Plundering Pete

IMG_1106Pete PerchPete StripePete Skate


Known to leave behind wakes of devastation, Plundering Pete has savagely plundered numerous Bays and Surf Zones from NY to Houston.  Following a 3 year detour in Houston, Petey Plunder has now returned to the East Coast…and is said to be displaying more of a focus on the Looting aspect of his Plunderings.  

Plundering Pete Sub-Division: Pete Subsidiary Unit

***All Pete Subsidiary Unit members are Fishy Jackson Affiliates, but must report to Plundering Pete regarding all fish related matters.

Jigsaw Jack Hammerfists AKA Population Zero


A jigsaw puzzle of a man whom has long favored hand-to-hand combat with fish over traditional rod and reel methods…Hammerfists has made great strides recently with rod in hand.  Hammerfists can often be seen filleting fish with his bare fists…typically in regions with population densities ranging from zero to sub-zero.