongst them…hover with them, feed with them, and possibly even breed with them…in order to gain their trust and eventually get one of these creatures to bite a damn hook.

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7/16-7/17/16: Bitter Fish Face

7/16/16: Rudderfish/Sennet Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses Docks
Time: Morning

Instead of Beast Hunting in the Surf, Fishy Jackson AKA Bitter Fishface was forced to make a stop at the Docks to hunt fish that should have already been caught long ago: Rudders and Sennets.  Rudders were absent but small Sennets were present.  Fishy was unable to obtain a small enough live Silverside to present to the small Sennets, and they of course continue to refuse all other offerings.  The usual ho-hum small Sea Bass and Porgies were under the dock, refusing to grow large enough to be kept for the table.  Numerous Pipefish were observed, one of which appears to be feeding on something, but as of now these fish are unhookable.  The Fishy Wonder holds these creatures in high-esteem much like their relative the Seahorse…but the Seed of Bitterness had already been planted for the weekend…

Sennets & Pipefish Footage (Sennets in first clip)

7/17/16: Snaggletoothing
Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 5:30 – 9 AM/ Hi Tide around 6:15 AM

The next person that utters one of those “A bad day of fishing is better than…” phrases to Fishy Jackson is getting hooked in their jaw and reeled in and gaffed.  Failure was to be expected in the form of no Snaggletooth, but it is unpardonable and unconscionable that the Fishtilian did not receive a runoff from a Ray, Ocean Blue or Brown Shark.  The dude fishing next to Fishy using Mono leader had a massive Shark break his line, and some schlub down the beach lost a large Ray, all the while Bitter Fishface was catching Robins and losing bait to Crabs and nibblers.

Bitter Fishface’s unbounded bitterness knows no bounds.

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Early July 2k16: St Lucia ‘Mooning Action

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Sandals Grande St Lucia
Bait: Mostly Gulp Shrimp

The Fishiest Humanoid of the Earthed Terrain was the only man on the resort who brought fishing gear…and with a dock and some rocks just 20 yards from the room, the Fishtilian was able to put in some decent fish work amidst the ‘Mooning.  Sandals St Lucia proved to be a gracious host of the Fishy Jackson/AQUA-D Honeymoon, even going as far as providing 2 personal butlers to cater to every need.  It was almost as if Fishy Jackson had paid to be treated in such a manner…


The Fishtilian was able to switch up the fish methods a few times but most of the fish were caught on sabikis with pieces of gulp.  The variety dried up surprisingly quickly…as Dusky Damselfish, Longspine Squirrelfish, French Grunts, Tomtates, Yellowtail Snapper, small Crevalle Jacks and Slippery Dicks made up most of the action.  These waters are also teeming with the Bizarre Hairy Blenny.  Whole gulp shrimp on a jig and live-lined small fish saw no action except small Jacks pecking at the shrimp.   Jacks cut into chunks produced a couple of small Coney Groupers.  The Micro Gear was neutralized by the mostly windy conditions.  It appears that fish larger than 10″ steer clear of these waters around the resort.

Creatures Caught: Puddingwife (#125), Mottled Jawfish (#126), French Grunt (#127), Dusky Damselfish (#128), Longspine Squirrelfish (#129), Coney Grouper (#130), Palometa (#131), Squirrelfish (#132), Smallmouth Grunt, Hairy Blenny, Slippery Dick, White Grunt, Yellowtail Snapper, Crevalle Jack, Schoolmaster Snapper, Tomtate Grunt, Lane Snapper


New Grunt Species Discovery: AQUA-D was catching Slippery Dicks left and right, and even discovered a new Grunt Species…the Smallmouth Grunt (Albert Karl Ludwig Gotthilf Günther claimed to have discovered this species back in 1859, but he was probably lying).


Weirdo of the trip: Mottled Jawfish- huge gaping mouth for small body, the creature was drooping over

Mottled Jawfish Mottled Jawfish20160702_102417


Clutch Non-Throwback of the trip: Squirrelfish- After catching 20+ Longspine Squirrelfish throughout the trip, one of the final fish caught of the trip was…a regular Squirrelfish (no white tips on the dorsal spines).  Before the second thought occurred, this fish was nearly thrown back without a second thought…
Squirrelfish (top)/Longspine Squirrelfish (Bottom)

SquirrelfishSquirrelfishLongspine SquirrelfishLongspine Squirrelfish


Douchiest fish of the trip: Dusky Damselfish- These fish peck at the baits constantly…real annoying animals

Dusky Damselfish


Gay Fish of the trip: Coney Grouper– This fish looks very similar to the gayfish that banged Kanye.  **Update- These Coneys don’t grow large enough to be Yeezy’s actual lover but the resemblance is uncanny.

Coney GrouperGay FishConey GrouperConey Grouper


male Hairy Blenny / female Hairy Blenny 

Female Hairy Blenny


Puddingwife Wrasse

PuddingwifePuddingwife Wrasse





French Grunt

French GruntFrench Grunt


More Fish

D Slippery DickSchoolmaster20160707_08334320160709_05170420160705_061430Micro JackJack Crevallewhite20160705_061928Duskies20160709_060655


Hackshaw Hackjob

Hackshaw Charters=Pisspoor.  The $500 4 hour bottom fishing charter on a beautiful day produced exactly one caught fish.  They drive 10 minutes to a “reef”, anchor up and use crappy heavy rods with busted eyes.  When no fish were caught in over an hour, they “moved to a new spot”…50 feet away to other side of reef.  The only fish caught, a crappy Yellowtail Snapper, was caught on AQUA D’s rod while the mate was holding the line in his hand, because the rods are too heavy to feel nibbles.  This was a total Hackjob Operation…there is no excuse not to have action bottom fishing on a reef in the Caribbean.  The Hackshaw Brothers were not present on the boat, but they are responsible for this debacle.

Snuba Footage

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6/25/16: Peconic Watershed Micro Action- World Record Largemouth…+…Forbidden Waters of the Wildwood

Freshy Jackson
Peconic Watershed
Time: Light of day

Fresher than your local produce section Lord Freshy Jackson left it all on the Peconic field, exerting way more energy than should’ve been necessary to finally locate these dagnabbin Banded Killifish.

Peconic Micro Spots– The Micro Whisperer became the Micro Psychopath  after spending a crazy amt of time trying to catch what appear to be Bridle Shiners.  These insubordinate Shiners occasionally take a small nibble at micro bait, but mostly just seem content to follow the bait up close and stare at it in a douchey manner.  Multiple baby Pickerels were observed again, but refused to hit an extremely small minnow (caught in dipnet) on a micro hook, and also a small piece of aluminum foil used as a micro lure.  Freshy did at least manage to hook into a pending World Record Largemouth…for smallest Largemouth ever hooked.

Record Largemouth

Forbidden Waters: Wildwood Lake– It took a risky desperation stop at the Forbidden Waters of Wildwood Lake to finally get this done.  This lake is a tributary of the Peconic and is part of the Peconic Watershed, so the SuperSonic of the Peconic Freshy Jackson felt at home here.  Non-residents are forbidden from fishing these waters without a resident guide and the fine is quite hefty (supposedly $350), so time was at a major premium.  Fortunately, despite extremely limited land access, dozens of Banded Killifish were instantly observed upon pulling up at the spot.  These fish were extremely aggressive as all Killies are, and were easily landed before any cop drove by.  It is utterly baffling how elusive these Killies have proven to be in the actual Peconic River considering how prevalent they appear to be in the Forbidden Waters of the Wildwood.

Results: Banded Killifish (Fresh #12), 1 micro Largemouth Bass, micro Sunnies

Banded KillifishBanded Killifish

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Pops’ Day Wkend 2K16 Pop-offs: War Declared on Snaggletooth…+…Back to the Peconic Future

6/17/16- War declared on Snaggletooth
Fishy Jackson, Plundering Pete

Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 8:30 – 10:30 PM/ Hi Tide around 6:15 PM

It is now officially Open Season on Snaggletooth.  The Fishy vs. Snaggletooth battle is long overdue, and it hath been decreed that every Surf Session from this point forthward will be considered a Sand Tiger Shark mission until ole Mister Snaggletooth is landed.  Thusly, every trip not resulting in landing Snaggletooth willst be deemed a failure…regardless of any other potential Acts of Heroism.

Setting up shop at Field 2 to be closer to the inlet, the Fishtilian was brimming with irrational optimism that this outing would produce a Snaggle Encounter, but ultimately the positivism led to nothing but negative energy.  Snaggletooth lives in these waters and has to eat at some point, but this could be a Summer of Failure if the Snagglers remain too scared to Bro-Down wit the Fishtilian.

Plundering Pete got on the board with some skatedogs, and Pete then proceeded to send a stern message that he’s back on the East Coast by looting and obliterating the late great local village of Bumpkinville.  The Plundering was so savage that this town was blown completely off the map, literally, as a Googlemaps search for the town now comes up empty…as if the town never existed at all.  The Wikipedia page was deleted as well, erasing what was known of the history of this once proud and thriving community.

Results: No Snaggles, Skates & Dog for the Plunderer

Pete SkatePete Dog

***Sunday Morning Plundering Pete Update***: If the Plundering of that town didn’t send the message that the Plundering Mammoth is back, the Sunday morning Bail Job on the Gluttonous Stripers aboard Captain Dennis’ Vessel did.  The father of Pete & The Dot, Captain Dennis AKA the Hound of the Sound has had the North Shore locked down for decades.  Fishy Jackson seldom fishes LI Sound waters, partly due to not wanting to intrude upon Captain Dennis’ Territory.

Pete BassPete BassPete Bass stomach contents

6/18/16- Captain Lou Fleet Party Boat for Fluke
Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris

Fatherly Chris wanted to do some Ocean Fluking to celebrate Father’s Day weekend, but this boat was boarded under false pretenses…they opted to stay in the bay…presumably to save gas money.  Fishy Jackson will take the High Road and simply state that this trip was predictably absolutely freakin awful, egregiously terrible boring crap fishing.  The Father Figure still managed to enjoy himself at least.

6/19/16: Back to the Peconic Future- Bangin up on the Slimers
Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 7:15-10 AM

The SuperSonic of the Peconic Lord Freshy Jackson returned to his old stomping grounds lookin for potential Rock Bass/Redfin Pickerels, but ended up having to settle for bangin up on the Slimers.  The Cats were starving for fresh chunks, as 4 Slimeball Bullheads were landed almost immediately after Freshy switched over to the Catfish setup…though it appeared the same fish was caught multiple times as it had a similarly placed rash mark on it’s side.

Freshy Jackson made a quick stop to check out the Micro Scene and spotted some possible Killies or Bridle Shiners, but they were proving quite stubborn and Fishy didn’t have enough time to wait for them to finally bite the damn bait.  A breakthru was also made with the spotting of a 3 inch long juvenile Redfin Pickerel.  A worm sliver dangle in it’s little prickerel face didn’t coax a bite, but there is now official Proof of Existence that these Redfin Picks are indeed in Peconic Waters.

Results: 4 Bullheads, some Sunnies, sighting of Redfin Pickerel



Footage of juvenile Redfin Pickerel

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6/11/16: 2K16 Surf Debut- Standard by the book debut

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 6:45-9 AM/ Low Tide around 7 AM

The 2K16 Surf Debut went about as expected, with a catch consisting of the crappy, undesirable fish that are loved by noone, not even by their own undesirable parents that birthed them.  The Lords of the Earthed Seas typically require Fishy Jackson to pay homage to the crappy creatures early in the season, prior to the initial Beast Encounter of the year.  This was simply a standard-procedure-par-for-the-course-by-the-book opening day effort to get the feet wet at the Surf.

Coach Beav put a beating on the Skates, and if he stays in this form it won’t be long before the tired old “Coach is on Steroids” rumors start popping up again.  Coach has been dealing with suspicions of PED use for years from the haters, but despite the plethora of weird, alien-like unidentified foreign substances showing up in his system on toxicology tests, all tests have always come back negative for roids…Coach is Pure.

Results: Many Skates, couple Dogs

Skate faceCoach SkateCoach DogSkate face

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6/4/16: Peconic Freshness- Completion of Peconquering

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 7-10:30 AM

Bullz-Eye on the Bullhead/Golden-Shower Golden-Eye on the Golden Shiner

What has widely become known as The Spring of Freshy has come to a triumphant and sooner than expected conclusion.  Freshy Jackson continued the recent display of ruthless efficiency by nabbing the target Bullhead Catfish on the first attempt targeting these Slimeballs.

The Freshy Wonder sparked the day off with some fast action on nice size Bluegills and Yellow Perch, and Freshy would put the fighting ability of these scrappy creatures up against the vast majority of similar-sized fish.  Nightcrawler pieces produced immediate action throughout the day, and the bigger the worm piece the bigger the fish.  Wax worms seem to suck, far less effective.

Twas the Catfish spot that Freshy broke thru by landing some large adult Golden Shiners up to 8″, which were used as fresh chunks for the Bullheads.  These Cats seem difficult to hook, as a few womps of the bait came up empty before a fat Slob came along and got the hook firmly lodged in it’s slimy jaw.  The Peconic Bullhead Population appears to be healthy despite only one being landed, as there were multiple hits on the bait.

Bittersweet end to the Peconic Fresh Work…Freshy Jackson has grown quite fond of these healthy, productive Peconic Waters.  A few random creatures haven’t been caught yet (Redfin Pickerel, Rock Bass, Banded Killifish, etc), but these fish are a longshot to encounter and will have to remain patient for their chance at getting hooked.  The time has come to get salted…2k16 Surf Debut next on the docket for the Fishtilian…

Results: Golden Shiners (Fresh #10), 1 fat Brown Bullhead (Fresh #11), good size Yellow Perch and Bluegills, decent sized Pumpkinseeds, small Largemouths

Brown BullheadBrown BullheadBrown BullheadGolden ShinerGolden Shiner Bluegilllarge BluegillYellow Perch20160604_071247

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5/28/16: Peconic Freshness- Brute Carp on the Pecarpic

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 8-10:30 AM

Freshy Jackson the Natural…it was thought this Peconic Carp Hunt might require multiple attempts but the Freshy Wonder popped his Carp Cherry on the first date.  The fat carp inhaled a hook covered with corn about an hour and half after the initial chumming of the water.  This section of the River appears to be rich in Carpness, as tons of Carp were observed exhibiting strange behavior on the surface and in the lily pads.  They were violently thrashing around in the lily pads looking like Tarpon ambushing bait in the Mangroves, however since they don’t eat fish it is unknown what they were accomplishing with this behavior.

A couple other land access spots were checked upriver looking for potential Banded Killifish/Mudminnows/Shiners, but these have proven way too elusive.  All potential Killies/Mudminnows keep turning out to be small Sunnies.  A couple Pickerels were landed on the Sunnies.

Brown Bullhead is next up on the docket…the first Peconic Night trip could be in the works for Carp and Bullhead.  Freshy Jackson was none too enthused by the daytime weekend fishing pressure at the limited land spots.  Time is running out on this freshwaters phase before Fishy Jackson commences salt activity.

Results: 1 Common Carp (Fresh #9), 2 Pickerels, micro Sunnies

Brute CarpBrute CarpPick20160528_112230

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5/21-5/22/16: The Peconquering of the Peconic

5/21/16: Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 8:30 – 11ish AM
Bait: Live Golden Shiners

Faced with what was arguably the most important outing of his long and semi-prestigious career, Father Figure Chris came thru with what was likely his strongest showing since 2007.  The Fatherly Figure proved to be an asset on the water for more than just his impeccable rowing ability, behind his display of pinpoint precise casting and solid hook-sets.  In fact, Chris managed to surpass his average annual catch-rate of 2 fish caught per year, in the span of just a couple of hours.

Live Shiners fished under a bobber were the key adjustment made by the Freshy Wonder, and they proved quite effective when tossed near the edge of lily pads and overhung trees.  Freshy Jackson sparked off the action with a large Black Crappie on one of the first casts, followed by Chris landing a decent sized Largemouth.  The fish would typically hit within seconds of the cast if they were present, and if a minute or so went by without a hit it was usually time to move on.  Freshy Jackson and the Father each managed a decent sized Pickerel as well, though Freshy had thought they would’ve landed more given how aggressive they are.  A handful of the Shiners either died or were hooked poorly and wasted, otherwise more creatures would’ve been landed.  Freshy set aside some time to look for Freshwater Killies/Mudminnows/Shiners with the Micro Wand but these fish continued to prove quite difficult to locate.

The inflatable boat appears to have reached it’s inevitable end unless Chris can work some magic, as it apparently has a hole in it somewhere.  Air slowly seeped out the whole time, but the Squad managed to stay afloat by re-pumping a little every half hour or so.  Fortunately the Squad had the life vests handy this time, so there was no fear of drowning in the 3 foot depths had the boat completely deflated.

Results: 1 Black Crappie (Fresh #7), 1 Chain Pickerel (Fresh #8),  2 Largemouth Bass for Freshy.  1 Largemouth Bass, 1 Yellow Perch, 1 Chain Pickerel for the Father Figure

Black CrappieBlack CrappieChris PickerelChain Pickerelnice LargemouthNice LargemouthFreshy PickerelChain PickerelChris LargemouthChris Yellow Perch

5/22/16: Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 2:30 – 5ish PM

Freshy Jackson returned to the scene the next afternoon after the rains, but was unable to get live Shiners and had to settle for nightcrawlers.  The Pickerel made their displeasure known by refusing to show any interest in the worms.  Freshy attempted to catch some of the smaller species that haven’t been caught yet but got nothing but baby Largemouths and small Yellow Perch.  These Mudminnows, Banded Killifish, Rock Bass, Golden Shiner, etc are proving strangely elusive.  Where the hell are these creatures?  Freshy live-lined a couple Yellow Perch that the Pickerel were all over immediately, nearly choking themselves out trying to swallow a 5 inch Perch.  One Pick was eventually landed on a smaller Perch.

The key takeaway from this outing was the observation of a small school of 8-10 lb Carp cruising around slowly.  Carp Hunt 2016 coming soon…Freshy may have some Bulgarian Carping buddies now after meeting a friendly Bulgarian couple, who had come all the out from Queens to test the Carping out here in the Peconic Glory Lands.

