Reserve your spot now to join the Micro Whisperer Fishy Jackson for some heart-stopping and rod-bending Micro Fishing Action.  Join Fishy as he looks around docks, pilings, puddles, etc for small creatures to catch, all while passer-byers stare at you bewildered as to what the hell you are doing.  Guppies, Minnows, Gobies and Goblins, all will get a tiny hook in their little jaws.  Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and get in on the action yourself, or if you just rather observe the Fishy Wonder work his magic with the Micro Wand, you will be sure to leave this experience feeling fulfilled and enlightened.

**2k17 Update**: Due to high demand most spots remain filled through 2019, however a few spots have re-opened due to cancellations.   A super-centenarian 112 yr old man was slated for the May 19, 2018 trip, but he recently croaked due to extreme oldness, opening up a spot.  Additionally, a dude named Hansel slated for the 4/28/2019 trip recently got a sex change…it turns out Hannah is not into Micro Fishing, so he/she cancelled.  It’s recommended to act fast while these dates remain open**


*All tackle/bait/Micro Knowledge will be provided.

See Rates Below

1 hour Session: Adults over 2 years old- $59.99 / Infants: $49.99

2 hour Session: Adults over 2 years old- $104.99 / Infants: $94.99

3 hour Session: 2 hours is enough dude