Results: 1 Pickerel, Baby Largemouths, small Yellow Perch

baby LargemouthChain Pickerel

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5/14/16: Peconic Freshness- First Wide Gaping Lunker

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: All Morning

Freshy Jackson has continued on the path of upward Fresh Mobility by finally catching a sizable creature, this of the wide gaping mouth variety.  A Lunker Bass, or at least Lunker-ish Bass, was seen hanging out under some tree cover but wouldn’t swallow a 3 inch long live Sunfish.  Fortunately this fish appeared content to stay in the same spot until he was hooked, allowing Freshy plenty of time to catch an even smaller Pumpkinseed to live line, which was swallowed immediately.  A couple Pickerels were also nearly landed on a Kastermaster and later a Rapala lure, but these fish somehow shook loose and escaped.  The Picks aggressively womped the lure but jumped and thrashed enough to shake the hook.  The usual smaller creatures came up on the hooks with worms, including smaller Largemouths.  Multiple Beaver-wannabe Muskrats were observed as well.

Results: 1 Lunker-ish Largemouth Bass (Fresh #6), couple smaller Largemouths, Pumpkinseeds, Bluegills, small Yellow Perch


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5/7/16: Fishy Jackson + AQUA-D- Occasion of Matrimonial Glory

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Inland

Fish everywhere could be heard breathing a sigh of relief…for despite perfect fishing conditions, the Honorable Lord Fishy Jackson displayed his true love for the Lovely Lordette AQUA-D by leaving the rods at home for this Occasion of Bridal Glory.  AQUA-D is the early front-runner for Bride of the Year, and should be in for a strong fish season if she can carry over some momentum from this strong bridal performance.  Though a lot of pressure comes with the territory of holding the official title of Mrs. Jacksonette, Fishy Jackson has no doubts that AQUA-D will live up to the hype.

Shout-out to Fishy Squadron members Lieutenant Este Dot, Coach Beav Mac, GefilteBerg, and Sir Shark-tone, as well as potential future Squad member Eddie the Animal, for holding down Fishy in the Grooms Bridal Party.  The Dot came thru with an MVP-caliber performance in the Best Man role, and would have easily taken home MVP honors had the award not been rigged in favor of Coach Beav Mac.  Coach is typically a shoe-in for this award and the voting is a mere formality.

It remains to be seen what kind of effect marriage will have on Fishy Jackon’s work, but the transition is expected to be seamless.



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4/30/16: Progress on the Peconic

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: Early Afternoon

Twas a day of missed opportunities for the Freshy Wonder as the damn gear bag was left behind, leaving only 1 single regular hook and 1 micro hook to work with.  Some progress was indeed made, as Freshy stopped putting these freshwater fish on a pedestal and easily caught some panfish on Waxworms.  However, a nice size Largemouth and a couple Pickerel were observed in catchable positions, but were rendered uncatchable after the 1 hook broke on a snag.  The Picks were hovering in the water like lil ‘Cudas.  A Muskrat was also seen swimming by…Freshy Jackson is developing a great deal of respect for the Peconic Fresh scene and should be able to do some solid Freshwork here.

Results: Bluegills (Fresh #4), Pumpkinseeds (Fresh #5), and couple small Yellow Perch

BluegillPumpkinseed BluegillPumpkinseedYellow Perch

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4/24/16: Dangerous Peconic Waters- Life Vests Essential

Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: Morning

It takes a sick, twisted, reckless maniac to venture out onto a shallow slow-moving river without a life vest.  With a max depth of 4 feet, clearly the Freshy Prince would have drowned in these waters without a life vest handy had the inflatable boat gone under.  Luckily the cops were there to dole out a $50 ticket to Freshy as soon the Squad pulled back ashore.  This kind of reckless behavior could have deadly consequences…there are some foot-long fish in these waters that could bump into your leg while swimming by, and dangerous half-foot wave ripples that could cause major damage if there are no life preservers present on board…lesson learned.

The fishing was an absolute debacle out on the boat, as this was a hackjob from the moment the boat touched the water.  Father Figure Chris did an admirable paddling to different spots but the worms and weedless grub lure went untouched somehow.  The wind and annoying algae didnt help matters…the towel was thrown in after an hour and half.  Freshy Jackson cant even seem to catch a freakin lil’ Bluegill on this boat.  Very poor showing by the Fishy Squadron…the Freshwaters Learning Curve is steep.

Micro Salvation- Fortunately Freshy Jackson utilized his sharp Micro-Eye to spot a couple Goby-like Darter fish gobying around on the shoreline.  Assist goes to the Father Figure for pulling back some branches, allowing Freshy a clear path to hook it on a worm sliver and salvage the day.  This lucky creature was brought back to the Chris Tank where it appears to be in good spirits.

Results: 1 Tessellated Darter (Fresh #3), Skunk on the boat

Tessellated DarterTessellated Darter

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4/17/16: Opening Day: Debut of Freshy Jackson…+Annual Blackbackathon

Debut of Freshy Jackson

Freshy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: Morning

The long awaited debut of Freshy Jackson has been deemed a success, and given how low the bar was set for this mission, it could be argued that the success was even borderline rousing.  Not only was a single Creature of the Peconic caught, but the inflatable boat also managed to avoid deflating while out on the water.  Navigating in the inflatable boat proved tough in the wind, but this boat was clearly a great purchase by Freshy and should contribute to some future Fresh Glory.

Freshy landed a nice Yellow Perch on the ride back to salvage the day.  The Great Coach was in fine form throughout the trip and managed to take home MVP honors despite not catching a fish.  Coach appears primed to take somewhere between 2 and 4 steps forward this season.  A few microfish encounters ended with the fish ignoring the small piece of worm for some reason.  Adjustments must be made, but a fish was caught…and the bar will be raised slightly for the next trip.

Results: 1 Yellow Perch (Fresh #2)

Freshy Perch

Yellow PerchCoach Fresh Debut

Annual Blackbackathon

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook, Uncle Poseidon
Location: Blackback Dock, CSH
Time/Tide: 11:30-2 pm / Low Tide around 3 pm

Freshy Jackson passed the baton to Fishy Jackson for some afternoon Flapjackin at Blackback Dock.  The Fishy Squadron was out in full force for this one, but unfortunately rumors that the CSH Blackback population had doubled in size from 2 Blackbacks to 4 Blackbacks were indeed only rumors.  Someone needs to be held accountable for the lack of Blackbacks.  Though many factors are to blame here, someone needs to man up and take full responsibility for this travesty.

Results: Skunk

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12/12-12/13/15: Hudson Breakthrough- Fishy believes ya…but his Tommy Cod don’t

Fishy Jackson, local Hudson Crew
Time/Tide: 7-10:30 AM range/ High tide 9:30 AM range
Weather: Septemberish weather in mid-December

These rumblings of a mass Tomcod Extinction have proven to be greatly exaggerated, as Tommy appears to not only still exist in the Hudson, but be thriving too, fat and well-fed.

The Fishteenth Wonder of the World Fishy Jackson returned to his Post at the Hudson Saturday morning, greeted by the usual local Yonkerz Hudson Crew, who are there seemingly every weekend enjoying the great Bounty of the Hudson.  In the span of a half hour, a local older couple landed both target species: they not only caught a couple of Tommy Cods to prove their existence, but the man also landed a truly glorious 3+ ft Shortnose Sturgeon.  This fish was near maximum size and was possibly 50+ years old.  Fishy Jackson had nothing to show for his efforts but the usual creatures.

Undeterred despite being shown up by the old Hudson Vets, the Fishtilian returned to the scene the next morning, running on fumes from a lack of adequate slumber.  While no Sturgeon were in the cards on this day, 3 fat Tommy Cods did manage to find there way to Fishy’s Shrimp and Nightcrawler bait combo.  One of the Tomcods was significantly less mottled than the others, leading to speculation that Fishy Jackson may have been the first to discover a theoretical Sub-Species of Tomcod…the Toddcod.

Sturgeon is Priority #1 from now forthward

Results: 3 Tommy Cods (#124), some big Zilla Hakes, usual Perch and small Stripers, 1 ancient Shortnose Sturgeon caught by old Hudson Vet

Hudson Sturgeon



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**8/19/14**: Superhawk Meat Stacks 2- The Conger Correction

*Correction: 11/5/15* This fish was a Conger Eel- Falsely ID’d as an American Eel in the Silver Eel phase of it’s life-cycle since the party boat fishermen call them Silver Eels.  The Fishtilian had been unaware that these large Eels caught at the offshore wrecks are actually of Congerian descent…2nd Fish ID correction in just over a week resulting in a new fish.

Superhawk Party Boat 1/2 day afternoon Sea Bass Trip
Featuring: Old timer fishing legend Uncle Mike, Cousins Greg & Joe

Fishy Jackson linked up with some fam for the Annual Superhawk Meat Stacks trip.  The fishing was quite mediocre, however Fishy did catch a nice Silver Eel  Conger Eel.  A few keeper Sea Bass were caught, but the meats were not stacked very high at all.   The star of this trip was one of the mates: Squillium Squid-Leg.  This man had a large cartoonish Octopus tattoo covering much of his leg, which clearly served as some form of inspiration, as Squidleg was damn solid with his work.

Results: 1 American Conger (#115), some Sea Bass and such


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10/31/15: Halloween on the Hudson- Ghosts of Tommy Cods Past

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Yonkz
Time/Tide: 8 – 10:15 AM/

The Fishtilian had planned to wait a few weeks for some theoretical Tommy Cods and Sturgeon to move into the area before returning to his Post at the Hudson, yet Fishy found himself back at the scene less than a week later…this time with the Father Figure Chris of the Hudson.  Much like the previous 8 attempts, this outing ended with a goose-egg in the Tommy Column.

3 dozen Sandworms barely lasted over 2 hours due to the fast action and bait-stealing.  It became evident early on that the majority of the bait-stealing nibbles could be attributed to the presence of Tomcod Ghosts, arisen from the dead to haunt Fishy Jackson on Halloween.  Apparently the Ghosts of dead Tomcods are far hungrier than the theoretical living Tomcods of the Hudson.

Father Figure Chris was credited with the first White Perch catches of his career, and was thus encouraged to keep the hook as a memento, much like a baseball player after their first big league hit.

Results: 30+ Mix of Perch and Schoolies, 1 Eel, many dead Tomcod Ghost nibbles, 0 living Tomcods

Chris PerchChris StriperDouble header PerchStripesEelDouble header Stripers

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**9/12/15**: False ID Rectifications- The Cobia Correction

*Correction: 10/28/15* This was a Cobia…not Sharksucker Remora

Fishy Jackson
Location: Captree
Time/Tide: Morning/ High Tide around 8 AM

It was brought to Fishy Jackson’s attention that a glaring falsehood of sorts had been perpetuating for far too long.  The Fishtilian had caught a juvenile Cobia on this day, yet would erroneously ID the fish as a Sharksucker Remora due to the rounded tail.  As it turns out, juvenile Cobia tails are rounded as well when they’re under 8 inches long.  In hindsight, this egregious false ID never should have occurred, as this would have been the first Sharksucker Remora in fish history without a pronounced suction disc.  This should serve as a wake-up call to all…self-inflicted false fish ID’s are not something to be taken lightly, and can do a lot of damage to a fisherman’s mental and physical well-being if not rectified in a timely manner.

**Credit goes to the decorated Fish ID wizard AssociatedBoy, for the official proper ID of this Cobian Being, and the rectification of this Gross Oversight on behalf of Fishy Jackson.**

This fish aggressively attacked the micro bait after being spotted hovering oddly in the corner of the dock, and was brought back to the Chris Fishtank for observation.  While a 5″ baby Cobia is a rather unceremonious first encounter with Cobious, the Fishtilian will be prioritizing hunting down an adult Cobia in Floridian Waters…or at least a teenage Cobia.

Results: 1 juvenile Cobia (#122), few Puffers, couple Snappers, 1 Sea Bass that spit up an unidentified fish

Juvenile CobiaJuvenile CobiaSea Bass w/ Mystery fishMystery fishPuffSnapper

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10/25/15: Hudson Tommy Hunt- 0 for 8…Declaration of Extinction could be nearing

Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 8:30 AM– 12:15 PM/ Max Flood 7:15 AM by GW Bridge

Honorary Lord of Wonder Fishy Jackson is on the verge of declaring Tommy Cods extinct from the Hudson…with a Formal Announcement perhaps coming as soon as mid-March, 2016.  A few good honest attempts in the cold winter months remain on the docket, however, before such a controversial and radical conclusion can be drawn.  It was believed that Largemouth Larry had nearly landed a Tommy back in the 1st Yonkers Mission, but with Hazy Memory…this may have actually just been a Spotted Hake or small White Cat.

Swarms of small Stripers ranging in size from 4″ to 16″ have infiltrated the Yonkers Waters, likely discouraging any possible local Tommy’s from eating anything.  If nothing else, the Palisades were lookin quite pristine.

Results: 10+ Schoolgirl Stripers, 1 Hake, 1 Perch

Pristine PalisadesSpotted HakeSchoolgirl StriperWhite Perch

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10/11/15: Hudson Huntin- ‘Zilla Hake Action

Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 8:15 – 11:15 AM/ Max Flood 8:35 AM by GW Bridge

Fishy Jackson AKA Ladainian Tomlesson remains utterly Tom-less in his Endeavors, after what was the 6th or 7th Edition of the Yonkers Tommy Cod Hunt.  The day’s top action featured a couple fat GodZilla-sized Spotted Hakes (compared to previous Hudson Hake catches) and the Fishtilian’s first Hudson Eel encounter…as the Tomcods and Sturgeons continue their usual alarming pattern of not existing.  With reportedly over 60,000 Shortnose Sturgeon in the Hudson, and however many more Atlantic Sturgeon and Tomcod, the odds currently remain above 0% that one of these fish will get hooked by the Fishy Wonder at some point.  Just how much above .0001% those odds are is up for debate at this juncture.

Results: 2 fat Spotted Hakes, 1 American Eel, 3 White Perch

Zilla Spotted HakePerchEel of Hudson

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9/27/15: Micro Maneuvering- The Inland is In Hand

Fishy Jackson
Location: Connetquot Tidal Creek
Time/Tide: 11:30ish AM/ Hi Tide around 11 AM

With unpleasantly windy conditions at hand for the weekend keeping the rods in the garage, the Fishy Wonder had to dig deep into his bag of Fishy Tricks to salvage something of the weekend.  A possible quick and easy new-fish opportunity presented itself after gaining knowledge that Inland Silversides prefer lower salinity waters than the common Atlantic Silversides.  The Micro Don Fishy Jackson made a quick stop at the wind-protected brackish Tidal Creek by the Connetquot River and found many Silversides waiting to be hooked and documented by The Fishtilian.  After careful documentation it was later confirmed by the Fish ID Wizards at Nanfa that Fishy Jackson had indeed encountered a population of Inland Silversides.  Fishy Jackson continues to rise up the Micro Ranks with this strong demonstration of Micro Execution.

Results: Inland Silversides (#123)


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9/19/15: Kitchen Sink Day- Meritorious Efforts come up short

Fishy Jackson
Location: Craptree then Moses Piers
Time/Tide: 7 AM – Noon/ Hi Tide around Noon

With cooler temperatures fast approaching and strong winds on the extended forecast, The Fishtilian left it all on the field and threw the whole sink to catch a random sea animal, fishing through possibly over 100 fish in the process.  It seemed quite plausible that some kind of random Grouper, or Porcupine Puffer…or perhaps even a Bearded Pricklenuts Weaselfish would find it’s way to one of Fishy Jackson’s hooks, but on this day the waters were filled with nothing more than the usual local animals.  Sabikis with Silversides, worms and clam produced large quantities of Porgies, Puffers and Seabass, with a few Kingfish and Bergalls mixed in.  Schools of Snappers and what appeared to be some kind of school of Jacks were blitzing on Silversides all around, but for some reason these fish proved quite difficult to hook.

***The Lunker Largemouth Larry was once again slated to attend this outing and once again failed to awaken.  Larry has been suspended indefinitely from the Fishy Squadron, barred from all Fishy Operations, and temporarily banned from use of all Fishy Facilities.***

Results: Many Porgies, Puffers, Sea Bass, Bergalls and couple kingfish

PuffSea BassKingPorgy

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9/16/15: Alien Encownter- The Nose of the Surf

Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 8 – 10 PM/ Hi Tide around 10 PM

The Director of Fishy Operations Fishy Jackson was back at the Beast Scene in lake-calm waters, looking for some straggling Browns or Sand Tigers.  It’s possible the Browns may have moved on at this point, however a Beastly Encounter did occur in the form of another Brown Beast…the Alien of the Surf: Cownose Ray.  This Brown Cownoser made a strong Impression of Beastness with some beastly runs and never really suctioned itself.  Getting the fish in the last few yards proved difficult with such minimal assistance from the waves, but this Brown-nosed Cow was indeed landed and released safely back to the Earths.

Cownose Ray

Cownose Stomping it’s Flappers

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Labor Weekend ’15: Laboring for Beasts & such…Plus+ Bonus GeflilteBerg Update

Fishy Jackson

Location: Hudson- Yonkers
Time/Tide: 8:30 – 10: 30 AM/ Low Tide 9 AM by GW Bridge

The Fishy Wonder sparked the weekend off checking out the fishability of the Hudson at low tide.  Fishy lost a rig and a good amt of line on a first cast snag, with the line snapping well above the leader.  About an hour later Fishy snagged onto the lost line while reeling in, and proceeded to hand-pull in rest of the line…not only was the rig still intact but a fugly Toadfish was on the hook.  Somehow this Toadly Animal had managed to hook himself on a snagged rig.  This was Fishy’s 2nd strange encounter with one of these Magic Toadfish of the Hudson.  A few small Stripers rounded out the day’s action.

Results: 1 Magic Toadfish, few small stripers

ToadToadSmall Striper Doubleheader

Fishy Jackson
Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: Seaweed

Weed of Sea.  Sea upon Weed.


Fishy Jackson

Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 5:15-7:30 AM

Live from the Brown Grounds…The Brown Streak continued as another Brown Encounter ensued.  This Shark somehow managed to spit the hook out about 5 feet away from total beachment…clearly not a great hook-job.  A massive Stingray was also about 15 feet away from being landed when it suctioned itself and wouldn’t budge.  This thing remained completely stuck only a few yards away for 5+ minutes before Fishy lost patience and snapped the line trying to horse it in.  The Fishtilian has had a few issues getting some recent Beasts fully beached…Improvement must be shown in this area prior to the future encounter with a Sand Tiger Shark.

Brown Battle- Hook popped out around 6:20 mark

***GefilteBerg Bonus Coverage***

They told him this day would never come…They said “Hey GefilteBerg, put the rod down and walk away, you don’t fit in here”…They even said “Yo Gefiltnikov, get your entitled bum-ass away from these waters, you’re not Jackson Material.”  Yet, it was the Entitled Eel himself who got the last laugh, as he wrangled in a large 4 ft Gefiltic Dogfish while aboard his boy’s boat, which would go on to be the catch of the day.  It was at a time when the Gefilte Hecklers were out in full force, with the fishing slow and the outlook bleak..that GefilteBerg rose to the occasion, and provided a glimpse of that innermost fishiness that even he didn’t know he possessed.  GefilteTrump got it done, and has proven himself worthy of his position on the Fishy Squadron.

GefilteBerg felt entitled to have the following notes included in the update:

1) He was aboard a vessel named “Jarabacoa”- named after a Mountain Goat in a mountainside town in Columbia.  2) After fishing they docked up in Milford, where GefilteBerg proceeded to play basketball and drink scotch.  Thusly, he would appreciate some form of bball-related recognition of his stamina…or something of that nature.  3) He caught this fish on incoming tide in the Rip at Plum Gut.  4) Trump will Make America Great Again

GefilteBerg gets on the Board with a large Gefiltic Dogfish

GefilteBerg is on the Board with a large Gefiltic Dogfish

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8/30/15: Bobby Mo Brownwaters- Toast to the Brown Coast

Fishy Jackson
Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 5:45 – 8 AM/ Hi Tide around 8 AM

Live from the Brown Coast…Largemouth Larry was slated to join the Brown Brigade but was unable to arise early from his chambers…  The Brown Swarm still have the Surf on lock, however they do appear willing to let others eat at times…as a lone large ocean Bluefish sparked off the day’s action.  This beastly Bluefish was rendered the equivalent of a weakling Dogfish compared to the Brute Brown Force of the Brown Shark.  The palomar knot held up strong…the days of Sharks escaping with a breakoff are over.

Results: 1 Brown Shark, 1 ocean Bluefish

Brown Shark

Brown SharkBlue

Some Footage of the Brown Fight

^Shoutout to the good dude guarding Fishy Jackson’s bait from the Gulls during the Fight.  Honorable.  The Gulls stood no chance against this guy’s defense.

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8/22-8/23/15: Bobby Mo Brownwaters- A Sea of Brown

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot AKA The Dottler Effect
Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 6 – 8:15 AM/ Low Tide around 6:30 AM

Live from Brown Town…9th Chapter on the Dot.  With E$$ Dot back on the Right Coast the Squad got Beastish in the Bobby Mo Brown Seas.  The Brown Sharks were in thick, starving for some fresh bunk chunks, however they still dont seem to be eating any local surfers for some reason.

The Squad landed a couple healthy twin Browners almost simultaneously, marking Dot’s joining of the Brown Club.  A couple more Sharks broke off during the 2+ hour period, with the rest of the bait being fed to the crustaceans.  The abundance of Crabs with the tide being so low left only a brief window for the Browners to find the bait, making it reasonable to deduce the Squad would’ve gotten Browned up 10+ times with a nice moving, higher tide.  The Browns appear to have the surf on complete lock at this juncture.

Results: 2 Brown Sharks, lost a few more

Brown SharkEste BrownerBrown SharkBrown Shark

Fishy Jackson
Location: Bobby Mo Beach & Bobby Mo Piers
Time/Tide: 6 AM – 10 AM/ Low Tide around 7:30 AM

The Fishtilian returned to the Beast Scene and got an immediate runoff, however the line snapped 5 minutes in.  This must be rectified immediately as the Sharks are clearly starting to get too comfortable out there.  Fishy Jackson is making the full-time switch to the Palomar knot for Braid-Swivel knots when fishing for Beasts, and hath hereby decreed that all Fishy Squad members must do the same for their Beast Gear as well.  Fortunately this day was salvaged by a nice Keeper Fluke nailing a bunker chunk.

Fishy Jackson headed to the docks to check for Sennets and Rudderfish after crabs destroyed the remaining bunker.  Neither were present, nor were the usual small fish under the dock, however the Fishy Wonder got some action with some big Snappers, good eating size.

Results: 1 Brown runoff, 1 Keeper Fluke, few big Snappers


Quick Clip of the Brown Break off

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8/12-8/16/15: Gulfly Takeover- Exhibitions of Gulfish Behavior

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Gulf

The Fishiest Being of the Dry Land, Lord Fishy Jackson has become so saturated in fishiness his skin now seems to drip some form of fish liquid (as seen in the complaint below).

Fish Water

The Fishtilian fought through the rugged August Floridian humidity and lack of a boat to put in some acceptable work.  AQUA-D managed a few new animals for herself, and proved to be a Cowfish magnet as she landed 3 or 4…possibly the same dumbass Cowfish over and over.

SnookSnookOrangespotted FilefishGulf FlounderAtlantic NeedlefishGulf KillifishFrillfin GobySpotfin MojarraD CowfishD Bandtail Puff20150812_154147Scaled SardineLeatherjack

Molly Season: New species have proven tough to come by, as Fishy Jackson appears to have exhausted the local ecosystems of all their resources.  However, Fishy did manage to hook one of the more difficult fish to catch in the Mangroves: the algae-feeding Sailfin Molly.  These fish nibble on rocks all day and show minimal interest in all bait offerings, however a few of them became enticed by bits of bread being tossed in the water. One or 2 would nibble at a tiny bread bit on a micro hook but wouldn’t take the bait into their mouths enough to get hooked.  After a frustrating ordeal, one of the Mollies finally decided to inhale the bait and was swiftly landed.

Sailfin Molly

Surf Sessions: Solid 1st morning session but the last 2 were weaknuts.  A massive Shark ripped off a mile of line before snapping it off, and this would prove to be the only Beastly runoff of it’s kind.  A nice Crevalle Jack on a Deadly Dicks lure and a medium sized Southern Stingray on a live Killi rounded out a quality 1st Surf session.  The next 2 sessions proved oddly lifeless despite the acres of White Bait in the water.

Southern StingraySouthern StingrayCrevalle JackCrevalle Jack

Creatures Caught: Sailfin Molly (#121), Southern Stingray, Snook, good size Crevalle Jack, Atlantic Needlefish, Gulf Flounder, Orangespotted Filefish, mammoth Gulf Killifish, Mojarras, Leatherjack, Frillfin Goby, Hardhead Catfish, Bandtail Puffer, Scrawled Cowfish, small Red Grouper, small Sheepshead, Pinfish, Spottail Pinfish, White Grunt, Tomtate, Pigfish, Lane Snapper, Scaled Sardine

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8/1-8/2/15: Shinnecock Sciences- Sennets refuse all Offerings

Fishy Jackson
Location: Shinnecock
Time/Tide: Morning/ Hi Tide around 8:30 & 9:30 am

After a rough last few weeks of July with a few unreportable missions, clearly it was time for renowned Fishologist Fishy Jackson to don the White Lab Coat and head Eastly to explore the Shinnecockian Waters.

First stop was the Old Ponquoge Bridge where a few nemesis Banded Rudderfish were spotted, but these fish refused to bite live Killies for whatever reason.  This would be a familiar theme as Fishy Jackson headed to the Boat Basin and encountered a fresh school of Northern Sennets hovering next to the dock.  Sennets of all sizes were observed, ranging from 4 inches to 10+ inches.  Live, bite-sized Killifish were dangled in the faces of these Barracuda creatures but the bait was completely ignored.  Micro pieces of fish flesh and squid were dangled in the faces of the smaller Sennets…still no love.  These offerings were good enough for all the other fish around (Snapper, Mackerel, Bergalls) but not good enough for the Sennets.  Rudderfish and Sennets appear to have joined forces in some sort of dishonorable Anti-Fishy Jackson Campaign.

The Fishtilian returned the next day with a small Kastmaster lure, worked with a fast retrieve…still no love from the Sennets.  To add insult to insult, multiple Sennets were observed blitzing Silversides with their impressive speed but refused to bite when Fishy would dangle one in their face.  A truly baffling situation.  The insults did not stop there.  Fishy had his first ever sighting of a Naked Goby on the side of the dock and appeared to get the micro bait close enough, but it didnt bite.  Fishy also nearly caught a random Grouper hiding under the dock but it somehow disappeared after seemingly making a pass at the bait.  A few real small Tropical fish were recorded hiding by the dock but these fish are unhookable.

Fishy Jackson remains unparalleled in his dedication, unbridled in his enthusiasm, unflappable in his demeanor, unwavering in his mission, and unbroken in his composition.

Footage of a Foureye Butterflyfish at the dock


Footage of a Northern Sennet Attack

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7/11-7/12/15: Battle Weekend- Fishy vs. Beast/ Fishy vs. Rudder

Fishy Jackson
7/11/15- Fishy vs. Beast
Location: Jones Beach
Time/ Tide: 5:15 – 8 AM / Hi Tide around 3:50 am

It appeared Fishy Jackson AKA ManFishPig had sparked off Beast Season with a Shark just in time for Shark Week…until the Stingly creature suctioned itself in the sand and decided it wasn’t moving anymore.  Ultimately the stall tactic only delayed the inevitable, as Fishy patiently waited out the Animal to emerge victorious.  This catch snapped a 7 month new-fish drought for The Fishtilian.  It was not a complete blowout but was a pretty convincing victory.

Final Score: Fishy Jackson 38, Beast Ray 21
Battle Start/Length: 6 am/ 20-25 mins
Results: 1 Roughtail Stingray (#120)

Roughtail Stingray

Roughtail StingrayRoughtail Stingray

Some Battle Footage


Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 5:25 – 7 am/ Hi Tide around 5 am

Same conditions as the day before, however seemed to be a dead sea despite the 3-rod attack (Fresh bunker for Beasts/ Hi-lo rig with clam for Kingfish/ Bucktail with Gulp for Fluke).  The towel was thrown in early.  However, the debut of Fishy’s thoro new Surf Cart was a success as it made the sand it’s bitch and efficiently transported the gear with ease.

Surf Cart

7/12/15- Fishy vs. Banded Rudderfish
Location: Moses Piers
Time/ Time: 7:30 – 10:30 am

The Fishy Wonder of the World decided to stop by the Moses Piers after the quick Surf outing despite not having the full dock arsenal handy.  Right off bat Fishy spotted his nemesis circling around a piling: the Banded Rudderfish.  Lord Jackson has encountered this fish once a year for the past few years and has failed to land it.

As was the case in the last encounter, this smug, fancy smancy Rudderfish refused all bait offerings thrown it’s way (piece of clam, piece of squid and dead spearing borrowed from a fisherman, and a Kastmaster).  It is clear that with all the millions of baitfish around this Rudder will only accept a small live bait.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason the millions of what appeared to be Silversides refused to eat any micro bait.  Around 9 am the seaweed rolled in out of control, but eventually 4 small Rudderfish appeared amongst the weeds on the calmer part of dock.  These small Rudders also appear too smug and dainty to eat anything but a live bait.  Fishy resorted to catching water bugs with his hands to use as bait which nearly worked but came up short.

This was a massacre, these mudderfuddin Rudderfish dominated Fishy Jackson from start to finish.  Fishy will not return to this dock without live bait again until this Rudderfish has been conquered.

Final Score: Rudderfish 63, Fishy Jackson 7 (late touchdown awarded for effort)

Rudderfish circling the Piling footage

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6/24/15: Larry is off the Schnide

Fishy Jackson, Largemouth Larry
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 8 – 9:30 pm / Low Tide around 8 pm

It did not matter that the Squad got jerked out of fresh bunker and had to settle for frozen.  Nor did it matter that the night’s catch only consisted of a couple little bastard Dogfish.

For on the evening of June 24th, 2015, at approximately 8:41 pm, a young Dogfish spotted a crappy little piece of frozen bunker flailing around in the surf…and moments later the Lunker Largemouth Larry was on the board with his first catch in a Jackson Squadron Uniform.  Though his casting game could still use a great deal of work, this is still a good sign that Larry’s development is indeed developing.

Larry Dog

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6/13/15-6/14/15: Raining Hakes and Dogs

6/13/15- 2k15 Surf Debut
Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac, Morf Dorsal
Location: Bobby Moses- 5th Field
Time/Tide: 7 – 830 am/ Hi Tide around 5 am

The Squad finally made their 2k15 Surf Debut down at the Bobby Mo and were greeted by an onslaught of starving Dogfish.  Coach Beav Mac AKA Dr Himler has made his triumphant return from the mountains and is ready to say thank you to those who have kind words for him. Morf Dorsal was eager to show off his dorsal appendage for the onlookers, and he would go on to be credited with the catch of the day…a Skate. The small Dogs were all over the fresh bunker immediately after casting and made it impossible for more desirable creatures to find the bait, thus forcing an early throw-in of the towel.

Results: Many Dogfish, 2 Skates

Morf DogCoach Dog

Morf SkateNice Skate

6/14/15- Hudson Tommy Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 7 – 10:15 am/ Max Flood 7:45 am by GW Bridge
Bait: Sandworms

The Hero of the Hudson Lord Fishy Jackson returned to his usual post at the Yonkers spot and briefly thought he had finally landed the elusive TomCod.  Unfortunately the animal turned out to be a Spotted Hake…the first of 20+ Spotted Hakes landed.  Apparantly these dingaling creatures took over the area and proved to be just as annoying as the Dogfish in the surf.  The Hakes accounted for all the action, aside from a Perch, a yellow plastic bag, and snagging one of the many dead Alewife fish floating by.  This TomCod must act fast if his dream of getting hooked by Fishy Jackson is to come true…for it is unknown how much longer Fishy will stay in this Hudson phase.

Results: Many Spotted Hakes, 1 White Perch, 0 Tomcods

Spotted HakeHudson Hakes20150614_074021Dead Alewife

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5/30/15: Hudson Huntin- Fish were reeled in

Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkers Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 7:45 – 10 am/ Max Flood around 7:15 am (GW Bridge)

Fish were hooked, reeled in, unhooked, and thrown back in the water.  This process hadn’t been experienced much in recent months by the Fishy Wonder of the Earths…mostly due to weather, business, and extended hibernations.

A small Perch was hooked early on to break the tension, setting the stage for a surprise Slimy Encounter with a White Catfish.  The presence of this Slime-ball Creature of the Muds seems to indicate the salinity is dangerously low for a Salt Warrior like Lord Fishy Jackson.  White Catfish hold it down in the Lower Hudson brackish waters but would die if placed in pure saltwater, thus this animal has been too deemed too fresh to make the Jackson Atlantic Fish List.  Another Perch and a small Striper were hooked in their jawpieces to round out the catch.

This day will be remembered fondly by The Fishtilian, despite the fact that after fishing Lord Jackson got lost trying to attend the World Science Festival: Great New York City Fish Count…and ended up attending a Great New York City Traffic Jam instead.

Results: 1 White Catfish, 2 White Perch, 1 Striper, 0 TomCods

White CatfishWhite CatfishWhite Catfish

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4/14/15: Annual BlackBackathon Tee Off- Confirmations of Flat Life

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Saint Patrick of Bonnethead
Location: BlackBack Dock- CSH
Time/Tide: 6:30-7:40 pm/ Hi Tide around 8:30 pm

The Fishy Squadron tee’d off the 3rd Annual BlackBackathon as the hunt began for the 1 or 2 Blackbacks residing in CSH Waters.  A local Flatback was indeed present on this day and womped Fishy’s bait a couple times.  Unfortunately, this Flat Flapper escaped unhooked due to the Squad not having proper Flounder Rigs.  Thus, for now the CSH Blackback Population of 2 Blackbacks remains intact.


Sensing that the Squad was in danger of going fishless in the Season Opener, Saint Bonnethead approached the water’s edge and attempted to summon some Bonnethead Sharks to the dock.  Ultimately the cold, northernous waters of BlackBack Dock proved to be too far out of the Bonnets’ range, even for a Bonnet Summoner as accomplished as Saint Patrick of Bonnethead.

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4/12/15: Hudson Tommy Hunt- Zero on the Hudson

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Yonkers Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 8:15 – 10:30 am/ max ebb around 10 am at GW Bridge

The Hero of the Hudson, Lord Fishy Jackson, came up with a fat Zero on the Hudson for this session.  Despite the great weather, all forms of Hudson fish proved to be just as elusive as the mysterious Tommy Cod.  The migrating Bass seem to be still further northward.  The chain-smokin Hudson fishermen were out in full force also not catching any fish.  One confused individual showed up with a Fluke Rig looking to catch a Fluke…in Yonkers in early April…This man personified the apparent hopelessness of this ill-fated Tommy Cod Hunt.

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4/6-4/9/15: Sarasota Action- Couple Tarpons &…Blah

Fishy Jackson, AQUA D

Fishy Jackson awoke from a long hibernation to invade the Gulf Waters but would’ve been better off extending his slumber, as it turned out.  The local ecosystems were dried up and bereft of decent sized baitfish, to the point that the Fishtilian couldn’t even catch a Pinfish bigger than 2 inches.  The Micro scene was desolate consisting of mostly inch long Pins and not much else.  Fishy was forced to berate the local fish with stern, harsh words after a 3 hour fishless beach session and multiple garbage outings at the docks.  AQUA D was none too pleased with the lack of action and had to be talked off the ledge by Fishy multiple times.  The lone bright spot of the trip was the discovery of a local lagoon that appeared to serve as a Tarpon Headquarters.  Lord Jackson hooked a beastly 40+ lb Tarpon that broke off at the water’s edge and later landed a smaller Tarpon after diving half in the water to wrestle it out.


Bigger Tarpon before it broke off

Bigger Tarpon before it broke off

Cats everywhere at night per usual

Cats everywhere at night per usual

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1/30/15: Exclusive Interview w/ Coach Beav Mac- Part 2

Coach, the last interview ended with you throwing your chair at the wall in disgust, but it has been a long time since then.  The people want to know what their Coach is up to.

Coach Beav: “After my rough 2013 fishing season and injury riddled 2014 campaign, I have decided to take an extended break from all ocean related activities.  I have taken my talents inland to the mountain ranges of Colorado for a career in the Snowboarding Arts .  It was a difficult decision to leave Fishy Jackson behind but he understood this was best for my long-term fishing career.”

But, but, but Coach, you will be missed here on the Atlantic.  From what I understand, The Fishtilian did not take news of your departure well and remained in denial about it for quite some time.  Rumor has it Fishy made a life-like clay figure version of his Coach, and would bring it out fishing with him as if it were really you…How do you feel about this?

Coach Beav: “I knew Fishy would take it hard, but he knows I’m a big boy now, a man-boy if you will…and this was the right step for me at this time.  One day I will return to the Atlantic Waters to recapture my fishing glory days, but until then I must remain a Being of the Mountains.  If you overlook the absence of fish and water, then snowboarding and fishing are basically the same thing…so this was a natural transition for me.”

Understandable, but damn it Coach, the Atlantic now has a massive void to fill.  With General Este Dot and Petey Plunder still residing out west as well, whom do you expect to step up and fill this void as Fishy’s trusty local disciple?

Coach Beav: “That’s a tough one, these are big, big shoes to fill.  I would have to say the best bet would be The Lunker, Largemouth Larry.  He has the physical, mental and spiritual tools to take the next step, but it remains to be seen if he has the “IT” factor to make it on the Atlantic.  Fishy Jackson once told me I am “The Dragon”, does Larry have any Dragon in him? Time will tell…Also, a darkhorse candidate to step up would have to be GefilteBerg.  What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in entitlement.”

It will be interesting to see how this all develops Coach.  In our first interview you noted that landing the Stingray was one of the highlights of your career.  On the flip side of that, what would you consider to be the low point of your fishing career?

Coach Beav: “That would have be to back in July of 2013, when Fishy and I went out to the Hudson spot.  I not only went fishless for the day, but was defeated in 3 straight games of NHL13 upon our return.  I then proceeded to go fishless at the surf a couple of days later.  Fishy Jackson told me there is no crying in fishing, but he did permit me to make low wimpering murmurs on the ride home as long as no tears came out.”

We’ve all been there Coach, fortunately your career has had many more ups than downs.   When they inevitably make a movie about your life, which actors do you feel would be best suited for the role?

Coach Beav: “Very good question, as this is something I have been giving a lot of thought.  I would probably tab the dude from the Wonder Years to portray me in my tweenage years, and then Danny DeVito for when I come of age.”

Excellent choices Coach.  Well we know you need to get back out there on the slopes, are there any words of wisdom you would like to leave us with?

Coach Beav: “I will leave you with this: Whether it be a boy, tween, man-boy or man, we must all take a step sideways to the mountains at some point in order to take the next step forward.”

That’s deep Coach, well said.  Good luck on your travels Coach, please watch over Fishy from afar.

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12/27/14: Tommy Hunt- Take 2…0 for 2

Fishy Jackson, Plundering Pete
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot on the Hudson
Bait: Bloodworms/Perch Chunks
Time/Tide: 10:45- 1:15ish/ Hi Tide

A beautiful 50+ degrees day with clear skies and light winds was ruined by non-existent fish, including a complete noshow by the TomCod.  The Fishtilian’s demeanor can be best described as dismayed, disquieted, disgruntled and petulant.  The actions of this elusive Tommy Cod are beginning to border on irreverence, impudence and sheer egregiousness.

Fishy Jackson got the squad on the board with a small Striper, followed by boy wonder Petey Plunder nabbing a Perch that was cut up to chunk for a potential bigger Striper.  The Squad was in high spirits after receiving confirmation of encounters with Sturgeons in this area but all optimisms quickly began to dissipate as the action came to a complete halt.

Pete Perch

This damn Tommy Cod will now likely have to be caught in much colder, crappier conditions this winter.

Results: 1 small Striper, 1 Perch, 0 Tommy

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12/16/14: Hudson Tommy Cod Hunt- Tommy sighted but remains at large

Fishy Jackson, Larry the Lunker
Location: Yonkerz- Hudson River Jumpoff Spot
Bait: Bloodworms
Time/Tide: Noonish til 4ish pm/ Max Flood Tide 2:15 pm at GW Bridge

They came, they fished…and they climbed.  In the end, Lord Fishy Jackson was forced to depart the Yonkerz Lands without Tommy, but did get confirmation that these creatures remain in NY waters.  This mission had brought the Squad dangerously Inland and Northerly, testing the limits of Fishy Jackson’s exposure threshold to fresh water.  Lord Jackson is well-known to have a low tolerance for salt-less waters, and these highly brackish waters luckily seem to contain just enough salt to appease Fishy.  The Fishtilian landed a few extremely small Striped Bass and a couple of White Perch, including a fatty Perch that would have been kept for the table if these waters were not suspect.

Just 25 inches or so shy of a Keeper

Only 24 inches short of a keeper

Largemouth Larry was unable to get on the board on this day yet he did come about 2 feet away from landing the target species, as a TomCod carefully avoided Fishy Jackon’s worm bait to get a free meal from the rookie Larry.  The Lunker nearly made the Tommy pay as he hooked it and lifted it out of the water long enough to get a nice glimpse of it…until Tommy ultimately managed to shake the hook in mid-air.

Largemouth LarryNice PerchSmall PerchNice Perch

Though fishless for the day, The Lunker did find other ways to contribute.  Larry secured the perimeter of the sketchy abandoned power plant building, thus ensuring the Squad’s safety from potential homeless crackheads and whatnot.  It was Larry who led the way as the Squad explored the rundown old building with creaky floorboards to ensure it would be he and not Fishy that would take the brunt of the injuries if the floor gave out.  The climbing ability LL displayed as he ascended the rotted, flimsy wall-ladders was a sight to behold, and will bode well for him in future missions as he metaphorically climbs the Jackson Ladder of Success.

Fishy Jackson & Larry the LunkerLargemouth Larry

Atlantic Tommy Cod remains Priority #1 for The Fishtilian.

Results: 4 Small Stripers, 2 White Perch, 1 lost Tommy Cod, multiple ladders climbed

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10/11-10/14/14: Gulf Takeover- Biologically Ecological Practices in the Mangroves *Updated 11/25- Fish ID

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Sarasota, Fl

Just as the majority of newly’gaged couples do, Lord Fishy Jackson and the lovely AQUA-D opted to celebrate their engagement by fully immersing themselves in the Mangrove Ecosystem of Sarasota.  The Fishtilian nearly had his face chewed off by the relentless onslaught of insects by the ‘groves, but he displayed the heart and grit of a Belted Sandfish and persevered enough to put in some quality work.

Creatures Caught: Goldspotted Killifish (#117), Spotfin Mojarra (#118), Atlantic Stingray (#119), other Mojarras, Crevalle Jack, Atlantic Bumper, Frillfin Goby, White Grunt, Mangrove Snapper, Tomtate Grunt, Pinfish, Spottail Pinfish, Red Grouper, Scaled Sardine, Gulf Killifish, Gulf Flounder, Sand Perch, Lane Snapper, Cigar Minnow, Pigfish, Hardhead Catfish, Sheepshead, Blue Runner

Mangrove Ecosystem

The Microfishing Don Fishy Jackson was up to his old antics, dangling micro squid baits in the faces of all little fish that swam in the vicinity, then in turn live-lining the little critters for larger fish passing thru.  A large Snook and a couple Bonnethead Sharks were observed swimming by but only a small Atlantic Stingray, Gulf Flounder and a savage Catfish were landed on the live-lined bait.  Some D-bag walked by just as Fishy was carefully unhooking the Stingray and swore the fish was just a harmless Skate, prompting Fishy to nearly grab the fish by it’s tail before thinking better of it.  The highlight of the Micro Action came from landing about 8 weird little Frillfin Gobies that would poke their heads out from the rocks on occasion.  A plethora of Mojarras were landed with some likely being different species, but these things will require DNA test to ID and the identity will be updated when the results come in.

Frillfin GobyAtl StingrayAtlantic StingrayStingray TailGoldspotted KillifishGoldspotted KillifishSpotfin MojarraSpotfin MojarraD Gulf FlounderD Mojarra20141013_15461520141012_165355sheepFrillfin Goby


Though Fishy Jackson had visions of achieving Glory out on the reefs, it became apparent quickly that this would go down as another offshore failure.  The waves continued to build creating annoying choppy conditions out by the reefs, and the lack of ability to anchor meant the operation was pretty damn pointless since the drifts were so fast.  Aside from encountering a feeding frenzy of Crevalle Jacks, it was clear the Squad would have been better served hunting out some nice fish in the bay instead of toiling out at sea.  On the plus side, AQUA-D landed some new species for herself while catching live bait for the live well, including Sand Perch, Lane Snapper and Blue Runners.  Unfortunately a storm foiled both attempts at beach shark fishing.


*Update 11/25/14- The mystery Mojarra was identified by a Fish DNA Test  as a Spotfin Mojarra*

Spotfin Mojarra DNA Test

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September Surge&Purge- Coach Beav Mac has returned…*Plus On the Dot Update from the Leftern Coast

First Name Fishy did everything in his power to get some fresh new species but ultimately came up short.

9/20&9/21/14 Micro Fishing: The Micro Whisperer Fishy Jackson was back at the Micro Scene where the SeaHorses were observed, this time armed with tiny live Brine Shrimp to use as bait to hook one.  Unfortunately no Pipefish or SeaHorses were spotted this time so Fishy turned his attention to finding a possible Blenny or something random hiding in the sides of the dock.  The Fishtilian went into total weirdo Micro Mode, going down often on all fours and dangling tiny Micro baits off the side of the dock, baffling passerbyers as they tried to figure out what the hell Fishy was doing.  At one point Fishy was certain he nearly hooked the elusive Feather Blenny but it escaped and vanished.  After only being able to hook a couple of Killis Fishy finally hooked a tiny fish that appeared to be a new species.  It wasn’t until the next day that Lord Jackson was informed this little fish was just a baby Bergall.

Due to this letdown and because of the general sheer disappointment that Bergalls bring every time they are hooked, Bergalls have merged with Spottail Pinfish, regular Pinfish and Tomtate Grunts to form the ultimate Most Annoying Fish Species: The SpottailBergPinTate (Douchebagius Dogshitius).

Baby Bergall

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav
Location: Moses Docks
Time/Tide: 7:45-10 AM/ Hi Tide around 10 am

The Great Coach has returned from his shoulder injury and is now ready to start accepting compliments again.  Coming off a rough 2013 season that saw Coach Steve take about 3 steps back, it was apparent from the jump that this Coach had a big chip on his repaired shoulder.  Coach quickly landed a Snapper to get the Squad on the board and never looked back from there.  Though the action was not immediate, it eventually became a full out onslaught with a healthy variety of fish coming over the rail to greet Coach Beav.  Lord Jackson even landed a nice full-grown Hickory Shad, a fish that Fishy had successfully conquered the year prior.  A few Round Scad visiting from the Southern Waters were also landed, but no Rudderfish were seen.

Hickory ShadRound ScadSnappaSea BassSea BassPufferHickory ShadRound ScadBergallPorgy

Creatures caught: 1 big Hickory Shad, Round Scad, many Sea Bass & Porgies, Puffer, Bergall and Cocktailish size Bluefish

9/29/14: On The Dot Update- Baby Steps…The Dot is on the Board

Due to militaristic obligations, Este Dot had been stuck in Chapter 8, toiling fishless out in the Pacific Region until the page was finally turned recently to the familiar 9th Chapter.  Sheriff DOTtingham got his feet wet a couple of weeks ago on a party boat catching a few weird Pacific Creatures in 200+ ft of water but was unable to document the mission due to extreme harsh conditions on the Seas.  Now once again in windy conditions Monday evening, The Dot planted the Jackson Flag on a local ocean pier and proceeded to reel in a Pacific Gilled Animal.  This may have been the only creature landed, but this was a large baby step forward and will propel Este to future Pacific Conquests.

Pacific Staghorn Sculpin

Though the proper name of this fish is a Pacific Staghorn Sculpin (Leptocottus armatus), Fishy Jackson is too Atlanticized to accept Pacific Ichthyology, and will thus be naming these Pacific fish himself.  Clearly this fish is a Non-Striped Green-Peckered Sea Robin.

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9/6-9/7/14: Rudderfish/Tropical Hunt ’14- Still Utterly Rudderless but the Horses are Fluttering

Dolo Jackson

Location: Craptree docks
Time/Tide: 7-9:45 am/ Hi Tide around 5:30 am

Rudderfish had been rumored to be congregating over at the Craptree docks…but this information proved to be about as useful as a Sea Robin’s nutsack.  Gajillions of small Puffers made their presence known, as only a couple Sea Bass, a Kingfish and a Porgy beat the Puffers to a hook.  For whatever reason the Snappers wouldn’t bite, but this did not seem  to deter a group of people from sitting there snapper fishing for hours in the same spot not catching anything.

Largemouth Larry was scheduled to partake in this mission, but the rookie failed to awaken promptly.


Location: Marina in Pt Lookout
Time/Tide: 7:30-10 am

Lord Jackson emersed himself in the ecosystem in an effort to locate some tropicals in the Marina.  Numerous pilings were checked for potential Rudderfish but these animals again remained elusive for The Fishtilian.  Fishy spotted what appeared to be a potential tropical visitor fish at one section of the dock and spent a half hour fishing through ravenous Mummichogs to finally land it…though it turned out to be nothing but a small Bergall.  Fishy was asked to leave multiple times because fishing was not allowed at this marina but did still manage to stick it out for over 2 hours.

Aside from a bizarre looking juvenile Lookdown fish that passed through, no tropical visitor fish were witnessed.  However, upon a close examination of the water numerous SeaHorses were seen fluttering about, mixed in with some Pipefish.  Fishy dangle micro bait in their faces repeatably but could not coax a bite out of these fluttering creatures.  It turns out these creatures will only eat a live bait offering, as per research later done by The Fishtilian.  Eventually the Micro Hooks were set aside and The Fishtilian swiped the SeaHorse out of the water with his bare hand.  A random passerbyer d-bag told Fishy Jackson to throw the SeaHorse back in the water because it’s illegal to keep them and even implied he would contact the DEC.  Though Fishy wasn’t going to keep the fish anyway, this man was still told that he can go stick it up his assface…


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8/29/14: Jones Skunker- Debut of Larry the Lunker

Fishy Jackson, Introducing…Larry the Lunker AKA Largemouth Larry
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 7:45-10:15 pm/ Hi Tide around 10:15 pm
Bait: Fresh Bunker

It appeared that The Lunker had picked a fine evening to make his Jackson Debut, with the managable winds and clean, weed-less waters.  Largemouth Larry approached the surf exuding a combination of sharp focus and wide-eyed youthful exuberance, for he had been preparing for this day for most of his life.

Largemouth Larry

The Lunker AKA Largemouth Larry in his Fishy Squadron debut

Unfortunately, optimism for an encounter with a beastly sea animal slowly began to dissipate as no hits of any sort were recieved for the majority of the session.  It wasn’t until a couple hours in that some small fish began to chomp at the bait, likely small Dogs.  It’s possible the barely moving tide during the session played a role in the skunkage.

Just prior to wrapping up, a group of what appeared to be Portuguese showed up rolling 6 deep.  For reasons defying logic one of them decided to fish literally 10 feet away from Lord Jackson despite there being many miles of open beach available.  Needless to say Fishy saw to it that this man was relocated from his spot, fortunately not requiring the use of force.

As reality began to set in that the dreaded skunk was inevitable, Fishy noticed that Larry The Lunker had a strange look in his eye.  He began huffing and grunting, clenching his fists and speaking in indecipherable tones…It was clear the Lords&Earths had instilled in Larry a deep, burning desire to conquer the seas…he will be back to get on the board before season’s end.

Results: SKUNK

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8/24/14: Shinnecock Sciences- Snowy in August

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Shinnecock
Time/Tide: 7-10 am/ Hi Tide around 7 am

The Fishtilian, alongside the Father Figure Chris, made the eastward trek to see what the science is out in the $hinnecock region…White Lab Coat Season in full effect.   The Squad posted up on the inlet jetty with Chris setup for Fluke and Fishy Jackson setup with the smalls hooks for potential random animals.  The Bergalls at the jetty were relentless and appalling, as there are apparently more Bergalls in the water than actual salt.  Fishy Jackson made the attempt to fish through the Bergalls in case something random found a hook but it wasn’t happening.

With Chris struggling on the Fluke front, Fishy left him behind and ventured off to see if any Rudderfish or Sennets were mixed in with the Snapper by the docks.  While the Snappers were out in full force, it became evident there was not much else but Snappers and Bergalls around.  However, just prior to writing the trip off as a failed mission, Lord Jackson spotted a tropical visitor hiding under the dock: the elegant Snowy Grouper, likely a victim of the Gulf Stream current.  The Fishtilian quickly broke out the Micro Hook and dangled a piece of squid in it’s face until he was swiftly landed.  This fish was brought in to the local bait shop fish tank, for it will likely die by mid-October in the wild when the temperatures drop.

Due to getting skunked with the Fluke, Chris has been barred from consuming any form of seafood for 6 calendar days.

Results: 1 Snowy Grouper (#116), infinite Snappers and Bergalls

Snowy GrouperSnowy GrouperSnowy Grouper20140824_09330820140824_092602

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8/16/14, 8/17/14, 8/19/14: Rudderfish Hunt 2014- Utterly Rudderless thus far

Dolo Jackson
Location: Moses Docks

Time/Tide: 7:45-9:30 am/ Low Tide around 6:40 am

Fishy Jackson checked around the pilings to see if any Banded Rudderfish were congregating in the Inlet… no sightings at first.  The Eel Grass seaweed was relentless to the point that using a lure or deadsticking bait for Fluke/Blues was pointless, so Fishy went to work with the Sabiki tipped with Clam under the dock for a potential random fish, as well as the Kastmaster on the other rod for Snappers or a potential Northern Sennet.  For whatever reason, the sabiki wasn’t getting much action, and the Snappers didn’t seem to be around.  Frankly it was a truly pathetic scene harking back memories to the Myrtle Beach Debacle.  Twas around 9 am when Fishy spotted it: A single Rudderfish circling around a piling.  Fishy had briefly spotted these creatures once each of the last 2 seasons but was never able to entice a bite.  Lord Jackson tossed a piece of clam near it and the fish aggressively ate the clam.  However, after tossing some clam on a hook in front of it’s little Rudder face, the fish took one small nibble then proceeded to ignore the clam offering.  The fish also refused to bite the Kastmaster.  It was clear that a live Silverside would offer the best chance of hooking this fish, as it was observed occasionally attacking them when they came near.  Fishy had managed to hook 2 Silversides on the Micro hooks earlier in the morning, but now when it was truly needed the Silversides refused to bite.  Fishy was unfortunately up against the clock and was forced to leave the Rudderfish behind to head home for previously scheduled, non-fishing related obligations.

Time/Tide: 7-10 am/ Low Tide around 7:30 am

The Fishtilian was back on the scene the next morning, arriving to cloudy and pretty damn windy conditions.  Once again it was a struggle to hook the Silversides on the Micro hooks, but Fishy did come armed with frozen Silversides and Sandworms just in case.  The Sabiki with worms/squid this time saw a lot of action with mostly porgies, no encounters with any random southern fish.  Unfortunately, the Rudderfish refused to show himself on this day.  Apparantly this Rudderfish had better things to do than circle around the piling aimlessly as it had done the previous day.  In addition to the cloud cover limiting visibility, for whatever reason the current was absolutely ripping through the area so fast it would have been extremely difficult to get the bait in the Rudderfish’s face anyway.  Seeings that only one single Rudderfish was observed the prior day, it is possible this may be the only Rudderfish that was bold enough to enter into Fishy Jackson’s jurisdiction.  This Mudderfuddin Rudderfish will be hooked by The Fishtilian in due time…

Time/Tide: 6:45-9:15 am/ Low Tide around 9:30 am

Being the animalistic relentless Fish Warrior he is renowned for, Fishy Jackson returned to the scene Tuesday morning for another crack at this Rudderfish.  Once again this arrogant little bastard Rudderfish refused to return to his post at the piling.  The current was probably too relentless like the other day to catch it anyway, however.  It is now evident this Mudderfudder Rudder will have to be caught elsewhere.


Footage of the relentless seaweed

Results from 3 dock days: Bunch of Porgies, few Sea Bass & Puffers


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8/3/14-8/8/14: Myrtle Misery- The UnFertile Waters of Mertile…***Plus Bonus Fishy Squadron Action

Fishy Jackson, Aqua D
Location: Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet
Potential new Species relatively common in this region: Southern Flounder, Black Drum, Atlantic Cutlassfish, Atlantic Croaker, Sea Bream, Spinner Shark, Tiger Shark, other animals

Twas the last day of the trip, the last hurrah for The Fishtilian.  Until this point, the fishing had been miserable, but optimism was still prevelant in the Jackson Circles.  The Most Dynamic Oceanic Fishy Jackson arose early and got down to Springmaid Pier before the 1,060 ft ocean dock was too crowded, and proceeded to cover as much ground as possible, casting a shiny “Gotcha Plug” off both sides of the pier.  This plug is considered to be a “Ribbonfish” magnet, and Fishy Jackson did witness an old man nab a Ribbon on this lure the last time Fishy had graced this pier.  Sure enough, on the fifth cast Lord Jackson hooked his first of 5 Ribbonfish  As had been the case in Fishy’s previous visit to the ocean pier, no Ribbon was hooked.

With Live Mullet having failed to produce on the previous attempt, Fishy this time proceeded to set up shop with the hi-lo rig with live shrimp, and within minutes got into a decent sized Black Drum caught absolutely nothing on it…but did lose the bait to some Pinfish!

The sabiki tipped with fishbites and shrimp did major minor damage on the small fish under the pier as a good variety of species only tons of Pinfish and 1 Thread Herring were brought up when it was used.

On the way back from Springmaid, Fishy picked up a few live Finger Mullets and made a quick stop at Veteran’s Pier in the Inlet.  Fishy found some space to operate and began casting out the live mullet with a slow retreive.  Though this method, as well as just still fishing the live fish, had failed prior, this time a fat keeper Flounder was swiftly landed it failed once again.

Upon the return back to the beach, Fishy still had a few live shrimp and fished the beach with a hi-lo rig, getting into some fast action with Whiting, Pompano, Redfish and getting tons of bait stolen by Pinfish and landing merely 1 Bluefish.

That night, Fishy set up for Sharks off the beach with some fresh chunks.  Prior to this night, the small baby Sharpnose Sharks had proven to be too thick in the surf, nibbling up all the baits before larger fish could get to it until Fishy broke out the smaller hooks to land a few.  This night, after some brief nibbles from the small Sharks, Fishy got a major runoff and landed a nice 6 foot spinner shark.  A few Blacktip Sharks, a decent sized Ray, a couple of Skates and a Shovelnose Guitarfish were also landed Fishy proceeded to get more small nibbles from small Sharks and threw in the towel…

Myrtle Beach has lost it’s chance to secure a return visit from the Fishtilian, as the Fishy Wonder will be steering clear of this region likely for all eternity.  The fishing misery was sheer, the annoyance of the crowded tourism was utter, the lack of honor was readily apparant and transparant.  The Myrtle Waters are clearly not Fertile.  Though this is the Dog Days of Summer, and the tourism is out of control with the Piers crowded with casual terrible fisherman and the surfline packed with tourist swimmers most of the day, that is not enough of an excuse for the miserable fishing.  Fishy Jackson was in full force savage grind mode, grinding through a multi day stretch of little sleep and fishing through pain as the injuries piled up, getting little reward whatsoever for putting in a praisable effort and showcasing the patented Jackson dedication.  Fishy would get home from a night out around 10:30/11 pm and proceed to shark fish off the beach for a couple hours, then wake up early and head to the piers.  The only new fish caught were small Atlantic Croakers, easily the least important potential new species available here.  In addition, not once…not ONCE…did Fishy observe anyone catching any desirable fish (Flounder, Drum, Trout, Mackerel, etc) at any of the spots…You suck Myrtle…Fishy Jackson rather fish in a mud puddle in Iowa than fish in these crappy Myrtle Beach waters again.

Also, a special ‘you suck’ shoutout is due for the disgraceful 1/2 day party boat fishing vessel out of crazy sister marina.  Fishy & Aqua D attended the half day trip and caught nothing but baby Sea Bass on a rod better fit for large Tuna.  The miserable drift fishing method called for continuously having to let line out because of drifting in the strong current.  A truly disgracefully pathetic operation, if there is any justice this boat will be plundered by pirates before they take advantage of any more tourists.

Places fished: Springmaid Pier (Twice), Veteran’s Pier on the Inlet (3 times), the Surf (multiple times, day and night), and the crappy Party Boat in the ocean
Species caught: Atlantic Croakers (#114), a few Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, tons of Pinfish, couple Bluefish, a few small Black Sea Bass, 1 Thread Herring, 1 Pigfish, lost a Sharksucker
Other Species observed caught: 1 Ribbonfish, 1 small Sea Robin, 1 Sharksucker

Atlantic CroakerAtlantic CroakerAtlantic Sharpnose SharkAtlantic Sharpnose SharkBluefish from the surfPins

8/7/14: On the Dot Update- Shark encounter off Moses

Unfortunately the return of Este Dot to Atlantic Waters coincided with Lord Jackson’s Myrtle Debacle.  Este ventured out to the Moses Region with a buddy from The Force and was greeted by a rough but clean surf.  The action was minimal until The Dot felt some action on his line.  Not thinking the fish was anything substantial, Este selflessly handed off the rod to his buddy so he could experience some surf action.  Shortly after passing off the rod, the line started ripping out like mad, it was clear Este had passed off a Shark.  Luckily, thru Este’s coaching his boy was able to beast the Brown Shark.  The Shark was hooked in the gill, explaining why Este was unable to tell it was a Shark at the time of the rod passing.  Whilst this may not be an official catch for The Dot, great Honor was still achieved by hooking his boy up with the fish and coaching him through the event.

Brown SharkBrown Shark

The Rod- Beastly Montauk Striper

Grandeisel Geno The Rod’s return to NY Waters also coincided with Lord Jackson’s Myrtle Debacle, but this did not stop The Rod from seeking Striped Glory out in the Mecca.  The Rod was heavily recruited by the local charter captains, creating a competitive bidding war for the chance to put The Rod on the fish.  Ultimately a local charter won the auction, and put The Rod on the fish they did…

Geno Striper

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7/21/14: EsQuire P has joined the 29.5 lb Club…7/24/14: Fishy gets shutdown in followup Beast Quest

EsQuire Cow Hunt
Location: Montauk

The Squire formerly known as Oskar P has officially joined the 29.5 lb Striped Club, a club only slightly less prestigious than the coveted 30 lb Club.  A less honorable man would surely have stuffed a 5 oz weight in the mouth of this gluttonous striped beast, but it’s evident Squire plans on skipping the 30 percentiles altogether and joining the 40 lb Glory Syndicate next time out.  This fish was caught Monday on a live eel while aboard renowned Cow Hunter Captain Ted’s Cattle SlaughterVessel.

Squire CowIMG_2461

7/21/14 & 7/24/14
Dolo Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide (7/24): 8-11 pm/ Hi Tide around 6:30 pm
Final Score: Sharks defeat Fishy Jackson, by not biting

The Fishtilian made the trek to Jones on 7/21/14, but took only one cast before departing due to insanely thick disgraceful seaweed, probably from the damn east wind.

Fishy returned to the scene 7/24/14 and found no seaweed thanks likely to the north wind.  Twas a quite pleasant evening but some Jackson Hater must have tipped off the fish that the Fishtilian was coming as they refused to bite.  1 crappy Skate was all Fishy had to show for his 3 hours of hard work.


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7/17/14: Fishy Am Legend- The Brownz iz in Town

Dolo Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 8-10 pm/ Hi Tide around 12:30 am
Bait: Fresh Bunker Chunks
Final Score: Fishy Jackson 1, Sharks 0

Brown Shark

The crisp Jones Beach air was filled with familiar Glory as Fishy Jackson arrived to extremely Sharkish conditions, featuring weed-less waters and a relatively rough surf that wasn’t too rough to hold bottom with 6 oz. and bait.  This was not the first time Fishy had sensed Glory in the air upon arrival, however these Molecules of Glory were thicker than usual.  A fellow surf fisherman spotted Lord Jackson approaching and immediately conceded his spot so Fishy would not have to walk too far to get set up.  While it is possible that this fisherman was just simply done for the day, it is far more likely he gave up his spot for Lord Jackson’s convenience.

Nothing but a Sea Robin was landed during the first hour, but a nearby fisherman was seen landing a Striper in the distance and Fishy had received a large strike that just missed getting hooked.  Most importantly, it seemed that any potential roaming Beasts wouldn’t have to compete with the Dbag Dogfish for the bait as the region appeared to be Dog-less.  It wasn’t more than a few minutes after darkness when the Dorsaled Animal struck…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……Yards and yards of line were dragged out as the Beast made it’s first long run.  There was never any doubt as to whether it was a Shark or not; the sheer power of the runs and violent head shakes were a dead giveaway.  The only question was which species of Shark would appear and whether the fish would ultimately be beached by the Honorable Fishtilian Lord.  A 20 minute battled ensued and ultimately the Sandbar Shark aka Brown Shark was swiftly beached…’Beast off the Beach 2014′ Campaign is in full swing, Lord Jackson Paintin’ the Town Brown…

After some documentations were taken, reality set in for Fishy that it was going to be difficult to get this Beast back into the Seas.  The leader snapped as Fishy began trying to drag It into the water.  Being the only human currently in sight on the beach, the Fishtilian had no choice but to drag the Beast by it’s tail inch by inch into the water.  Occasionally the Beast would try to chomp at Fishy, making the process more difficult.  Every time it appeared the Shark was far enough into the water a big wave would come and send him back onto the beach.  Eventually the Fishy Wonder was waist deep in the water when the Shark finally kicked away and Fishy sprinted out of the water at lightning speed to avoid a revenge attack.

Results: 1 Brown Shark (Sea Animal #113), 1 Robin

Brown SharkBrown SharkBrown Shark

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6/29-7/2/14: Gulf Takeover- Glimmers of Glory amidst tough conditions *Updated 8/7- Fish ID

Fishy Jackson, AQUA D
Location: Sarasota, Fl

Windy conditions and choppy seas on the Gulf prevented any Offshore Explorations or Surf Sharking, however a long new-species drought was ended by the Reputable Guardian, Lord Fishy Jackson, whom landed 5 or 6 new Sea Animals.  Of course no Florida trip would be complete without Fishy getting d*cked over by the boat rental people, whom wouldnt let Fishy take his reserved boat out in the Bay because it was an offshore boat (even though it had a relatively shallow console).  Thus confined solely to land fishing, some respectable work was still accomplished, especially on the Micro tip.

AQUA D displayed professionalisms in her first Florida action, as the Mother of Malteses came through with a few solid catches including a Scrawled Cowfish and a Red Grouper that was missing it’s tail.

Species caught: Gulf Killifish(#108), Silver Jenny (#109), Atlantic Spadefish(#110), Scaled Sardine(#111), Belted Sandfish(#112), Beaugregory Damselfish, Spottail Pinfish, Pinfish, Pigfish, Mangrove Snapper, White Grunt, Red Grouper, Southern Puffer, Bandtail Puffer, Scrawled Cowfish, Tomtate Grunt

Sea Animals from the Piers

Quality work was done on the small fish at the docks, mostly the New Pass docks, but couldnt get any good hits when live-lining these fish, aside from a Reg Grouper caught on a sardine and a strange Lobster encounter.  A random Damselfish which resembles a Damselfish caught by Fishy in Key West is currently awaiting identifications.  The dock was full of small Scaled Sardines in massive numbers which began aggressively attacking the sabiki rigs.  The Fishy Wonder was surprisingly previously unable to get these white baits around the dock to bite.  A Belted Sandfish, a species first discovered by the Militaristic Este Decimal Dot, was also landed.  Fishy also paid a brief visit to the pier in Anna Maria Island and landed the elusive Atlantic Spadefish.

Atlantic SpadefishAtlantic SpadefishMystery DamselfishOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATailess Red GrouperOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAD Scrawled CowfishD TomtateScaled SardineScaled SardineBelted Sand croppedBelted Sandfish20140630_100458Some dude's ToadfishRed GrouperBaby Red GrouperLongbeaked birdPelicans

Sea Animals from the Mangroves

Micro-work in the protected Mangrove region in the backyard produced some Gulf Killifish and a mystery Mojarra species still awaiting identifications, in addition to baby pinfish and snapper.  The Killifish marked the first Florida Killi Action for Lord Jackson.


Gulf KillifishMystery Mojarra
20140630_08514220140629_183642Mystery MojarraGulf Killifish

*Update- 7/28/14- The mystery Damselfish was identified by a reef fish expert as a Beaugregory Damselfish

*Update 8/7/14- The mystery Mojarra was identified by a Fish DNA Test by the honorable company Applied Food Technologies, as a Silver Jenny*

Silver Jenny DNA Test

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6/21/14: Friday Night Dogging: The Ecosystem is Unbalanced

Dolo Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 8pm-12am/ Hi tide 9:15 pm

Fishy popped off the ‘Beast off the Beach’ 2014 Campaign friday night, putting in a solid 4 hours with the solid weather.  Quite discouragingly, it was nothing but Dog after Dog after Dog after Dog after Skate after Dog.  Fresh Bunker chunks sliced to perfection with a Saw Blade thing (Fishy forgot the knife), were well presented for a passing Snaggletooth Shark or some other Beastly Animal, but the hungry Dogfish allowed them no time to find the bait.  This is a growing epidemic with these greedy, conniving, soul-less Dogfish gnawing at fresh Bunker Chunks before a desirable Animal can claim the chunk forth himself.  This was not fishing, this was dogging.

Before tossing the final hooked Dogfish back into the Seas, Lord Jackson stared him right in the eyes and became convinced… these Creatures have no Souls.

Results: Many Dogs, 1 Skate


Makeshift baitknife

Makeshift baitknife

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6/8/14: Saturday Night Squire action- Limit reached

Praise is due to the Nobleman EsQuire P, whom put a crew together and squired his way onto a high quality 30 ft Parker fishing vessel out in the Sound and filled the cooler with Keeper Bass and big Blues.  Squire was greeted with a Hero’s welcome upon his return to the dock and, despite his exhaustion from 3 hours of reeling in large sea animals, he still proceeded to humbly sign every autograph request.


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6/1/14: Micro Work- Juvenile Pollock

Dolo Jackman
Location: Moses Piers
Time/Tide: 7-9 AM/ Hi Tide 11 am

Fishy tried to spark off June with some action at the Moses Piers but the fishing was garbage.  Twas a desolate scene as no fish were observed caught by fellow pier fishermen or nearby boat fishermen.  Soaked some bunker and threw a bucktail tipped w/ Gulp Mullet for no takers.  Even the ole reliable hi-lo small hooks rig w/ clam didnt produce a single nibble.  The onus was on the Micro Rod to land some form of gilled animal and it came through as Lord Jackson nabbed some mysterious small fish hanging out in the calm part of the dock, later identified as juvenile Pollock.

20140601_08233520140601_102831Juvenile Pollock

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5/25/14: Jonez Action- Fishy gets on the (Surf)Board

Dolo Jackson
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 6:45 AM – 8:30 AM / Hi Tide 5:10 AM

After a month and half hiatus due to work and annoying weather, the Fishy Wonder headed down to the sanded coastal region for a surf appearance at the request of the fans.  The conditions were quite pristine with light winds, clean water and managable waves, but the fish did not get the memo that Lord Jackson had arrived.  Fishy did manage to get on the board at the surf with a couple Clearnose Skates, which also marked the fist action on the new St Croix Mojo Surf rod.  Whilst Skates are not considered a desirable commodity by the majority of fishermen, these odd creatures are known to be cherished by a few select Europeans, particularly the Danish.  Fishy fondly recalls a surf encounter with a spry old Danishman a few years back, whom had crossed the Atlantic in his Dingy boat just to get a crack at reeling in some Clearnose Skates.

Results: 2 Clearnose Skates


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4/12/14: Opening Day: The Squad gets on the Blackboard

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P & Captain James Hook
Location: CSH Dock
Time/Tide: Sunset/Low but incoming

Fishy Jackson rang in the new season for the Jackson Squadron with a healthy 13 inch Blackback, caught as the sun was setting.  This Flapjackin Blackback would prove to be the only of it’s kind in the area, as this dock held true to form with just 1 lone Flatback caught.

The Black Flapback was fried up in ceremonial fashion to send a message to the local sea animals…..that the waters are now marginally less safe than they previously were.



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3/9/14-3/11/14: Gulf Takeover- March Jackness: Earthly by Land, Lordly by Sea

Featuring: Este Dot AKA Conway Stingray Irwin Bowman AKA The 9th Bannerman
Location: Sarasota

3/9 Morning Touchdown– The Honorable Lord Fishy Jackson…Fishly Wonder of the Earths & Protector of the Oceanized Lands….linked up with the Applaudable Chief Lieutenant Este Dot…Nine Chapters wit Nine Sub-Chapters…

Daily Evening Beach-dock Excursions

Opening Day:  Armored with a couple Sabiki rods as well as a couple larger rods more adequately equipped for Beastly Encounters, the objective was set forth to catch some fresh oily bait, preferably some Ladyfish to use for chunks.  After a half hour passed without even so much as a nibble, early signs of Delirium were beginning to set in when suddenly Lord Jackson’s Sabiki rod took off and was in danger of being spooled by a Beast too heavy for the sabiki gear.  Alas, this did not stop the Fishy Savage from battling the Animal for over an hour.  It was quickly determined the Beast was likely a Stingray and extreme patience would be required to have any chance of landing it on the Sabiki rod.  Este Dot, free of any Stingray Obligations, put in some quality work hauling in a plethora of species while Lord Jackson was compromised by the Ray.  Bonnetheads, Bluefish, Ladyfish, and the first small Blacktips were all swiftly landed by the Dot.

After an hour of hopelessly trying to tire out the Ray, Fishy decided to put the rod back in the rodholder and get in on the other action with the other rod, ultimately landing a couple Sharks and nice fat Bluefish.  Finally the large Ray would break off the Sabiki hook and would presumably head off into the sunset… but this dumb oaf of a Creature inhaled Este Dot’s chunk immediately after breaking off the sabiki hook.  This time with the proper tackle to land the Beast, Este dragged the Beast on to the Beach after another 20 minutes or so of fighting.  The creature was officially deemed a Southern Stingray, likely 40 lbs or so.


The Following Evening Beach Sessions: Each saw their fair share of Glory, as another 20+ Blacktips would go on to be landed, mostly small with a few decent sized mixed in.  A few beastly Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel’s also found their way to a Jacksonated Hook.  Este Dot found himself tangled up with another Beastly Stingray, this time well over 100 lbs and after an hour plus fight of barely being able to move the thing Este cut the line and went back to work on the Sharks.  At one point Fishy landed a Shark that could potentially be ID’d as a Spinner Shark, but thus far it’s identity remains inconclusive at best.  Another major runoff or 2 by perhaps very large Sharks were unfortunately not hooked


Boat Action- 3/10 and 3/11:

Boat Day 1- The Honorable Squad of Jackness were rendered mere mortals at the mercy of the Goliath Grouper on the first offshore trip.  Though a couple of target Groupers were located out on the reef the first day, the Jewfish proved too hungry to sneak them up to the surface.  Multiple rigs were lost to these massive beasts as they are true mammoths.  Fishy Jackson deemed the best option was to keep a rod with a hooked Goliath in the rod holder so the Goliath would be occupied, then perhaps some other Groupers could be brought to the boat.  Alas, nothing desirable was biting.  Sabiki action produced a plethora of fish at the reef including a nice Triggerfish and some Sheepshead, but no new fish for the Fishy Wonder.


 Boat Day 2-  Though no Goliaths were encountered, strong winds and increasingly choppy seas made it tough sleddin out on the Reefs.  The Squad planned to try some more drifting this time, looking to locate some nice fish before setting up shop with the anchor.  However, the winds proved too strong for efficient drifting, so the SQuad anchored up on a couple of different pieces that proved to be quite unproductive with nary even a single solid runoff.  Also still no random fish with the smaller hooks, but a multitude of decent Mangrove Snappers were brought up.


Day 2 was salvaged on the way back in to the Marina.  Casting under docks in the inlet produced a glorious 32 inch Bull Redfish pushing 15 lbs landed by The Dot on the light action rod.


Though the offshore conditions were fishable, it was apparant the Jackson Squad would have put forth an utterly dominant performance had the conditions been prestine.   It would be stating the obvious that in better conditions Cobias and Tripletail would’ve been jumping into the boat to pay their respects, while 6 ft Lemon Sharks would have to wait in line behind 10 ft Tigers Sharks before being blessed with a Jackson hook in the jaw….

All in all a solid excursion with boatloads of action but no new creatures…

Micro Remorse:  Fishy Jackson is saddened to report that he forgot his Micro Gear and was unable to unleash his Microtic OnSlaught on the unsuspecting lil’ fishes.

Creatures caught: Southern Stingray, 30+ Blacktip Sharks, Bonnethead Shark, Bull Redfish, Bluefish, Spanish Macks, Ladyfish, Slippery Dick, Gray Triggerfish, Sheepshead, Mangrove Snapper, Blue Runner, Jack Crevalle, Scrawled Cowfish, Cubbyu, Bandtail Puffer, Pinfish, Pigfish, Spottail Pinfish, Tomtate Grunt, White Grunt

Bonus Trivia Question: Did another Jackson Rod go overboard and end up sacraficed to the Seas?  And did this rod also feature a Penn Battle reel?

*Note* The answer to the Trivia Question will never be revealed.

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Early Feb update: Geno The Rod bonus coverage

***Bonus Geno the Rod coverage- Fishy Jackson would like to thank Geno the Rod, the Grandfather of all Sea Youths, for putting in some work in the Gulf Waters while Fishy remains in hibernation….While the fish catches were not earth shattering this time, it is quite clear he earned the respect of the locals down there.  Fellow boaters went well out of their way to drive past his boat to pay homage to The Rod and wave at him.

Below is the official published document of the Geno fishing report, written by Gene with a Rod tip that had been dipped in ink…

“The Rod hit the waters of Naples, Florida this past week to see if the cooler temperatures down South this winter had any impact on the quality of fishing. He set out on the seas on the “Lady Brett” out of the Tin City peer around 7:45 AM and used squid and mackerel to try to attract goliath grouper and snapper. The charter went 10-15 miles off shore where they anchored and let the lines down. Many grouper and white grunt were caught early, few reaching the size limit. The largest grouper caught was 18.5 inches, which was caught by the Rod’s legendary father, Angler Zuppe De Pesce (Fish Soup). With great effort, The Rod brought home five white grunts and stories to tell the grandchildren.”


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On the Dot: 1st Update from the Left Coast- On the Board

Chapter 9 Season underway out in Californee way

Location: Open Beach near the Vandenberg Air Force Base
Bait: Frozen Shrimp/Squid

Lord Commander Este Dot has begun his conquest of the foreign Waters of the Pacific.  Lack of quality gear and fresh bait in addition to a rough surf did not deter The Dot from getting on the board with the first Pacific Sea Animal credited to the Jackson Squadron: A Surf Perch.  Armed with frozen bait and a rented surf rod, The Dot ventured into the unknown and emerged with 10+ Surf Perch over the course of 2 brief missions on back to back days.  As of yet no signs of variety action, however word is that Sharks and Halibut regularly patrol this rough surfline, and there’s gotta be some Cali Sea Robins or something around over there.


Surf Perch- 1st Pacific sea creature

Footage of the rough Pacific Surf below, as well as one of the Perch being hauled in

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11/19/13: November Cow Rush- EsQuire Epic: A for effort…C for Cow

Twas an epic tale of tragedy, betrayal, greed, near death expierences, heart pounding drama, and finally…A Glorfied Restoration of Honor….

Indeed, with Fishy Jackson having hung up the boots for the season, the onus was on EsQuire P to deliver Striped Glory in the Honor of the Fishy Squadron.  This man braved it all, travelling east west north and south, fishing through ‘Deadliest Catch’ type  conditions and frigid temps.  Using a solid supply of Air Chum to keep pushing, as well as an unrelenting desire to strike Cow Gold, EsQuire P risked his life on the Atlantic last week through massive waves and gusting winds only to get skunked.  With the aid of the respected veteran fisherman Captain Ted, the duo did not give up after the conditions made the Atlantic unfishable.  They threw the boat back on the trailor and headed northward to the Sound, where they again plowed through the high seas for hours only to find no Striped Life.  Undeterred, EsQuire continued the Striped Pursuit on dry land in CSH as he had throughout the long cold month, but the Striped SeaBeings still proved elusive.

And then…See this excerpt from EsQuire’s latest Diary entry:

“Ere a spring which seems so long long ago.  A Quest began…A Quest which led to many long lifeless hours of getting the head right and chumming the air.  Through the hot days of summer to a fall which began with promise and hope.  Alas…, only shorts were had…and even near death experiences in the Ocean of Atlanic, as well as the Sound of Long Island led to nothing but more chum in the air and more days of despair…But then there was a river.  A river east of a city.  An East River to be exact.  And EsQuire fought to the bitter end…in the name of the Fishy Squadron…and then finally…”


Caught on a live eel near the Statue of Liberty after a full night of fishing…headed out 10:30 pm, the Cow struck at 7 AM…

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10/28/13: Oh Hickory Oh Hickory: The Shad has been Had…assist to Captain James Hook

Fishy Jackson, Jimmy Hooks
Location: CSH Shad spot
Lure: Shad Dart tied to couple sabiki hooks
Time/Tide: Sunset- Hi tide around 7 pm

Shad Hunt 2013 has reached it’s dramatic conclusion, equipped with the kind of Fairy Tale ending usually only seen in movies.  After a lifeless Shad mission a few days earlier with the Gatekeeper of the Cold Spring Waterways, Esquire P, it became clear the Fishy Squadron had not been showing the Shad the respect they deserve.  The time had come to place the Shad on a pedestal, praise the Great Hickory and all that it stands for…As the oldtime Shad Hunters used to say: “Praiseth thy Hickory…Placeth thy Shad on Pedestal”…  Thoust must be sincere when Shad Praising, for then and only then willst the Shad feel truly respected and ready to bite a well presented Shad Dart…

After a couple days of Shad Praising the Honorable Lord Jackson decided to test the waters at sunset for a brief dolo mission.  The first 20+ minutes went much like the previous trip featuring a large Hickoryish fish jump in the distance but no hits at all.  Fishy was making his last few casts when a mysterious figure appeared in the distance … out emerged Captain James Hook, the Sea Warden of the Norths, looking for some late sunset action with the remaining daylight.  A natural when it comes to Huntin’ Hickory, Jimmy Hooks is the man responsible for the Shad mission having broke through the Shad Barrier 3 weeks prior.  With daylight running out Fishy Jackson finally struck Hickory Paydirt, a nice healthy Shad was safely landed after a very respectable fight featuring a couple jumps.

However, the glorious ending to the Shad Hunt took a turn for the worse.  Lord Jackson was having a hard time with the cameras and thus took too long with the documentations.  The Shad was losing scales and struggling, with a sad tragic death looking inevitable to put a damper on the Glory.  Captain James Hook, being a wily old Vet took control and utilized his natural Shad Survival instincts to revive the Shad back to life, restoring full Glory and delivering a Fairy Tale ending to Shad Hunt 2013.

Results: Sea Animal #107 Hickory Dickory Shad


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10/21/13 + couple other days: Where art thou Old Hickory? Baby Stripes in the Shad spot

Location: CSH Jumpoff spot
Bait:  2 sabiki hooks w/ smallish Kastmaster tied to end

Having received word that Captain James Hook landed a Herring in the back of the CSH Jumpoff spot at sunset, some swift investigations and analyzations led to the identification of this creature as a Hickory Shad.  Herring don’t arrive til late November generally and this fish had the distinguishing black spot on it’s shoulder that Hickory’s have.  With the Perch Serch having ended Shad Hunt 2013 was officially underway.  The Honorable Lord Jackson was on the scene accompanied by EsQuire P the day after the Shad discovery, however managed nothing but a Snapper and a small Striper for EsQuire.

Fishy returned to the scene a few days later on 10/21 for a brief dolo mission at sunset and noticed he drove past Old Hickory Lane on the way, clearly a sign from the Earths that Hickory Shad are in the vicinity.  After moving around a bit to find some deep enough water with the tide being quite low, Fishy Jackson recieved a very Hickoryish strike on the lure.  It appeared the Shad Hunt was over until a smalled striped sea animal appeared on the hook.  Another small but bigger schoolie Striper was landed just before darkness.  The Shad Hunt will continue after the Cold Front…

Jimbo's Hickory Shad

Jimbo’s Hickory Shad


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10/5/13: The Perch Serch hath concluded…***Plus bonus late night action at the EsQuire jumpoff spot

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav
Location: Hudson River- Dyckman pier Bronx jumpoff spot
Time/Tide: 7:30 – 9:30 am/ Hi Tide around 9:30 am
Bait: Fresh Claim, Blood Worms, Bunker

Lord of Honor Fishy Jackson returned to the Hudson scene to wrap up this Perch Serch once and for all.  Conditions were damn solid- Overcast and real light wind.  Within 5 minutes of getting the sabiki with worm/clam in the water Fishy landed another mysterious Spotted Hake- this time a much nicer size.  Regrettably Fishy did not opt to get a pic of this creature as it had managed to bite 2 of the sabiki hooks and had to get back in water quickly.  A short while later some nibbles led to the hooking of a smallish White Perch…the elusive little scrappy bastard had finally been located by the Jackson Wonder.  After numerous failed missions on Long Island, it took a trip to a shady dock in the Bronx in filthy contaminated Lower Hudson waters to find them.  Clearly these fish are not even remotely as elusive in the lower Hudson as they have proven to be in the South Shore tidal creeks.  Coach Beav got on the board with a slightly larger Perch shortly after, followed by landing an Oyster Toadfish, the first Toad the Fishy Squadron had encountered in NY in many years.  The Toad swallowed the hook and there was no choice but to the cut the hook and toss him back.  A good 45 minutes of no action went by before Fishy landed the same stupid Toadfish that Coach had caught, clearly unfazed by having Coach’s hook in it’s mouth.  A Perch was livelined but saw no action at all and was tossed back alive.  The bunker chunks saw no action either.  Shortly after the Toad was re-caught, the disturbed crackhead dude that had been passed out on the other bench awakened and started screaming randomly, signaling time for the Squadron to make a swift exit from the creep show shady dock.

Results: 2 White Perch (#106), 1 Spotted Hake and Toadfish for Fishy, 1 Perch and a Toadfish for the Great Coach


Re-caught Toadfish w/ Beav's hook in mouth

Re-caught Toadfish w/ both hooks in mouth


***10/5/13: Bonus action late night Jumpoff mission

Featuring: EsQuire P & friends
Location: EsQuire CSH beach spot
Time/Tide: 8:30 – 1:30 am/ Hi Tide around 12:15 am
Bait: Bunker Chunks

EsQuire narrowly missed a massive runoff from what was likely a large Striped Creature of the Salts.  The fish was hooked but made a sharp turn right at the beach and a violent head shake shook the hook, sending EsQuire into a deep despair that was unconsolable despite a healthy supply of air chum and cold coors/buds.  EsQuire had missed a massive runoff a few nights prior from what was likely the same exact fish, a quite intelligent fish that at least temporarily has Squire’s number.  Cuzzo came through with a Sea Robin to get on the board and inspire the Squad keep trucking along.  Finally, with the bait supply near depleted and the tide reaching it’s peak, it was none another than the Fishy Wonder of the World, the Honorable Oceanic Don Doddah Fishy Jackson to break the Striped Barrier with a small Striped Bass.  This catch offered partial validation for the trip, however it is imperative it’s parents be landed next time.


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9/28/13: Fishy Squadron update- Plundering Pete with some Prehistoric Heroics, while elsewhere EsQuire P gets on the board

The Fishy Wonder has been MIA for a few weeks but this has not stopped the Fishy Squadron from picking up the slack in Lord Jackson’s absence…

Plundering Pete called upon the Guide from the River Monsters episode to take him out Alligator Gar fishing deep in the heart of Texas, and he done went and landed multiple prehistoric beasts.

IMG_1106IMG_1107 IMG_1108


The self-knighted EsQuire P broke out of his Striple-less slump and landed a couple schoolie Stripers at his new CSH jumpoff spot.  As a result of this EsQuire breakthrough, Coach Beav Mac is now the official frontrunner for Worst Fishing Season of 2013.


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9/6/13-9/8/13: Objectives not met, however the effort exuded was Honorable

Back to back dolo missions for the Most Dynamic Mister Oceanic, looking for a beastly creature or a random new sea animal.

9/6: Jones Beach- 6:45-8:45 am/ Hi Tide around 10ish

Caught first Kingfish of the year on the first cast, then nothing but Robin after Robin after Robin.  Had some large fresh bunker chunks in the water for a potential beast but nothing doing.

Results: 1 Kingfish, 5 Robins


9/7: Moses Docks- 7-10 am/ Hi Tide around 10:30

Live-lined a couple Snapper and fresh Bergall chunks, no action, too much seaweed.  Got it poppin with the Sabiki trying to catch something random but was not to be, just too many Porgies and Sea Bass around.  Porgies were rolling almost as deep as the Sea Bass.  The Micro hooks got some work in as the Silversides were back in force at the docks unlike last time.


Results: Snapper, Porgies, Sea Bass, Puffers, Bergalls, Silversides

9/8: Shinnecock- Seine mission by Ponquoge Bridge
Featuring: Chris

Attempted to catch some tropical fish in a marshy area that fit the description of where these fish seek refuge after getting swept up by the Gulf Stream.  Seined all through the eel grass and surrounding area for nothing but Killis and Silversides.  Fishy Jackson was later informed by some local divers that they have not been seeing the tropicals this season.

Promising Seining Region

Promising Seining Region

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8/30/13: New Rob in the clutch

Dolo Jackson
Location: Bobby Moses Piers
Time/Tide: 6: 45 – 9: 30 am/ Low tide around 9:30 am
Bait: Fresh Claim, Sand Worms, Kastmaster lure

After landing an estimated 8,653 Striped Sea Robins over the course of a prestigious fishing career Fishy Jackson has finally landed the other local Robin species:   the Northern Sea Robin.

Nice conditions at the dock with some overcast however no visible bait fish in the water.  Tried for some snapper to live line for Fluke or whatever was around but the Snaps wouldn’t hit the lure.  Had to tip the Kastmaster with Clam to get them to bite.  A few snapper were live lined but no action at all.  The invasion of undersized Sea Bass was back in full force like last summer as they were all over the clam.  Only option was to fish thru them to try land something random like the Gag Grouper from last summer and sure enough a couple random Northern Robins came thru in the clutch.  Kept one to give to the bait shop fish tank.

Results: 2 Northern Sea Robins (#105), bunch of Sea Bass and a few Snappers


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8/27/13: Whoa Whoa Bobby Mo’- Doggosaurus

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac, Morf Dorsal
Location: Robert Moses Field 5
Time/Tide: 7 – 8:50 pm/ Low Tide around 7 pm
Bait: Bunker, Clam

Ocean calm from the north wind, black flies out of control but subsided as the sun began to set.  The Beaverian Coach aka Señor Himler, mired in a season long slump, temporarily broke thru by landing a Clearnose Skate not long after arrival to get on the board.  This surprisingly marked the first Clearnose Skate caught in the Surf all season by the Fishy Squadron.  The Honorable Fishy Wonderlord followed with a couple Skates of his own before landing a behemoth Dogfish that initially ripped out line like a real Shark.  Morf Dorsal avoided the dreaded 0-fer by landing a small Dog to end the day.  It appears a bunch of sand was taken from Field 5, presumably to dump on the beaches in need of sand after Sandy, which seems to have potentially hurt the fishing prospects of the beach by flattening it out too much.

Results: 1 Skate, multiple Dogs


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8/20/13: Superhawk meat stacks

Fishy Jackson, Aqua D…plus cousin Greg & old time legend Uncle Mike
Superhawk Party Boat: Local wreck fishing

Solid showing out on the local reefs


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8/19/13: Beastly Encounter: 1st true Beast of year

Dolo Jackson AKA the Lone Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 6:50 pm – 9 pm/ Hi Tide around 6:30 pm
Bait: Clam, Croaker, Bunker

“Wow bro, there’s a strong hint of Glory in the air out here” – Text message sent by Fishy Jackson to EsQuire P immediately upon arrival at the Surf.

Indeed, the scene exuded an aura of unmistakable Glory.  Shop was set up with the Penn Battle rod and small hooks w/ clam for potential Croakers/Kings while the larger rod was deadsticked with a fat bunker chunk.  Thousands of Spot Croakers lined the surf line behind the first set of breakers.  IMG_0983  The water was filled with seaweed, fishable yet a nuisance that threatened to derail potential Glory.  Alas, as the tide began to start going out the weeds began to subside quickly.  The bunker was removed in favor of a live Croaker but saw no action for the first half hour.  The switch was made to a fresh chunk of the Croaker and within 5 minutes of the bait switch a monstrous Beast took off with the bait like a freight train.  After about 10 minutes of ripping line it was believed the Fishy Wonder had hooked into a Shark until the Beast suctioned itself into the sand, where it would remain for the next hour or so.  The battle was at a stand still as the Beast was unmovable.  Some local park workers saw the fight and kicked back and even chummed the air with Lord Jackson, as all witnesses awaited to see what Beast would eventually show itself.  The question now was which species of Stingray would emerge.  Multiple times throughout the fight Fishy let the line go slack in hopes the Ray would believe he was unhooked and would start to swim but the Beast refused to budge.  Finally, progress began to be made as the Beast got dragged in to the beach inch by inch.  After hour and 20 minutes the Ray emerged, a fat beastly Cownose Ray, estimated 60-70 lbs or so.  Took over 5 minutes just to pull him all the way up the steeply sloped beach.  Finally beached, Lord Jackson began to walk back to get the camera when utter devastating disaster struck.  The thrashing beached beastly animal managed to wrap himself in the line and broke through the braid.  Unwilling to try to grab the Ray as it was now unhooked for fear of it’s barb stinger, they could do nothing but watch in horror as it flapped its way to the Ocean and was taken away by the first wave.  No picture, utter devastation, Fishy launched the crappy Okuma Diesel rod like a javelin into the night.

***It has been decided, this is an official catch despite lack of photographic evidence.  #104 Cownose Ray… The beast was beached and could have been grabbed after it wrapped itself in the line if not for fear of the tail.

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8/3/13: Hudson Perch Serch- The Search has not ended

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav
Location: Dyckman Pier, Bronx (Lower Hudson River, Polyhaline Brackish Zone)
Bait: Bloodworms, Clam
Time/Tide: 7: 30 – 10 am/ Max Hi Tide around 7:30 am

Optimism that the elusive White Perch would finally be located was at an all time high.  The time had come to make the trek to the Perchy lower Hudson River after numerous failed Perch missions in the South Shore tidal creeks.  Smooth ride to the pier, arrived to fishy lookin conditions with some nice overcast and off and on rain.  Set up with hi-lo rig w/ small hooks and bloodworms, fresh clam belly on the bigger hook for potential Striper.  The optimism lasted a good five minutes or so before it became evident this may be a Perchless region on this day.  After about an hour some minor nibbles led to Lord Jackson landing the mysterious Spotted Hake, ending a 5 month new-fish drought for the Fishy Wonder.  These fish are said to come inshore during the winter but it seems they take year-round residence in the lower Hudson.  A potential Spotted Hake Mission was on tap for the cooler months but will not be necessary now.  The Hake was live-lined but got no action.  This one weird little creature would be the only fish caught for the whole duration.  The Great Coach’s slump continued, as he not only went fishless but was also defeated 3 straight times in NHL13 after.

Results: 1 Spotted Hake (Sea Animal #103)



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7/16/13-7/17/13: Bugged out/Dogged out

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Bobby Moses
Time/Tide: 7:30-9:30 pm / Low tide around 8:30 pm
Bait: Bunker Chunks

Solid debut at the surf for the masterful Lady of the Lords AQUA-D.  Ocean flat as a lake but the deadly combo of north wind and an invasion of black flies made the conditions damn tough.  Apparantly if the unstoppable, ruthless black flies are around they will wreak havoc on a north wind.  Mrs. Jacksonette swiftly landed her first ever Sea Robin followed by her first ever Smooth Dogfish, a 3+ foot beast.  Robs and Dogs were the only creatures hooked after toughing out 2 hours of rabid fly attacks.

Results: Robs & Dogs


D's Big Doggy

D’s Big Doggy

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 6-7:15 am / low tide 8:20 am
Bait: Clams, Sandworms, Bunker Chunks

The Black Flies continued their relentless harrassment and seemed to be in even deeper numbers than the previous day.  Lord Jackson set up for Kingfish/Croakers with the Clams and Worms but it appears low tide is officially not the time to target these creatures.  No bites of any sort.  All previous successes for Kings at the surf were on higher tide.  The Great Coach recieved one nice hit on the Bunker but otherwise was a miserable lifeless scene.  After the 1 millionth fly bite the towel was thrown.  Jones Beach appears pretty crappy at low tide.

Fishy Jackon, AQUA-D
Location: Bobby Moses
Time/Tide: 8:20 – 9:45 pm
Bait: Clam., Bunker Chunks

Black Flies disappeared with the change in wind direction.  Surf still extremely calm to the point that Fishy set up shop with the light action Penn Battle 3000 combo rod.  The 8 ft rod was set up with large Bunker Chunks hoping for potential large beast, perhaps Shark or Stingray.  The Battle rod with smaller hooks and clam saw all the action as the onslaught of Dogs and Robins continued.  The Bunker chunks spent most of the time getting crabbed up.  Fishing once again at low tide did not help matters.

Results: Numerous Dogfish and Sea Robins, infinite fly bites and crabbed up baits


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Independance Wkend ’13 Heatwave: Dog Days Grindin’

7/5/13- Dolo Jackson
Location: Bobby Moses Piers
Time/Tide: 7:45 – 9: 15 am/ Hi Tide around 6:15 am
Bait: Live Killies, Sandworms

Quick Dolo mission for the Lone Jackman, braving the humid conditions of the Earths for some action with live Killies.  Landed a fat Fluke and few Robins before the action died off.   No other anglers were present, which was in stark contrast to the packed out Overlook Pier which had been the preferred location.

Results: 1 Fluke, 3 Robins


Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Bobby Moses Beach, Bobby Moses Piers
Time/ Tide (Beach): 7-9 AM / Top of outgoing
Time/ Tide (Piers): 9:30 – 10:30 am / Hi tide around 7ish am
Bait: Bunker Chunks, Clam

Surf surprisingly weedless despite the run of strong southwind and all the crappy weather.  Waves manageable but was some large sets and couldn’t get good distance on casts into the wind.  Dog days are in full force as the Sand Sharks were all over the bait.  Rough day at the office for the artist formerly known as Dr Himler.  The Great Coach has been feeling the pressure of having to take that next step and was off his game on this day, as it was the Honorable Fishy Jackson himself who did all the heavy lifting, landing 3 Dogfish and 3 Robins.

Coach landed a nice jumbo Puffer to get on the board upon arrival at the pier, which was followed by another Dog landed by Fishy.  With the baitfish populations severely depleted by Hurricane Sandy the Piers lack the plethora of bait from previous years.  However, Lord Jackson did spot some catchable-lookin bait for the Micro Hooks a few feet under surface that were potentially Sand Eels, but turned out to be some crazy small newborn Snappers.  The Micro Snappers were live-lined breifly before the intensifying humidity forced evacuation of the premises.  Lord Jackson has ordered the Great Coach to take a week off in order to rediscover his inner Dragon, and get mentally prepared to return to Glory next weekend.

Results: 4 Dogfish, 3 Sea Robins, 1 Puffer, some Micro Snappers


Fishy Jackson, Aqua D
Location: Shinnecock

Aqua D’s much anticipated summer debut was marred due to a ridiculous buildup of sea weed at the Ponquoge Bridge, as well as a late start that allowed a ridiculous amount of other fisherman to arrive first at the Inlet Jetty.  There appeared to be a fisherman every square foot of the Jetty.  Humidity was out of control as well.  The AQUA Lordette did manage to get on the board by getting down on some Bergall action under the bridge.  Tis imperative to arrive very early to the Shinny Region for success.


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6/21/13: Undesirable life forms in the local waters

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook
Location: CSH, the Island
Time/Tide: 7-9:45 PM, Hi tide around 10:30 pm
Bait: Bunker Chunks, Sandworms/Squid strip

Humpin’ Hermits, plastic bags filled with water, Robins and Spider Crabs.  The CSH waters were chock full of undesirable life forms on this day.  This trip marked the debut of Lord Jackson and Coach Mac’s brand new matching Penn Battle combo rods.  Hoping to catch some killies or other live bait, the bait trap was set up in multiple different spots in the area but produced no bait fish of any sort.  Apparantly the bait is a couple of weeks behind this year.  Fishy set up with the hi-lo rig with squid and sandworms before switching over to bunker chunks like the rest of the Squad.  It was who else but the Great Coach to get the ball rollin by snagging a couple of humpin Hermit Crabs on the first cast, followed by reeling in a nice fat plastic bag filled with water shortly after.  Not to be outdone, Squire Tuck answered with a healthy Sea Robin before Beav and Jimmy Hooks would go on to land a couple of Robins of their own.  The Fishy Lord was crabbed out, pulling in nothing but Spider Crabs.  After numerous lifeless or semi-lifeless missions at this Cold Spring Harbor spot over past couple years, this region will not be fished again until bait is plentiful and perhaps a desirable sea animal or 2 will inhabit the waters.


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6/16/13: Bobby Mo Dont ya Know- Honor Restorations

Dolo Jackson AKA the Lone Jackman
Location: Robert Moses Beach
Bait: Sandworms, Clam, Bunker chunks
Time/Tide: 6:50-9:30 am /Low tide around 7 am

Pride & Honor on the line, the Fishy Wonder of the World rose to the occasion with some quality surf action.  The tide very low upon arrival, surf weedless with manageable waves likely due to the north wind the 2 days prior.  2 rod operation, the bigger rod dead-sticked with size 7 circle hook and bunker chunks, shorter rod hi-lo kingfish rig with clam.  40 minutes in the clam rod was nailed by a nice fish that would eventually shake the hook.  After re-baiting a nice 26 inch Striper was landed followed by another identical bass on the next cast, both near keepers.  A weak fighting Little Skate would be the last action the clam rod saw.  The last hour turned into Robin Mania again as they began to nail the bunker.  Honor officially restored, quality action was necessary after a near lifeless outing at Overlook Pier/Robert Moses docks on saturday 6/15.

Creatures caught: 2 Striped Bass, 1 Little Skate, 3 Sea Robins


**Coach is on the board, only fish caught at Robert Moses Dock 6/15/13


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6/6/13-6/9/13: Sarasota Devastations- The trip to speaketh not of

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Uncle Poseidon
Location: Sarasota, Fl

What is, was not.  Words can’t describe what isn’t, for what was cannot be known since it may not have been.  Furthermore…..there is no more.

Tough conditions on the seas in addition to an unimaginable string of unfortunate events led to an utter lack of glorious achievements.  The tropical storm left the waters looking Long Island Sound-ish with the lack of visibility, and the offshore waters choppy with large swells thanks to the strong SW winds.  The Great Uncle of all Sea Inhabitants Uncle Poseidon & the self-knighted Esquire P got their first taste of Gulf variety action on the bay at least, though the few encounters with large sea animals resulted in the fish emerging victorious.

Did the Honorable Lord Fishy Jackon’s brand new glorious Penn Battle 3000 combo rod get chopped up in the engine in an insane fluke occurance the day after it was purchased? Perhaps.  Did the anchor get stuck on a reef offshore, leaving no choice but to cut the rope?  It is possible this may have taken place.  Did the boat rental people display a disgraceful level of incompetance by giving the Squad less than adequate boats with non-functioning live wells and such?  Again, this potentially may have been the case.  One cannot be sure… for what is was not, and what will be never was…

Creatures Caught: Lizardfish, Hardhead Catfish, Spottail Pinfish, Pinfish, Pigfish, White Grunt, Tomtate Grunt, Mangrove Snapper, Bighead Sea Robin, Threadfin Herring, Gulf kingfish, Gulf Flounder, Lane Snapper

In the Lab

In the Lab


Remains of the Penn Battle 3000

Remains of the Penn Battle 3000

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5/27/13: Shinny Canal- Robin Mania & some Jumbo Puffs

Fishy Jackson, Father Chris
Location: Shinnecock Canal w/ the Locks closed
Bait: Clam, Squid/Spearing
Time/Tide: 8-10 AM/ Low tide around 8:30 AM

Looking for some fast action Lord Jackson made the eastward march to the promising Shinnecock Canal waters.  Ran into a Robin Gauntlet with a Robin on almost every cast.  Apparently a motherload of Robins were in the Canal when the locks went up.  Landed over 30 combined without a single Fluke finding the bait.  Luckily a few Jumbo Puffers managed to beat the Robins to the small hook setup a couple of times.  Puffer Meat on the menu for the Fishy Lord.


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5/26/13: On the Dot: Chapter 9 dolo ‘Sota Action- Belted Sandfish status

Este Dot dolo mission
Location: Sarasota

The Dot made the trek to the Sarasota waters for some action at the New Pass docks and the open beach. Beginning at the docks Este got into a school of mystery fish later to be identified as Belted Sandfish. These fish top out at 4 inches long and appear to be quite random. The usual Spottail Pinfish were all around the dock and a few usual dock residents like Cowfish, Blue Runners and Mackerel were landed as well.

Este then set up on shop on the beach front for some fast action with the plethora of Gulf Kingfish in the surf as well as to live line some small baitfish.  A couple Pins were live-lined on the bigger rod but saw no action.  A large sandbar made it difficult to cast the live bat where it needed to be.

Chapter IX had commenced a week earlier in the Tampa area with The Dot swiftly landing a keeper Redfish and some other small bay fish while wading in Tampa Bay.

Belted Sandfish

Belted Sandfish


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4/28/13: Sunday BlackBackathon- One and Done

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac, guest appearance by Este Dot
Location: CSH Dock
Time/Tide: 9:45 – 11:45 am/ Low Tide 7:55 am
Bait: Mussels, Sandworms

Lord Jackson landed a fat 14 inch Flounder to get on the board for the Spring.  The Great Coach had a few nibbles but ultimately no other fish were hooked.  Appears BlackBack Season is still trudging along slowly at this point with the action quite limited.


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4/15/13: 0 for 1- Escape of the Blackback ***Update*** 4/16/13: Honor Restored

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook
Location: Cold Spring Harbor Dock
Time/Tide: 6 pm-7:45 pm/ Low Tide 9:45 pm
Bait: Sandworms/Mussels, Mussel Chum

The Fishy Wonder of the World finally made an honest effort to get some Spring Blackback action poppin.  Busy schedule and crappy weather has thus far delayed Fishy Activity but the time hath commenced.  Armed with a bucket of fresh mussels the Squadron chummed the living crap out of those waters.  Clearly the Blackbacks are far from being in full force at this juncture, for had a respectable amount of Winter Flounders been in the area the Squad would have surely cleaned up.  A nice plump Blackback finally struck Lord Jackson’s line as the sun began to further set but the conniving little rascal Blackback somehow shook free of the hook at dockside.  After a couple of empty earlier missions for EsQuire and Jimmy Hooks this was at least proof that Blackback sea life does in fact exist in the local waters.

***Update***4/16/13: Honor Restoration/EsQuire P Solo Mission- The elusive Blackback has been captured and consumed by none other than EsQuire P, whom returned to the scene on the dolo tip with Fishy out of action.  Squire Tuck hath hereby restored Honor to the Fishy Squadron and has been credited with landing the first Sea Life of the spring.

EsQuire's Blackback

EsQuire’s Blackback

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3/18/13: Exclusive Interview w/ Coach Beav Mac- Part 1

Coach, you are considered an inspiration to today’s youth.  You’ve been a rising star in the fishing community for years now, recently culminating in you recieving the Most Improved Fisherman award for 2012.  How is it that you manage to stay so humble?

Coach Beav: “Having the World’s Most Honorable Lord Fishy Jackson as a mentor helps, but really it’s just my ongoing mission to take the next step towards the next step.  You see, there is always a next step for me to take, so I really never have time to stop and soak it all in.”

Well, we certainly have all marveled at your remarkable rise and I’m sure we’ll continue to be amazed by your heroics going forward.  Was there any particular achievement or moment that made you realize that you are now a superstar?

Coach Beav: “Definately landing the monster Sting Ray off the beach last summer.  Moments before the massive Beast started ripping off line, Lord Jackson inspired me by telling me that I am the Dragon…the rest is history.”

Historic indeed….Now Coach, as the weather warms and the 2013 fishing season gets into full swing here, what can we expect out of the Great Coach this year? What will you do for an encore?

Coach Beav: “Expect the unexpected as well as the expected.  Expectations are for the expecters.  I just go out there and execute. ”

Well said Coach.  Certainly at this stage of your career you have caught too many fish to remember them all, but do you happen to remember when and where you caught your first fish?

Coach Beav: “June 13, 1973 in South Africa I caught an 18 ft Great White Shark.  I may not have actually been born yet, but that fish put up quite a fight from what I can remember.”

Damn impressive, Coach…Now that your status has risen and as you continue your meteoric ascend, I’m sure you’ve considered branching out from under Lord Jackson’s wing and doing your own th–

Coach Beav: [Throws chair at the wall in a fit of rage] “That’s enough!  How dare you question my loyalty to Lord Jackson!  I should make a human chum bag out of you for even thinking such a dishonorable thought.  This interview is over!”

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3/3/13: Seasick Jackson- Puke & a Pollock

Fishy Jackson, Father Chris
Limited Passanger Party Boat: Shinnecock Star for winter wreck fishing
Potential New Sea Animals: Pollock, Sea Raven? White Hake?

25 mph winds, 6-8 ft seas, a crappy boat with a crappy little stuffy cabin that allowed water to splash over the sides all day soaking everyone.  Lord Jackson fell victim to the Elements in his long awaited return to Fishy activity.  The first symptoms of seasickness occured about 20 minutes in and persisted for the entire 8+ hour Debacle.  After a miserable 2+ hour steam to the 180 feet deep Cod grounds that saw Fishy throw up the morning’s bagel, it was time for the first drop.  The only Pollock that was caught at the first spot managed to find it’s way to Lord Jackson’s hook just a few minutes in, enabling Fishy to hang up the rod to lay down as the nausea remained unbearable.  With nothing but market size cod and the usual winter wreck creatures like Dogfish and Pout coming over the rails, Fishy decided to wait for someone to catch either larger fish or a Sea Raven or White Hake before fishing again. Neither occured; the efficient 15 minutes that saw Fishy land the main target species Pollock would go down as the only time Fishy blessed the rod all day.  Chris came thru with a quality performance in Fishy’s absence, landing 8 or 9 fish including a couple Keeper Cod.  The Shinnecock Star is a garbage vessel, escpecially for a Cod trip.  The weather people that predicted far less treacherous conditions are douchebaggerous.

Fish caught (whole boat): Pollock (#102), Cod, Ocean Pout, Spiny Dogfish, Bergall, Silver (American) Eel, and of course some Sea Pussies (little sea anemone creatures that kept sucking on to the bait)



Sea Pussy

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12/3/12-12/5/12: Gulf Takeover- Milestone Jones

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot – Chapter 9 full effect
Location: Sarasota, Fl

The World’s Most Honorable Lord Fishy Jackson, Purveyor of Gilled Excellence & Beholder of Oceanic Mastery arrived at the SW Florida watered region with Lieutenant 009 Este Dot, New Page Same Chapter.  Calm seas and manageable east winds allowed the Squad to explore the different reefs and wrecks up to 10 miles offshore.

Day 1- Offshore

    Calm seas, The Squad shot out to the buoys outside the inlet and filled the livewell with some Pinfish and Blue Runners, caught on the Sabiki bait rigs.  First stop was the local reefs, where the bottom was covered w/ large Spottail Pinfish and devoid of any large life.  Each armed w/ 3 rods each (a top water line w/ wire liter for live lining pinfish/blue runner on the surface.  A bottom rig for Grouper or anything else big on the bottom also w/ live baitfish, and a light action rod w/ small hooks for anything on the bottom.  A 6 mile ride out to the first M reef produced the first new creature of the trip, the Bandtail Puffer.  The boat was apparantly anchovered over a mound of these fish as they were the only fish brought up from the bottom on the small hooks at this reef.  Unfortunately, the pieces that the Squad set up shop on were pretty much devoid of large sea life on this day.  There was a brief encounter with a large fish that would eventually break off Fishy’s line.  A multitude of small fish action was found while drifting at the M4 reef, which produced the next 2 new sea creatures- a couple colorful Littlehead Porgies and a Mystery Flounder that has since been identified as a Shoal Flounder, which appears to be relatively rare Flounder.  The best offshore baits, Thread Herring (Greenbacks) & Sardines (White bait) were never located, a contributing factor in the lack of large Sea life.


Confined to Inlet/Bay Day 2

The utter lack of Greenbacks/Sardines continued, however on this day Blue Runners and even Pinfish proved hard to come by.  A couple stops on the nearshore reefs produced no desired bait.  With heavier winds than the previous day, the Squad decided to head back to the inland waters, casting under docks for Red/Black Drum and drifting along the flats.    A few nice Spanish Mackerel,  Sheepshead and a good size Jack Crevalle were the highlights of the disappointing boat session before the Squad packed it in early to gear up for the Evening Beach Fishing Session.  Unfortunately, the Beach was quite lifeless as well, yielding nothing but a Bluefish taken on a small live Pinfish.   The Beach/docks offered very minimal action for the duration for trip.


12/5- Offshore Trip 2

With winds dying down and the seas remaining calm, the Squad hit the bait spots and this time were rewarded w/ a plethora of Pins and Runners.  A straight shoot out to the M 3 reef and shop was set up.  The bottom was covered in many tiny Grunts, which were livelined on the bottom and engulfed by the first Groupers of the trip, some nice fat Red Grouper.  It was at this juncture that the Milestone 100th Sea Animal was landed by the WMH Lord Fishy Jackson; a Cubbyu.  After some more Grouper action the Squad packed it up and headed out to the M4 reef hoping for some Pelagic fish action, Sharks or Cobia.  En route to the reef site the Squad spotted some surface blitz action and immediately casted out some live bait as well as the shiney sabiki rigs.  Surprisingly the Sabiki rigs did the job and landed some Greater Amberjack, a first for Sargeant Este.  The Dot would also later land his first Sharksucker Remora, which would go on to nearly commit suicide by suctioning itself to the boat.  The top action lines would unfortanately once again see very little action.  However, at one point a massive creature bit through both of the lines within 2 minutes of eachother, making a monumental splash and cutting the lines so quickly that the rods barely bent over.  Likely was a 10+ ft mammoth beast.  Upon the return to the dock, Lord Jackson busted out the ole Micro Gear and landed a strange little 1.5 inch fish that was hiding in the oysters along the dock walls, later to be identified as a Frillfin Goby (#101).


Creatures Caught: Bandtail Puffer (#97), Littlehead Porgy (#98), Shoal Flounder (#99), Cubbyu (#100), Frillfin Goby (#101), Greater Amberjack, Red Grouper, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Pinfish, Spottail Pinfish, Pigfish, Tomtate Grunt, White Grunt, Grass Porgy, Sharksucker, Crevalle Jack, Lizardfish, Gulf Flounder, Southern Puffer, Sheepshead, Planehead Filefish, Mangrove Snapper, Round Scad, Blue Runner, Lane Snapper, Sand Perch, Yellowtail Snapper, Slippery Dick Wrasse, Black Sea Bass

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11/17/12: Where art thou Perch?/Blackback Attack

Fishy Jackson, Beav Mac
Location: Carman’s River/Beaverdam Creek
Time/Tide: 9:45-10:30 AM/ Seemingly Mid-Tide
Bait: Nightcrawlers

After multiple failed missions on the Connetquot River tidewaters and a couple other creeks in the past, the hunt for the elusive White Perch brought the Squad to a new river, the Carman’s.  Arriving to windy but managable conditions, Beav got the first action of the day about 5 minutes in, leading Fishy to believe the mysterious creature had finally been located.  Instead, a plump lil’ Winter Flounder emerged.  Another rod bend a short while later led to visions of a potential Perch only to end up being just another fat Blackback.  Fishy is now 0 for 8 lifetime in White Perch missions, an astonishing statistic considering The Honorable Lord Jackson’s impeccable track record of mission execution.

Results: 2 Winter Flounders

Attack of the Blackbacks

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10/21/12: The Lone Jackman- The Lagging Fluke

Dolo Jackson
Location: Dock in Cold Spring Harbor
Time/Tide: 8-9 AM/ Low Tide around 10:30 AM
Bait: Sandworms

The Fishy Wonder hit a local dock to catch some Killis and Shrimp in the bait trap for the fish tank while wetting a line. The Hi-Lo rig with Sandworms saw no action for 20 minutes before getting a nice strike. Assuming it was a Schoolie Bass, Lord Jackson was surprised to pull up a nice, fat out of season Fluke. The majority of Fluke are well on their way to deeper water but this fish lagged behind apparantly. The Fluke would go down as the only catch for the hour as the tide starting getting too low. Nibblers attacked the bait a few times but disappeared by the time Fishy switched to the smaller hooks.

Fat Fluke

Fat Fluke

Shrimp vs. Killifish

Shrimp vs. Killifish

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10/6/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- Banner Bluefish Day

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot
Time/Tide: 7 AM – 9/ Hi Tide around Noon
Bait: Fresh Bunker Chunks

Seeking to erase the memories of a subpar fish mission the night before that saw Fishy lose a mammoth Linesider due to improper tackle, Fishy was back on the scene at dawn for a South Shore mission with The Dot.  Fishy sparked it off about 15 minutes in with a monster ocean Bluefish.  It turned out this was only the beginning as a dozen gorilla Blues would be landed throughout the session.  Captain Este was in top form and took home high hook honors landing 7 Blues on the day.  The ocean was choppy but clean and weedless and it was not difficult to hold bottom.  The strong south wind made it difficult to cast far but didn’t matter as the Blues were pushing the Bunker right up on to the beach.  Eventually the Squad was casting literally 15 feet out and landing Blues in the first set of breakers.  At one point Este grabbed a live bunker clean out of the water with his bare hands.  One gluttenous Blue spit up a fully intact Squid and a half digested Kingfish.  Other Blues were so beastly they bit through the wire.  Fishy used the Kingfish remains as bait and landed another fat Blue.  Just another day at the office for the Jackson Squadron.

Results: Dozen gorilla Bluefish


Stomach Contents- Either Hake or Kingfish on right

Stomach Contents- Either Hake or Kingfish on right

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9/30/12: End of the Killi Confusion- Definitive ‘Chogs

Fishy Jackson
Location: CSH Waters

With much confusion regarding which species of Killifish Lord Jackson had caught over the past month plus, Fishy set out to a Cold Spring Harbor tidal marsh area to catch a definitive Mummichog.  Arriving about an hour before high tide, the Lone Jackman tossed clam bellies in water at three different spots all in very shallow tidewater.  Within seconds swarms of Mummichogs showed up to peck away at the clam.  Fishy proceeded to catch a bunch with the Micro Rod, even catching one in a puddle.  Though hundreds of Mummis were present, no large ‘Chogs were seen.  No Striped Killifish were seen either.

Results: Mummichogs (#96)

9/30/12: Mummichog

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9/16: Old PonQuogue Festivities

Fishy Jackson, Beav Mac, Father Chris
Location: Old PonQuogue Bridge, Shinnecock
Bait: Sandworms, Clams, Live Killies, Squid/Spearing
Time/Tide: 7:30-11 AM/ Hi Tide around 9

The top priority of catching tropical fish in the seine net was a failure, however The Squad did put together a quality mixed bag outing.  Beav and Chris set up shop wit the 2 bigger rods targeting Fluke or other larger fish, while Fishy manned the smaller rods (Micro Wand, Snapper set up and bottom rig set up).  Within 10 minutes of arrival Beav Mac hauled in a fat keeper Fluke, which would prove to be the catch of the day.  Fishy fished through the abundance of Sea Bass on the bottom to land a few Bergalls and Spot Croaker but that was it for the bottom rig.  The Snapper set-up saw no success at all until Lord Jackson broke out the Micro Wand and landed a few Silversides to entice the Snappers.  Lord Jackson was hoping to encounter the Banded Rudderfish again to catch them on live Silversides but appears they may have started heading south already.  Father Chris would go on to land a large Kingfish on the Fluke set up which joined the Fluke on ice.  Beav made a heads up move when he noticed some action on the surface and tossed his squid/spearing into the area and landed a Schoolie Striper.  A few more short Fluke were landed before slack tide arrived and the Squad hit up the marshy area to the left of the bridge to seine up some tropical fish.  Twas not to be as nothing more than a plethora of Killifish were seined up.  Fishy noticed the haul of Killis contained quite a few Sheepshead Minnows.  Having never caught this species Fishy broke out the Micro Wand and tossed a clam belly in the water to draw them in.  10+ Killis were landed but no Sheepshead Minnows.  A bucket full of Killis as well as a Spot Croaker were brought home to join the Jackson Tank, but the Croaker unfortunately suffered an untimely death before reaching the Tank.

Results: Keeper Fluke, short Fluke, big Kingfish, Schoolie Striped Bass, Sea Bass, Bergalls, Spot Croakers, Silversides, Striped Killifish, dead Bonito washed up on beach


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9/14/12: Giggity Gag- A Gaggly Visit

Dolo Jackson
Location: Bobby Moses Piers
Bait: Bunker, Sandworms, Clam, live and dead Spearing
Time/Tide: 6:45 am – 11/ Hi Tide around 7ish

With glorious weather on tap The Lone Jackman hit the piers on the dolo tip, armed with an array of rods and bait/jackle. Fishy had the place to himself upon arrival, and would only be joined by 2 fisherman throughout the whole duration.  Rainbait (Bay Anchovies) were spotted precipitating on the surface around the docks but were not interested in the Micro bait.  Snappers were blitzing hither and yonder but wouldnt bite the dead spearing; a needlefish took a bite at it but didnt get hooked.  Black Sea Bass were all over the bottom rigs as usual, but fortunately a southern visitor Gag Grouper did manage to get hooked.  The Gags are abundant in the Gulf Waters that Lord Jackson fishes but this was the first Long Island Grouper encounter.  The lucky Grouper was brought home safely to the Jackson Tank.  A few Puffers also managed to get to the worms before the sea bass could.  A young Cownose Stingray cruised by the dock shortly after.  Fishy quickly took the sinker off the bigger rod and tossed a clam belly in it’s path but the fish ignored the offering.  It would go on to ignore 2 more perfect Jackson Casts before disappearing into the Inlet.  After landing a few Silversides with the Micro Wand Fishy finally managed to land a nice size Snapper, which was donated to the fellow fisherman at the pier.  The Micro Wand managed to land a micro Sea Bass as well when Fishy left it deadsticked in the water.  Unfortunately, there were still no Banded Rudderfish sightings by the pilings like there was earlier in the summer.  Also unfortunate was the bigger rod saw no action on the clam or bunker chunks, and no liveline-able fish were caught.  A brief last stop was made at Captree, where the Jack threw a clam belly in the shallow beach area to draw in a swarm of Killifish.  Though the Micro Wand was compromised after getting snagged on the dock The Jack did manage to land a couple on the regular sabiki hook.

Results: 1 Gag Grouper, many Black Sea Bass, Puffers, nice Snapper Blue, Silversides, Killifish, Cownose Ray sighting



Brief footage of the Cownose Ray

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9/3/12: Needles & a Busted Penn

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Beav Mac
Location:  Bobby Moses Piers 
Time/Tide:  6:45 am – 8:30/ Hi tide around 9:30 am
Bait: Fresh Bunker, Live Silversides, Sandworms

With the surf unfishable Jack MackinDot took to the Inlet Piers , armed with numerous rods and set ups for whatever creatures were around.  They had a difficult task at hand dealing with the stiff E/SE wind which brought in tons of eel grass and other sea weed.  The usual 6-9 inch Sea Bass were under the dock getting to the worms before any other fish in the area could get a chance.  The Micro Wand handled bidness with the Silversides even though the overcast made it hard to sight fish for them.  Este hooked into a Blue about 40 minutes in that appeared to be the Set Off Point, but it was not to be as the Penn Reel randomly fell apart, allowing the Blue to break off.  A Needlefish was spotted chasing after The Mac’s Kastmaster not too long after this set back, but wouldn’t give it a solid strike.  It was at this juncture that Este popped his Micro Fishing cherry, catching Fishy some fresh Silversides to throw out to the Needlefish.  The Needle aggressively attacked the bait but proved difficult to hook.  Fishy loosened the drag allowing it to cruise with the bait in his beak until the hook set in enuff to get it on the dock.  The Needle was livelined on the lone remaining big rod for no takers, and was released back about a half hour later, seemingly ok.  Beav also landed one a lil while later on the small Kastmaster tipped with a live Silverside.  Though the Needlefish were aggressive, they didn’t seem to give a good strike unless the bait was alive.  Needle Mania semi-salvaged a crappy trip due to the east wind and the busted reel.

Results: 2 Needlefish (first time caught on LI), numerous Silversides, numerous Sea Bass, 1 lost Blue, 1 broken reel



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8/30/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- The Beaverian Uprising

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Beav Mac
Time/Tide: 6:45 AM – 8: 45 / Top of Outgoing
Bait: Fresh Bunker Chunks

Jack, Mac and Dot…AKA Jack Macintosh…arrived at the Bobby Mo at Hi Tide hoping for some beastly encounters. As expected with the North Wind all day wednesday, the waves were manageable and the water clean and free of weeds. Nothing but Robins to start the day, but Este was quick to point out that this was a good omen, as the night before he had caught a few Robins before getting a run off by a massive beast that spooled his reel after a lengthy battle. It was not long after this proclamation that Beav Mac had his bunker chunk inhaled by a monster Roughtail Stingray.  Fishy looked on like a proud father as he watched his protege join the Legion of Legends with a Herculaic performance, getting the Beast on the Beach after a 15 minute battle. The Ray never really managed to sunction himself into the sand as they often do to prolong the battle. Twas the highlight of an otherwise underwhelming fishing summer for the Jackson Squadron, and after careful avoidance of the dangerous tail and a swift release, it was back to bidness. In the midst of the continuing Sea Robin onslaught the Jackson Wonder had a nice run off. After a quality hook set Lord Jackson thought he was good to go but the line went slack. Thinking something had bit through the leader he began reeling in the line when it suddenly tightened again just off the beach…A beautiful Striped sea animal came into view briefly before darting off and taking some line. A breif battle ensued before the 29 inch Bass was swiftly landed, symbolizing inevitable dinner time glory. The Squad landed a few more Robins before heading back to filet the Bass.

Reuslts: Dozen or more Sea Robins, 1 Roughtail Stingray, 1 Keeper Striped Bass

dscf5374[1]dscf5381[1]dscf5376[1]dscf5378[1] dscf5377[1]dscf5379[1]img_0266[1]img_0267[1]

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8/21/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- Bluefish, Mushy Bunker and Butthole Surfers

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Morf Dorsal
Time/Tide: 6:30-8:30 pm/ Lo Tide around 5:30 pm
Bait: Bunker Chunks

With the run of North Wind over and the waves beginning to kick up, The Squad hit the surf for some action before the sea weed comes back. Fishy got the Squad on the board about 20 minutes in with a Bluefish, first of the year from the surf. The decision to release the fish would prove to be a costly decision, as it would have come in handy as fresh bait with the mushy crap Bunker getting crappier by the minute. Lord Jackson had planned on fishing into the night hoping to hook into a large beastly Sting Ray or some other beast, yet the Rays were likely cruising around laughing at the subpar bunker offerings. Unfortunately, the bait was not the only concern. A gang of nutsack butthole surfers were riding little waves right next to the Squad, venturing far too close into Lord Jackson’s radius. Numerous times Fishy had to wait for the cornball surfer to fall and trot away before casting back out. Twas still an enjoyable night in the surf, but unfortunate that The Dot and The Dorsal’s summer debuts were marred by subpar bait.


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